Monday, 27 April 2015

What Maddie Wore || Last 7 Days

Here we go with my outfit round up. I did not start the week feeling that confident & happy with my choices. Thursdays though I thought was bang on!! 

Friday, 24 April 2015

Crohn's Disease & My Guilt

I have lived with Crohn's Disease ( within the Inflammatory bowel disease family,) now for more than half my life & over the course of those years there have several experts coming up with the reasons we may get this awful disease.

One of them is that the disease can be hereditary. Whilst I do not have any family members myself who have either Crohn's Disease or Ulcerative Colitis(or both,) it does now make me a possible carrier of that bad gene if that really is the case.

As a mother of 2 now I worry all the time that they too may get this terrible disease. Knowing myself the terrible time I have had over the years before having my Illeostomy I feel the guilt at times they I may pass it on to 1 of them, or both of course. I was never told I should not have children of course but still as a mother I do time to time get more worried than others.

Brad already from time to time gets odd tummy pains. So rare though that they probably are just bugs he has picked up. But 2 points concern me. The 1st being that he is 12 years old , which is the age my own journey began - I only ever had the pains back then once a year  & for just a few hours. Not the intense weeks of pain I got by the time my problems were finally diagnosed as Crohn's.
Then secondly Brad had a evening in the Easter holidays where he was not feeling well & the pain he described was so very similar to what I have experienced with IBD.

I tried not to say too much because of course I would not want to scare him - he does after all have knowledge of how bad things can get when he has seen me at my worst - because hopefully it really was just a little bug.

He was right as rain by the next day so all was well. 

If it does happen again then I would take him to the GP. Just for a chat. After all with my own history of bowel disease I am not so much a panicky mum as just wanting to rule things out.

Of course no one can tell what the future holds & if either of them do get this then there is nothing we can do to stop it, I hope that my own journey with it will a comfort & help to them.

I try not too voice my guilt because what good does that do. I am though only human & love my boys immensely & naturally want to protect them.

If you have read this far, then thank you form doing so. 

Amanda x

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

New Levels || Wicked Wednesday

Finley's confidence at trying different things or going higher on somethings on his own at the park is wonderful to see. 

Head to Brummy Mummy to find the details on how you can join in with...

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

What I've Been Wearing

A day late but here are the pics of what I have been wearing over the last week.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Crunchie Cheesecake || Cadbury's

So, I took another recipe from the Cadbury's**website. This time the Crunchie Cheesecake.

The ingredients ( minus the butter that i forgot to add to the photo.)

It certainly looked really lovely.
Not looking as well finished as on the website but still a good 1st effort.

It was quite easy to make - just a bit of cooling/chilling time that takes up the most time.

I have to say I was not 100% taken with this. The base was lovely. The top bit not so good I thought personally. Hubby said it was lovely though so although he could be lying I don't think so. I doubt I would make it again, or at least find a cheaper alternative to the Philly Cadbury's!!

** As usual I have not been asked to write this. I made this off my own back & thus all thoughts are my own.

Thanks for reading!
Amanda x

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Boys Clothing Haul Part 2.

I was going to say this haul is only a small one but actually there is more here than I thought. I do like to buy the boys new tops. They really do not need to many but I can't seem to resist.

The 1st bunch are from Store 21  but none of this is online. Sorry. I can't even find my receipt so can't even tell you how much some things were! 

The Pjs were actually 2 for something or maybe buy one get one half price! This 1st pair are for Brad & Fins are the Just Chillin' ones further down the photos.

A lot of the t shirts were 2 for £5 as you can see here on the shirts themselves. Brads are the 1st 2.

Then these 2 are Finley's 

This top I could not resist either. He got called "Little Prince " by Elsa at a Frozen themed party he went to ( he was 1 of only 2 boys) & this made me think of that. At £2 it hasn't broken the bank exactly either.

Fin's Pjs! 

Just a couple of bits in Peacocks. Fin goes through the knees in most types of trousers so joggers are perfect. I like them plain so that they can be worn for nicer occasions if possible.

Young boys 2PK Joggers - Currently £6.40
 This gilet I got in the sale section for £6. I can't find this one online but they do have a blue & orange one also £6

Last stop was Asda

More shorts for Brad. He can never have too many!!

Denim Rib Waist Shorts - from £7.

More joggers for Finley. I like these & they have another couple of colour ways so I may head back at some point. 

New York City Joggers - from £5.

I was not meant to be buying any more tops. Couldn't resist this one though - don't judge me!! 

Pirate Print Tshirt - from £3.

I did also see some really cute coats & may have to go back for this one. he could do with a new one for the lighter showers.
Sea Print Hooded jacket - from £8.

So, that is it for spring/summer - ha! who am I kidding I am sure there will be tons more yet!!

Thanks for dropping by.

Amanda x

Friday, 17 April 2015

Healthy Update 3

I can't believe that this is actually my 3rd update since I began. Surely proves how quick the time really does go.

This last month has been slightly tougher because of the 2 weeks of Easter. This is where I wish I could have got into running because I could have found time to go off for an hour on u own to do that when Rob is home. sadly , despite giving it a go I realised it is not for me. That is why I do the things I can at home plus the badminton. Because its the holidays though I have not been able to afford the badminton too. Trying to do DVDs etc at home when the kids are home is really not great. I've done my Wii exercise where I can but not as much as I would have liked. 

The diet can also be difficult to keep up with. mainly because we are out & about a bit more & eating out everything seems to have twice the calories. That said the last 3 days I have actually had a few calories left over at the end of the day so that is great.

Despite what has been a more difficult 4 weeks or so I am still heading in the right direction. Its just taking a little bit longer . All the time I am losing it or at least staying the same is a positive in my book. 

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Best Kind Of Days || Wicked Wednesday

This definitely has to be one of my favourite times of the year. The weather is slowly improving after the Winter & although the days still might carry a chill in the air, the sunshine can sometimes be all you need to make the day a good one. Family days out can start to happen outside. At the beach, the park, woods etc. They can sometimes cost a lot of money & others you can have the best of days when you hardly spend anything at al. Sunday was the 1st time in a while we had such a day. We met some friends in Littlehampton & it was lovely just watching the men in our lives ( big, small & middle sized)  having a great time searching for shells, etc. We were exhausted when we come home but what memories to last for hopefully a long time to come.

Full details of #wickedwednesdays can be found by going over to Brummymummyof2's blog.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Summer Footwear 2015

At the start of last summer I bought gorgeous delights in sandal form from Schuh on a trip to Brighton. The silver are long out of stock but they do still have them in gold, black & brown/white. Anyway the silver were my go to sandal for the whole of the summer ( about a week then as I live in England!) My friend loved them so much that she went out & bought some too.

So, at the weekend the same friend said she would be looking out for what I buy this year too as I am such a trendsetter (HA!)

This prompted me to give it some thought & then do a post on all that I see that could be my contenders for 2015. Here we go.

1st stop Next.

I'm not sure if I went abit of a wedge or not but I do love these & in both the colourways.

Glam Twist Low Wedge Mule in Pewter £35

Glam Twist Low Wedge Mule in Gold. Also £35.

Zara had these - I know they are not everyones cup of tea in style but I really like them.

Crossover Leather Sandals in Blue - £29.99

These next 2 pairs from New Look are adorable.

Black animal print cross straps sandals - £24.99

Stone Animal Print Cross Straps Sandals - £24.99

Now I know, I know that Birkenstocks are a bit like Marmite & hated by some as much loved by many. Personally I do not mind them & these pretty floral print ones would suit me better than the plainer varieties.

Blue Gizeh Rambling Rose Sandals - £55.

Blue Rio Rambling Rose Sandals - £55

This pair like my favourites from last year from Schuh.

Gold Dreamer Sandals - £32. In tan too...

Right now these from Office are the 1st on my list of contenders. I adore the detail on the front straps.

Oscar Cut Low Wedge Sandals in Gold - £42.

They also have them in black suede but I prefer the gold.

Oscar Cut Low Wedge Sandals in Black Suede - £42.

Stopping with Office & this next pair in a fab holographic shade are another on my potential sandal list. They do have that toe post so maybe not for you if you hate them. I spent 2014 slowly getting into the toe post though after years of hating them so would love to try these on if I get a chance.

Oakley Strappy Mule Sandal Holographic - £35.

Also in ...




Last one at Office. Another favourite this!!
Hula Multi Leopard - £25.
Also in Black, Coral Fluro Snake & Gold Snake.#

Last stop River Island.

Both of this are on my list too.

Nude Leather Diamante Embellished Sandals - £40

Black & Gold Strappy Gladiator - £40.

So , my next job then is to go searching & trying. I am sure I will find more in my travels.

What summer shoes have been catching your eye?

Thank you for dropping by.

Amanda x