Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Spring Fever

I am not sure about anyone else but I am sick to death of all this cold miserable grey weather - with a little bit of snow coming next week still apparently - ugh, really?? I seriously need things to brighten up a bit now but I thought whilst I wait for spring to start appearing I would take a look at some more spring like clothing & accessories. I am thinking a bit more colour for my wardrobe whilst also still thinking of what will still most cold days too for a while. 

Here are a few things that caught my eye...

1st stop was Boden ... I adore their stuff so why not?

This skirt is just so cute. I do love a pattern & love the way it is worn in this photo very much. One for me to try & & copy if poss!
Grace Skirt in Lavender Grey Botanical - Boden £79. ( Currently £71.10 though so not sure how long for.)

If a pattern is not your thing then they have something for you too...
Grace Skirt in Pink Peony - Boden

Grace Skirt in Capri Blue - Boden

& if you are still in darker colours mode it comes in navy too!
Grace Skirt in Navy - Boden.

This next one also Boden was another where the whole outfit looked fab but it was the cute little cardigan that caught my eye. It comes in many colour ways but I do think this green one is gorgeous.

Fifties Cardigan in Ivy - Boden. Currently £39.20 ( Usually £49.)

Also in ...


Sulphur & ....

As well as Ivory, Navy Pewter & Tuttie Frutti ( phew!!) 

A quick trip over to Top Shop & just this caught my eye...

Striped Neckerchief - Top Shop £14.

Next I went to Zara & all 3 things great for switching seasons but more neutral toned for a less quick change over.

I like the ankle length of these. A hint of spring around the corner with these for sure but keeping things covered just a bit longer too.

Ankle- Zip Viscose Skinny Trousers - Zara £35.99

Both the tops below would go with these trousers just perfectly.

Printed Top With Uneven Hem - Zara £29.99

Two Tone Shirt - Zara £29.99.
John Lewis is a favourite website of mine - I love that I can order things & get them delivered to my local Waitrose for free - it's a 5 minute walk for me to collect my packages.

This dress from Oasis looks gorgeous.

Animal Print Dress - Oasis £55.

The next a lovely take on a Breton style stripe.
Slub Cotton Scoop Neck T Shirt - John Lewis £29.

A couple of warm jumpers but with more spring like colours...

Chunky Corded Jumper in Green - Fat Face £58.

& ...

also in Indigo.

I want these ankle boots...

...won't get them at that price though!
Senso Blake X Cut Out Detail Leather Pony Ankle Boots £165.
I do love a bit of Radley in my life & either of these style bags in this pattern would suit me..

Elliot Vale Small Cross Body Bag - Radley £60

Elliot Vale Medium Multi Way Grab Bag - Radley £95

We are back at Oasis for these last 2.

Lovely detail on this jumper.

Pontelle Detail Cute Jumper - Oasis £35.

I am seriously eyeing this bag up  -it may well have to be mine ...

The Holly Hobo - Oasis - £34. It does come in many colour ways but this stands out the most for me.

So tell me what you have been liking the look of to add to your spring wardrobe.

See you soon
Amanda x

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Maddie's Weekly Round Up

A day late due to feeling proper rubbish with a headache & cold on Sunday eve & Monday!! 

Starting as usual with what I ate ...

I always forget the photos & in fact considering I love to take them I spend rather a lot of time forgetting!! Sorry! 

Cheese Scones & the Quiche Lorraine made by my own fair hands! The curry was made by Rob on Monday. He made it with the chicken left over from the roast the day before - this made it taste even better I thought!

A little bit of what I did - 

From top :- I was feeling a bit low on Tuesday so went & bought myself a new book & wasted some time in Cafe Nero with a Chai Latte. Thursday I had all my hair chopped off! I love it although still feels rather odd not having so much hair at the back! Friday we had dinner at our local Wetherspoons. I remembered to take pics of our drinks but not that food! I had gammon steak in case you were interested followed by waffles with raspberry compote & vanilla ice cream - oops diet??!
Walks last week involved much frost! It looked very pretty though & was good for the soul on the doggy walks. We went as a family to see Paddington - thought it was OK. Paddington very cute but not quite the great film I was expecting.
Lastly a friend & I are going to walk the Race For Life in July. I enrolled on Monday & my things arrived by the end of the week.

What I watched...

Broadchurch & Location as per usual. Musketeers wasn't on - blasted football!!
It was the 1st ins series for both Wolf Hill - I love me some Tudors!!! Then Pets - Wild At Heart - cute animals AND narrated by David Tennant!

I am currently reading ....

Absolutely amazing so far - it takes me much longer these days to read anything even a magazine.

Lastly, my outfits for the week....

Trying to introduce more colour as a bit fed up of dark, dingy January! I will be pleased when I can get the more spring like stuff out again though!

Thanks for reading
Amanda xx  

Monday, 19 January 2015

Weekly Round Up

Time for a round up of my week then. Starting with what I ate...! Th
bh be honest I can be a bit rubbish at remembering to take photos. The times I have made a really yummy dinner & only as \I pop the last bit into my mouth do I remember & of course that is rather late!!

The aim is to lose a little weight right now or at least eat healthier. It would be easier if the world was not full of cakes, crisps, or at least the healthier stuff tasted like a chocolate biscuit.
Monday I made myself a Jacket with Tuna. No rabbit food that day as my Ocado order came the next day.
Salmon, Mash & Veggies - quite healthy if you ignore the lashing of Hollandaise sauce (please DO ignore it...) The fruit bowl is constantly filled to the brim. Good for myself as well as the rest of the family of course.
Lastly a really unlike me lunch including some green stuff!!

Next what I got up to!
As usual plenty of walks with the pup. Woke up to this beautiful frosty day Saturday morning. Pup was not so keen to go on the grass & did actually put up with her jumper - she hates it really!

Coffee on Thursday with my lovely friend where I did partake in some cake!
A trip to Paradise Park on Sunday morning with another friend & our 2 smalls!!It was a bit wet but great to get some fresh air.

I was at the cinema again on THursday. This time with friends to see this amazing film. It won't be for everyone but was right up my street.

This week I have been watching Broadchurch & Musketeers again & this...

I adore the show. A chance to have a nosy around some homes especially when they come local. I may also have a slight crush on Mr Spencer...!

THis week I have some discovered some new things that I am loving...

Technically I already knew about the Peppermint & Licorice tea by Pukka thanks to Essiebutton ( I think ) but finally got round to buying a box to give it a try. Bloody yum!!
I spotted the Jacobs Crispbreads when I nipped into my local Tescos mid week. They do a few other ones but I chose the Mixed Grain. They really help me keep my lunch a bit healthier.

Finally a few outfits.

There is usually tons of blue in my outfits each week but I have noticed a lot more black & red this week when putting my collage together. I am still very uninspired atm although gradually things are starting to get back to being a bit more interested in the outfits I put together.

WEll that is all from me again. Let me know what you have been doing.
See you next time

Love Amanda x

Friday, 16 January 2015

Keeping Healthy 2015

At the end of last year I posted about want to sort my weight out in 2015 - you can read that post here.

2015 is now here - just & my plan to get fit & hopefully take a few pounds off too begins here.

I'm already doing the dog walking I said I would do. Not so keen when the weather sucks of course but on those very odd glorious sunshine moments its really rather soothing.

I want to do more walking at other times too. That is to literally just take myself off for a walk as the school run is just a mere 20 mins of my day in terms of actual walking - & the traipsing around town doesn't count either because I generally stop of for a coffee & cake too. I don't al;ways want to take the dog so would either need a walking buddy or at least pop some tunes on my iPhone & listen to some music as I walk.

I plan also to have the odd game of badminton with a friend soon - this is going to happen just waiting for her to recover from an injury.

I am still undecided re any classes right now but I am not ruling them out.

My biggest issue is picking! I really need to either cut out those snacks between meals - I don't need any biscuits with my tea, let alone 5 or *ahem* 10 *ahem* -  or remember to have a healthier option. I am trying with the fruit. I have stocked up very well. 
Lunches are getting better too.
Dinner is a work in progress & actually trying work out a menu that would suit both Rob & I is hard. There are many things I cannot eat because of Crohn's Disease as well as the stuff I won't eat. The things I would eat more of , Rob isn't so keen on. Rob though would happily sit & devour a plate of salad or vegetables, not me!  
I need to do more research for healthier meals that would suit both of us - Fin too of course, Brad is a lost cause! 
I think though if I can cut out the snacking on rubbish, this would actually make a big difference as I know it has done so in the past. 

I am not asking to be stick thin, just healthier & if something comes off my hips & waist whilst doing so then it is all good.

I am just under 10 & half stone so nearly 2 stone I could do with losing. Whether I can achieve this I do not know but surely some healthier eating is always a good thing.

I'll update you probably monthly unless I feel I can do some more often.

Thanks for reading
Amanda xx

Monday, 12 January 2015

My Week Rounded Up

I have been such a bad blogger of late. At the moment I have decided not to continue with my "What I Wore.." blog as I am not particularly inspired on that front & as a minor ban has been put in place on spending on any new clothes, it is all the same clothes anyway. Maybe one day I will get the mojo back & post there again. 

For now I am going to concentrate on this blog as it is easier for me to have many subjects to blog about. I can't say I will post any more often but one can at least give it a try.

Today I thought I would start a new ( ish ) thing & on a Monday I will do a round up of the previous week. I read other blogs who do something similar & think it is a really nice idea.

So here is mine...

This week I have been eating....

..out rather a lot! I forgot to take pics of anything I had at home but in a world of taking pics of meals when out...A lovely steak with spicy chips at our local Beefeater. Then Pollo Formaggia al Forno at Bella Italia - this was divine!!!

I have been buying....

Stylist Dress - White Stuff || Lace Collar Spray Floral Dress - Fat Face || BerryLicious & Aloe Water ( the Xmas Votive was a free gift) - Yankee Candle

Everything here is from The Range... The Decorative Lizard Metal Wall Art more Hubby's choice than mine though!  New York Canvas & Village Harbour Print.

What I have been doing ...

Dog walking - although I always forget to photograph this!
Reading - magazines , usually home improvement types & my current book is this gem from Stephen Fry - More Fool Me .
Cinema to see The Theory Of Everything - superb film. Go & see it if you can. Full praise would have to go to Eddie Redmayne who was just amazing.
lastly, I spent the week scrapping a lot of paper off the walls - actually it wasn't a huge amount at all but during the scrapping it felt like it! When the lounge & dining room are all newly decorated though, the work involved will be worth it.

Lastly, a few outfits from last week...

main photo :- what I wore to the cinema. Small photos : from top Mondays outfit. Next to that :- my outfit for the Beefeater on Thursday. In the blue for ...well I can't remember at all, sorry! & lastly what I wore for a childrens party - it Frozen themed & I now wish I had gone as Elsa!

Let me know what you think you these sort of posts. Hoping to be posting much more but only time will tell how well I keep to that idea!

Speak soon
Amanda x