Monday, 18 May 2015

Candle Making Sample Box.

I've always loved doing crafts. A few years ago it was card making & scrapbooks. I gave my room up though for the smallest child ( happily btw) & did not have a location anywhere else that I could at least have a craft area. ~
Anyway now that said smallest child is at school now my mind has turned to things I could do now my hobby time has appeared again.
Candle making was one of those on my list & after seeing the Candle Sampler Box from Making Your own Candles on Amazon I went ahead & ordered it. Its a 3 in 1 kit box so a few ways for me to try out this new hobby!

This 3 kits include 1 that can make between 4-8 beeswax candles, another for just 1 tea cup candle ( which is one of those that I really wanted to have a go at )
& the last 1 is this one below for making flower tart candles. This last you can make 10 altogether I think so quite a few really.

1st you have to bowl some water in a large saucepan ( about a 3rd of its volume in water.) Then you place the correct amount of wax ( this was 40g) into a smaller saucepan & place this inside the larger one.
It goes without saying that your saucepans should not be used for cooking once used so either buy cheap new ones or like I did grab my oldest ones.

Once the wax has melted , you need to add your dye. This contains red die & you need just 1g in your saucepan.
Before you pour the wax out , if wanted, add the scent - my pack comes with vanilla but of course you can use whatever you wish.

The pack comes with 2 of the flower trays. These above are filled with the hot melted wax. *warning* very HOT!!

Drop a wax & tab assembly into each mould / make sure it settles in the centre.

Leave to set fully. This will take a couple of hours.

Gently tap the candle out of the moulds & voila!!  

As my 1st attempt I am very pleased with the outcome. I am looking forward to using the others items in the kits as well as making the rest of the tarts.

This is definitely an excellent kit if like me you wanted to have a go but didn't want to spend to much before you decide you liked it. 

If you do have a go at a kit let me know how you get on!

Thanks for reading,

Amanda x

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