Saturday, 18 April 2015

Boys Clothing Haul Part 2.

I was going to say this haul is only a small one but actually there is more here than I thought. I do like to buy the boys new tops. They really do not need to many but I can't seem to resist.

The 1st bunch are from Store 21  but none of this is online. Sorry. I can't even find my receipt so can't even tell you how much some things were! 

The Pjs were actually 2 for something or maybe buy one get one half price! This 1st pair are for Brad & Fins are the Just Chillin' ones further down the photos.

A lot of the t shirts were 2 for £5 as you can see here on the shirts themselves. Brads are the 1st 2.

Then these 2 are Finley's 

This top I could not resist either. He got called "Little Prince " by Elsa at a Frozen themed party he went to ( he was 1 of only 2 boys) & this made me think of that. At £2 it hasn't broken the bank exactly either.

Fin's Pjs! 

Just a couple of bits in Peacocks. Fin goes through the knees in most types of trousers so joggers are perfect. I like them plain so that they can be worn for nicer occasions if possible.

Young boys 2PK Joggers - Currently £6.40
 This gilet I got in the sale section for £6. I can't find this one online but they do have a blue & orange one also £6

Last stop was Asda

More shorts for Brad. He can never have too many!!

Denim Rib Waist Shorts - from £7.

More joggers for Finley. I like these & they have another couple of colour ways so I may head back at some point. 

New York City Joggers - from £5.

I was not meant to be buying any more tops. Couldn't resist this one though - don't judge me!! 

Pirate Print Tshirt - from £3.

I did also see some really cute coats & may have to go back for this one. he could do with a new one for the lighter showers.
Sea Print Hooded jacket - from £8.

So, that is it for spring/summer - ha! who am I kidding I am sure there will be tons more yet!!

Thanks for dropping by.

Amanda x

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