Friday, 28 November 2014

Clara - An Update

We have had Clara with us now since the end of August & I think it is very safe to say she has settled in her new home.

She is 7 months old now, having come to us around 4 & half months old. Still loads to do with training but I am hoping in the new year to go to some puppy classes - she is pretty good but likes to bark at EVERYONE on her walks - in a friendly way but still - oh & she HATES anything with wheels which can be fund around our way with lots of scooters & bikes!!  But time & patience will sort that out especially when I go to classes too.

I am sure that puppy's are not for everyone so if you don't want a photo fest then please click out now :-)!
The rest of you come with me - if you know me on Facebook though you will have seen these!!

Making herself at home on the sofa...

Looking very pleased with her head gear after being spayed - NOT!

I thought she might appreciate a jumper now it is getting colder - her face suggests otherwise & check out that tongue she is poking out...

I did manage to get one shot of her sitting very nicely with it - literally the only 2nd she wasn't trying to rip it off!

She does like to pull a few faces. I think these ones means she is happy...

This one was definitely a smile after Eldest came home from school...even if the same level of love is never reciprocated - usually all we ever hear of an exchange between them is " Clara - get out my room..,"

She likes to make herself cosy on any item of clothing you may leave on the back of the sofa - yes I wore something else for the school run ... well look at those eyes...

She is very much a Mummy ( or Daddy's) girl.. at least she is a good size to have as a lap dog.

lastly, BAD pic , sorry but here she is with he partner in crime best friend.

Expect more photos soon. I am happy to bore to death on my little baby girl!!!

Thanks for stopping by. See you soon

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