Friday, 15 May 2015

Healthy Update 4

It is that time again then ladies & gents for another update on the weight-loss campaign.

It has to be said that whilst this months seems to have been a bit up & down in terms of trying to keep my calorie intake down , overall I am bloody proud of my self.

Since my weight loss journey began I have lost roughly 11lbs ( as of Monday 11th May. So by the time this post is up it may even be more.)

I don't think it is hugely noticeable but there are  places on my body that look a little slimmer.

I'm really beginning to take in to account more what I eat. My Fitness Pal app allows me just 1200 calories a day & there are some days that is flipping hard. Others I can do it with loads left over. Weekends are my downfall mainly especially as I don't always have time to do any exercise on the weekends either which helps the calories count more.

Exercise is going well. I'm still doing Wii Fitness Coach. As well as Davina 7 minute workout DVD. Badminton when my friend & I are able. PLUS Rob has just treated me to the Davina workout bike which will help the weekend exercise situation out a lot as I can do that in the evenings watching TV! 

A definite success for this month then & I'm hoping it will continue.

How is your weight-loss /healthy living programme going?

Thanks for dropping by.

Amanda X

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