Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Mini Very Haul || Keep Or Return

Good Morning 

I did a small haul with Very yesterday. Every now & then I have an urge to buy things for our holiday in the summer - at least that was my excuse this time. 

Awful pics as usual. I was in our bedroom & since we moved it around the mirror is way too close to the bed so I am standing a little awkwardly.

Ist up was this Strappy Tunic from South. I ordered this in both a 12 & 14 as I am usually a 14 these days , if not a 16 at times but things like this can actually be a little big. I only tried on the 12 with no need to try the 14. It is nice op. Love the pattern & it felt quite nice. It was just too loose. I don't mind I little bit loose but this was too much. It does have a tie at the back of the neck but this was already tied to as far as it could go. So back they both go & I don't think I like it enough to try a 10.

I ordered this Printed Vest from Brave Soul in the 14 which is the largest they do ( & is also classed as large.) It fits well though. I like it, the colour (jade)is gorgeous. They do , I think do other colours of the same vest but you would have to search for them as individuals. They definitely have it in a blue & a pink. This is for sure a keeper.

Lastly is these & these are staying for sure too. The Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars Hi Top Plimsolls in Black. I love my normal Converse but have never owned the hi tops before. These are perfect.

It was just a small haul as I say. We are off shopping this weekend so expect some longer hauls & try on session posts then!

Thanks for stopping by. See you next time.

Sunday, 27 April 2014

What I Will Repurchase After 100 Day Ban

With just a month to go now ( thank goodness) of my make-up spending ban , I am now looking to what I will need to re-purchase & those things I am keen to give a try.

There is not loads of things because I have not been looking very much to try to avoid that temptation. Also whilst my skincare routine has stayed the same, I have not been wearing as much make-up so there is actually not a lot I need to replace. means more money to buy things I want to try then! Haha!

So, the things I need to replace then. Starting with neck cream as this was the 1st thing I actually ran out of. I have been using the Clarins one but at £45 a jar I think I will have to take a look at some cheaper ones out there. Any recommendations let me know please. 

Next up are a couple of Nars items. My beloved Radiant Creamy Concealer is actually almost fit for the bin sadly but I love it & will definitely be shoving that in my next Space NK basket after the ban. Mine is in shade Honey & is my holy grail of the concealing world. I am trying to save my Nars Light Optimizing Primer by using up some of my others as I did not want to be running out of that so quickly. It is amazing for helping create a decent base for my make-up & I am certain my make-up last so much longer in the day as well. 

Just 2 more items I need. Although technically the 1st I don't "need" because it is a foundation & I do own several others. However , the Rimmel "Wake Up Foundation" is beyond amazing & I will be very sad when I use it up. It won't be a very soon purchase as I do have a fair bit left because I have not been using as much foundation cream lately,  mainly concealing & using powder instead. 

The last thing is the Emma Hardy Cleansing Balm. I got myself a small pot in a gift set & to begin with I was not sure. For some reason I was only using it ion the morning but I have found as soon as I decided to use it in the evening it works much better for me. I am always terrified by balms because I am so worried about ending up with a greasy face. But I was pleasantly surprised. I loved the scent of this ( Moringa) & whilst I will have a look for cheaper balms , I would like to buy a full sized of this at some point too.


On then to some of the things I would like to try. 

Ole Henriksen has been on my radar for a while after seeing a few posts etc from Miss Budget Beauty . As I was at the start of the ban though I did not look too closely. On my wish list though I have Blue/Blackberry Enzyme Mask, African Red Tea Exfoliating Lip Salve & the Red Tea Foaming Cleanser.

The Diptyque Multi Use Exfoliating Clay fascinates me too. Although at that rpice I may have to wait a while. 

I also want to try the new Tanya Burr range of lip glosses & nail varnishes. You can find them at Superdrug too.

I am sure there is so much more but this is all I have seen for now. 

Thanks for reading. 
Amanda x

Friday, 25 April 2014

Clothing For The Boys || Part 2

Part 2 then of my picks of the boys clothing out there. Today I bring you ( hopefully) some of the less expensive ranges. Starting with Tesco, the George, Matalan & finally because I forgot to add it to yesterdays post Next as well.

I wish they did this top in my size! Love it! 

This has to be on the list for Finley. Too cute.

Brad will love these. A bit like joggers which he would live in but jeans material too! 

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Clothing For The Boys || Part 1

With warmer weather hopefully around the corner my mind has turned to clothes for the boys. Both , especially Finley who seems to have holes in almost every pair of trouser he owns, need new threads & with our holiday in August coming up they need holiday gear too! We will be going shopping in a couple of weeks so possible some of these items may come home with us :-).

Oh & I am doing this post in 2 parts (2nd part tomorrow) as there was so much nice stuff I could not whittle it down at all! 

Today's is dedicated to Zara, Boden & H&M. 

Cardigan is available in other colours too.

other colours/pictures available. I just loved this one the most.

I am a huge fan of stripes & checks so expect to see a few items like this.


So , there are my picks from these stores. Tomorrow a smaller selection from other stores.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

OOTD ( Outfit Of The Day )

Thought I would do an extra post today because 1) My posts have been somewhat lacking of late & 2 ) I like my outfit today. A 3rd reason would be the sun is shining , the house filled with the smells of cakes baking ( not burning) & this all makes me happy ( the hayfever I am suffereing with is a differnt story mind!)

Anyway please take a look but also excuse the dodgy pics ( i forgot to ask Rob or Brad to help me before they left today & we all know how crap my camera skills are at the best of times!)

Dress - New Look ( last summer but here is something similar for you to look at.)
Jeggings & Cardigan - H&M
Shoes - Skechers (last year from Very. Similar HERE.)
Bag - Accessorize
Sunnies - Ralph Lauren ( Next.)

Thanks for reading. Come back soon 

Current Go-To Make-Up

I know I only did a current make-up post not long ago but due to me not wearing quite as much make-up right now I have switched things up a little ( plus still within my spending ban it gave me a chance to use what felt like some new things too.)

First off I apply primer which as I am trying to save my Nars Light Optimzing Primer, I am also using Laura Mercier Foundation Primer as well as the one I have by Natio called Ageless Illuminating Primer.

I have not been using a foundation much atm , trying to keep my face feeling light. I think where Finley has been poorly & then I was ill too , I have just wanted something on my face to keep me looking semi human & which does not take up half my morning to apply.

I go straight in then with my Nars Radiant Concealer in Honey. This is my holy grail of concealers & as I am near the end of my tube , I expect tears from me because it will be well before my ban is up. #firstworldproblems. MY foundation powder of choice is Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Warm Beige. Not much, just a light dusting.

Eyes now & I use an eyelid primer ( usually the Rimmel one.) I am using the No7 eye base too right now as well. I am not always using eye-shadow but I seem to be reaching for my NYX Trio Aloha/Mink Brown/Deep Bronze. Masacara is a must whatever else I put on my face etc. Soap & Glory Thick & Fast Mascara is really lovely. Gives my lashes a lot of volume ( which is good as that what is says it does! hehe.)
I don't always bother with my eyebrows. Preferring to use a clear mascara on them if at all ( not shown because my 17 one is a clear tube & looks awful If I do pencil them in I use my Nars Brow Perfector in Caucase.

Cheeks I am not wearing much at all. Just a light dusting on my cheekbones with Soap & Glory "Glow All Out" Illuminizing Powder. Sometimes I might add a little to my brow bone too depending what I am doing that day.

Lipstick of choice is still Maybelline & is still the Superstay 24 hour lip color. I am currently using "Grape Juice" as I wanted a change form my usual pink tones. 

Last but not least I spritz my face with a mist of some kind. I have several but one of my faves is the Mac Fix+ .

I realise that to some of you this still looks like tons of stuff. However  as I said I don't always put much on my eyes or brows apart from mascara so that. So that takes the primer, the eye base & shadow out of my routine as well as the brow pencil. Seriously there have been some days I have slapped on the mascara & gone out for the day! 

Anyway thank you for reading. Share with me your current go to items & also any recommendations for clear mascara? Whilst the Seventeen one is OK I am sure there must be better ones out there.

Amanda x

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

100 Day Make-Up Ban || Update 2 inc Small Confession || 16/04/2013

100 Day Spending Ban

Update 1

2 months into my 100 day spending ban on make-up & skincare. I will be very honest .... I am struggling!! It is ridiculous really as it is only make-up after all & I probably should have turned off all emails for the duration & not bought any mags where there temptations are so high. Having said that , whilst I have been very tempted I have not actually bought anything through those so I guess a pat on the back to me anyway? After all , it has been an awful month or more where I had a poorly Fin for ages & then I have had a cough , cold & ear infection. All times when I maybe have not been out so much & more time spent on the internet where you cannot hide from it because even if you stayed away from emails etc the advertisers still grab you buy the ads on any websites you visit. Had I not been on this ban , my credit card would have taken a terrible caning!

This month though has not gone without one teeny tiny purchase ( which is where my confession comes in) but to be fair to myself it was a replacement eye cream which I bought with a Boots giftcard the boys got me for Mother's Day. If I had not had that then I would have made do without until the end of May.

Overall though you could probably call it success still? I have not bought anything else & whilst I could easily do so, For instance I was in Chichester yesterday with Rob having some dinner & we we're  passing the likes of Space NK, The beauty counters at House of Fraser & both Lush & Body Shop. I did it though so well done me I say.

I won't do a 3rd update in May as it ends at the end of May anyway. See you with the final outcome on the 27th May!! Counting down...!

Amanda xx

Friday, 11 April 2014

Joules Order

I did a cheeky Joules order a few weeks ago. Sadly ( or not so sadly maybe, ) everything was too big so I had to return it. Because I was waiting for the refund before I ordered again I only got round to it last week. It is a miserable day so a lovely package dropping through the door is just the tonic.

Amanda x

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Lollipop Family

Following on from my Easter Crafts post I went a looking in my local shops for some things for us too do. Bearing in mind our town is awful for such things I did not get lucky apart from this in the local toy shop. Tuesday found us at home for the day so in among all my chores I found some time to sit with Finley to do this one. He seemed to enjoy himself whilst we made these, although I found all a little too fiddly for my liking! It kept him amused for an hour though so that is all good.

Amanda X