Thursday, 28 November 2013

Groceries | Tesco | 27/11/13

Another week & another grocery haul. I'm thinking next week of mixing it up a little & shopping elsewhere. I am so over Tesco. We nipped into ASDA the other day as I wanted to try & get a Tresamme gift set they had ( which I did get btw) & it was so nice to shop somewhere different. I am thinking I may try my 1st Ocado shop next week.

Anyway here is what I have bought this week. I got about £20 off this weeks shop as I had a few of my club card vouchers to use up plus a £5 off when you spend £40 receipt.l I also had a double points one so all helped a lot this time. 

Back row - Large apple juice x 4. Semi skimmed milk Still 3 for £3. Activia pouring yoghurt in natural. Apple Juice small cartons ( 3 packs of 3 for £2.50. Usually 99p a pack.)) Vanilla Ice cream. Chocolate ice cream.
Middle row - chicken slices. Duck legs. Frubes x 2 packs. Cumberland sausages. Diced chicken ( x 2.) 6 eggs ( free range!!!) Lardons. Chobani yoghurts in blueberry & some in pomegranate ( 5 for £3. Usually 89p each.)
Front row - Pizza. 2 x pepperoni & 1 cheese . On offer 2 for £4.

Monster Munch ( 2 for 1. Usually £3.15 each.) Blackcurrant squash x 2. Pom Bears. Sultanas. 4 tins Heinz tomato soup. 2 jars of Tesco Chicken Tikka sauce. Jammie Dodgers ( 2 for 1. Usually £1.15 each.) 2 x choc chip cookies.

Bananas. Spinach. Sugar Snap Peas. pepper x 2.
Fine green beans. Mushrooms. Grapes. Cherry Tomatoes. Veg selection x 2 ( 2 for £2.) Greens. Raspberries. Apples.

Thank you for reading. Please let me know if you find these posts interesting. Would these posts be better with more photos so that the items are shown closer? I bunch them together to make less photos but maybe more would be easier?

Amanda x

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

My Picks For The Coming Party Season.

With Christmas & New Years eve around the corner I thought this week to show you what were some of my favourites out there right now. 

I am starting off by picking out items to make up an outfit ( the 1st 3 photos) & the rest of them are just other random clothes & accessories. This is just a small selection as there are many lovely clothes to be had. Whether you want to dress up to the nines or keep it smart but casual there is something for you.

A|Waer Lace & Please Dress £55. ASOS Parallel High Heels £27. New Look clutch bag £15.99. All from ASOS.

Strapless Lace Dress ( red or black. Avaliable in petite, regular & tall.) £125. Chain sandals £32. Bespoke Flower Necklace £30. All from NEXT.

Know Front Dress ( other colours available) £24.99. Cream & Gold tea bar heels ( available in cream or black.) £29.99.Both from New Look. 

The Collection at Debenhams. Prom Dress. £59

Phase Eight( at Debehams)  Navy Roxanne Wrap Jumpsuit. £99.

New Look lace swing dress ( other colours available.) £19.99 

New Look. Black metallic jacquard trousers. £22.99

New Look cream camisole. £22.99

New Look. Blazer. Other colours available. £27.99

Ivy Matt Glitter Clutch £18. Lipsy Bow Stretch Bracelet £12. Both Very.

Ted Baker Crystal Bow Earrings £35. Oasis Petra Metal Detail Courts. £45. Both Very.

Friday, 22 November 2013

Advent Calenders | My Top Picks

As promised here is my top picks of the advent calenders that are out there. There are so many lovely ones so it was actually really hard to break it down to just these 8 ( if Rob is reading my favourite is the "Ciate" one just in case you needed to know:-)! ) 

Links to websites below these photos.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Tesco Groceries 20/11/13

Slowly losing my patience with Tesco. A few more weeks & I shall try giving other places my money instead. Today half the shelves seemed to be empty, for the 2nd week running they did not have the Walburtons half & half sandwich thins & then for the 3rd time in 5 weeks at the scan & shop tills I had to have my shopping checked which to me defeats the object of being a quicker way to shop! I understand it has to be done now & then for everyone but every other week???? Frazzled was not the word by the time I had got home to discover I had forgotten Spinach (poor neglected Guinea Pigs) & could not find the eggs, only to discover 5 minutes of searching later I had already put them in the fridge. I think it might time to try home deliveries! hehe. 

Thank you reading. Photos & some details on what I bought today below. 

Tesco orange energy drinks ( 2 packs .) Semi skimmed milk ( still 3 for £3.) Spring water in white grape & blackberry. 4 x large apple juice. Small apple juice cartons ( 3 packs of 3 for £2.50.) 2 packs of 12 Tesco Cumberland sausages. Frubes. Beef strips x2 & beef medallion steaks ( all 3 for £10.) Danio yoghurts ( 3 for £1.)  Turkey pieces. Liberte yoghurts ^(4 pack) & Chobani yoghurt.

Tassimo /Kenco Caffe Crema ( Tesco have the Tassimo range on 2 for £6 but they did not have many left at all on the shelf so I only got 1 pack.) Tetley teabags(240 pack  reduced to £4.) Choc chip cookies ( x 2. ) Bourbons ( x 2 ) malted milks & Fox's caramel caffe snaps. Warburtons ( packs are only £2. I had to get white as no half & half still.) hot x buns. Naughty Chelsea bun again.

Walkers crisps mixed bag of 12 plus a 6 pack ready salted. Hula hoops ( 3 packs for £4.) Ricicles. Tesco Wheat Biscuits.  Quakers oats porridge tub ( they are I think 6 packs for £5 or similar but I got one just to try this week. Socks ( festive designs as my eldest needs socks for a silly socks day this Friday.)

goodness apples. peppers. greens & the tender stem broccoli are 2 for £2. Kale. Grapes. Bananas. Strawberries. Satsumas. Green beans. cherry tomatoes.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Stocking Fillers

As promised a few stocking fillers for you to look at. There is loads of things I could have shown ( for all of the family ) but here I have picked out a few of my favourites from 3 different shops ( not the sheep poop though but would definitely humor every male in my household.)

Sorry the photos are a little smaller than I wanted some of them to be & so it is not so easy to see a price.

* Gloves come in several colours but some are only available online

** JD whiskey fudge. YOU MUST BE OVER 18 TO BUY THIS ITEM.

Thank you for reading. I have another post filled with different Advent calenders coming up tomorrow. I hope you will come back then. 

Amanda xx

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Groceries | Tesco

Another week has passed & the cupboards are in an sad & empty state. Time then to head to the supermarket. I am definitely finding Tesco hard going right now. It seemed like ALL the staff just kept getting in the way. I realise they are busy doing other peoples shopping & I try to be understanding. It is more the people that are doing things like sweeping the floor. Do you really need to do that exact spot right by the dog food whilst I am trying to put stuff in my trolley? I must just be in an extra grump today as I am sure all supermarkets have their moments! I am full of a sniffle so that could very well be the culprit.

Anyway I thought as I did last week I would share with you my purchases for this week. Our shopping bill is a little higher right now as we have a voucher "thing" from Tesco where if you spending £110 + every week for the next 4 weeks then they will send us a £60 off our next £110 shop. With Xmas approaching it has been very easy to do. Plus we won't need to buy stuff like loo rolls & cleaning products for the next 10 years ( well 10 weeks maybe anyway :-)!! ) This week was my last week. It has been a nightmare trying to make sure I spend what I need to qualify but not go too far over either. I have been using the scan & shop rather try to work things out in my head because maths & I do not go together! 

Tell me if you find these posts interesting. I am not sure why these sorts of posts are popular but as I enjoy reading them or watching you tube videos of groceries I figured there were lots of people like me. 

Bloo Loo cleaner ( 2 for £3/ Individual price £1.60.) Bonjela. Calpol. Gift tags.

Mccoys crisps ( in Salt n Vinegar & a mixed pack.) chocolate chips, fudge chunks & white chocolate chunks. Spag carbonara sachets ( 2 for £1.50 / Individual price 80p.) Vinegar. Tikka sauces (x2) Warburtons ( I like the 50/50 but they dod not have those so I got 1 pack of white & another wholemeal.) Choc chip cookies ( x2) naughty Chelsea bun. muffin cases.

Cooking oil. Spaghetti. Tin foil. Dog food ( still 7 for £4. Individual price ranges from 69p -75p.)

4 pack of large apple juice . small cartons of apple juice ( 3 packs for £2.50 /Individual price 99p.) Milk ( 3 for £3 / £1.39 each.) Activia pouring yoghurt ( Natural.) frubes ( 2 for £1.50 / £1 each .) Turkey chunks. Tesco Ham. Billy Bear sausage slices. Cheese. dunkers.

Chips. Birds Eye chicken dippers Pirate chicken pieces. Birds Eye crispy chicken ( reduced to £1 a pack.) Birds Eye beef grills. Lardons ( 2 for £5 / £2.75 each.)

apple pack. golden delicious apples. Bananas. Grapes. raspberries. No deals this week on anything I needed but we have a lovely full fruit bowl ( for 5 minutes.)

peppers, Greens ( 2 for £2.) & spinach ( once again for the guinea pigs.)

Fine beans. Mushrooms. Tender-stem broccoli ( 2 for £2.) 

Friday, 15 November 2013

Small Joules Haul

I really am just totally rubbish when it comes to spending money. A small advert on Facebook had me checking out JOULES. I haven't bought from them in a long time so I was just curious to see what they had. I was not actually meant to buy anything. But there we go. Into my basket went these 2 tops. They are not particularly exciting tops but I love them for everyday mummy wear!

Apologies for the awful photo of me wearing top number one... I really wasn't being miserable!! lol

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Weekend Makes & Bakes

Another weekend with a little time to spend doing a wee bit of baking. The Raspberry Upside Down Cake was a recipe in the December issue of Good Housekeeping.

I made cookies again. Some have chocolate chunks in & others have fudge chunks. Lastly the fairy cakes that are always a huge hit with the youngsters! 

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Christmas Gifts For The Green Fingered

More Christmas Present Ideas. This time I thought I would cover the gifts for the gardeners out there. The internet is a wash with ideas but I have picked out just a few for you to see at a glance. There is definitely something here for keen gardeners of all ages. 

* Please note that prices quoted here were correct at time of posting.


3 - Gardening Trug Set | £22
10 - Name & Grow A Rose Kit | £19.95
11 - RHS Gift Membership | £47

Coming up next week I am planning a Stocking Fillers post & I also thought I may do a 2nd post of advent calenders too. 

Thanks once again for reading. 
Amanda x

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Clinique Haul

Did a small Clinique haul this weekend as I wanted to get myself some All About Eyes cream as not sure when I will be getting to my nearest stockist.

As well as the eye cream I bought the Superbalm Lip Treatment. I have not tried this one before so thought I would see how I go ( plus it was little cheaper than the all about lips I had previously.)

The rest is all samples sent to me. I have a tube & a sachet of the moisture surge over night mask, a small tube of the 7 day scrub ( have tried this before , it was OK ) & a sachet of firming cream. I am not sure what 1 little sachet is meant to say to you because this is probably only a couple of uses worth & usually most items take a couple of weeks to have any effect. Still this is why it is a free sample & so thus I will use it anyway. 

Thanks as always for reading.

Back tomorrow with a post of Christmas gifts under £10. 

Amanda x

Monday, 11 November 2013

My 1st Graze Box

I have been wanting to try the Graze Box for a long time. I am sure mainly it is because I feel like I am missing out on something. Rob thinks they look a total waste of money. However when I was given the ticket for a free one by WH Smith last weekend I finally decided the time was right to try it out. After all you can cancel at any time & as this one was free to try I have not actually lost anything other than a small amount of time registering online.

Today it turned up & I was pleasantly surprised. I will definitely eat 3 out of the 4. I suspect Rob will enjoy the 4th one anyway if I decide he can have it though!! I shall probably keep it going for a couple of weeks now anyway ( I get the 5th one free too) & if I am not so impressed stop it I will.

Thanks for reading
Amanda x