Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Whimsical or Fantastical Wish

My question today then is ...

If you had one whimsical or fantastical wish , then what would it be?

For my own answer I am not sure this would come as any surprise really & well... scroll down & see 

Yes! I want to go for a trip on the Tardis. Travelling with the Doctor would be my ultimate bucket list entry if such a thing were possible!
The places he would take me & the trouble we would get into no doubt sounds to me like the best day out ever! Although knowing my luck i'd be struck down by a Dalek within moments...!

My Doctor if you are curious about that would be any of them. Whilst I admit that Ten is MY
 doctor ( & I am saying this being an older Whovian too before anyone likes to say otherwise) I think a trip with any one of the 11 ( OK 12 then although at this stage I could not say whether the 12th is my cup of tea or not) would be the most amazing experience ever. 

Hopefully we would come across Captain Jack within our travels too because I think that might be an experience & half too! haha

Amanda x

Thursday, 20 February 2014

February 2014 || Birchbox || Your Style

I had decided to re-sub to Birchbox before I decided I was going to pop myself on that 100 day ban otherwise I would have left it until the ban was up in May. However, as my ban begun after payment was taken for this Birchbox  stuck with it & removed myself once it was all done. Which is annoying as next months box will contain a item collaborated with Lulu Guinness ( remind me NOT too look at any reviews for that one then.)

Still, onto this months box & I will say whilst the contents of this box do not make me pop with excitement, I still am not hating this box.

I do wish BB did their costings of items like Glossybox do where they tell you what size the full price product is so that you can work out your maths a bit better ( we already know that maths is not a strong point of mine.) 

I will try my best to find links for the products that don't come from Birchbox for you but I can't promise anything.

This months box seems to focus on London Fashion Week ,rather than the predictable Valentine theme that most beauty boxes are probably going with. with the title "We Love Your Style" ... at least i think that is what it is called ( I apologise for my vagueness, I am incredibly tired today & just about able to keep the eyes open to write this!

Product number 1 then is Beauty Protector || Protect & Oil & is possibly the only item in the box I will not use. I don't use oils on my hair as a rule so don't think I would feel any differently about this. It is a small sample ( in a nice glass bottle though which is a nice touch) so will probably just give it to my niece. It is £16 for the full size although I have no idea how much you get in your full size one as I can only find it on Birchbox who don't seem to tell you that bit. Please comment below if you do how much there is in a full size bottle.

Next is the Eyeko || Skinny Liquid Eyeliner . In black & I am looking forward to trying this as I am trying to get into eyeliners a bit more & wonder if the pen tip will help me be more precise with my application. This is a 1.2g tube. Full size I believe is 5g & priced at £12.

UrbanVeda || Radiance Exfoliating Facial Polish. I like the smell of this & having never heard of the brand before I am looking forward to giving this a go. This is a 20ml tube compared to the full sized of 125ml (priced at £8.99) but I think that is a good size to give it a proper trial with.

I have heard of Gilchrist & Soames  before but have never tired their products & as I am a sucker for shower gels etc I am very excited to try this one. Smells nice & fresh. This is a 45ml bottle. Full size is 236ml ( random) & priced at £13.75.

The last main product is this gorgeous nail polish from Leighton Denny.In the shade Coconutty. Seriously, I know people moan about polishes being in all boxes & I probably have done myself but actually I quite like it. Even if the colour is not quite to my taste ( I love this one btw) I think it is always a good item to have in your box. This one is a mushroom type shade with gold sparkles in it. This may have to be the next one I put on my nails because it is so pretty. Again, another brand I know of but have not tried.This is full sized (12ml) & is £11.

Lastly we have the "Lifestyle Extra." This will get eaten by Rob again I am sure as I hate dark chocolate. Green & Blacks organic dark chocolate.  

So that brings us to the end. So as I say whilst I don't think it looks like the best box ever , there a few items that have caught my curiosity & I will in due course give them a try.

Let me know what you thought about your box. Were you impressed or will it make you cancel your subscription. Let me know if there is any product you would like me to review ( other than the hair oil as I really won't use it.)

Thanks for reading
Amanda xx

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

February 2014 GlossyBox || Be Mine Valentine Edition

Now I am well aware that I said that I was going to un-sub from Glossybox & to be fair to myself I have done just that after receiving this one. I just figured though with my spending ban approaching (in fact by the time this is posted it will have begun!!) that I would have GB come for just this last month before the 100 days starts. Then once I have also received this months Birchbox that really must be it for anything beauty until the end of May ( it does make me feel quite faint you know!!)

After last months box I really did not know what to expect from this one. I had seen pics of the nail polish though so I'll be honest & say that alone had me excited for it to arrive.

So below is the box in all its glory of contents ( sorry no mag in the pic as I threw that away before taking this.) So far , so far looking good.

So in order of appearance on the card....

Ciate  Paint Pot || Nail Polish in Playdate. Full size (13.5ml) £9 - the polish is quite a hot pink ( looks much redder in the pic though.) Not normally a colour I would veer towards but I do like Ciate polishes so very much looking forward to giving this a try.

H2K Skincare || Je t'adore Aromatics Shampoo & Sensual Hydrating Hair Conditioner - These are full size. The shampoo is 30ml whilst the conditioner is 40ml. I don't usually use a separate conditioner as I am too lazy unless I am using a conditioning mask. The shampoo I will use for sure & can give a review when I do. Full size is £2.48 ( I am guessing that is overall rather than each!)

Maybelline || ColorSensational Stripped Nudes Lipstick - Mine is in Tantalizing Taupe. I will most definitely try this. Review when I do if wanted. This is full size & comes in at £6.99

Nougat London || Sparkling Body Shimmer - I probably have too many body lotions but I do like them so I am sure that this will get a definite use at some point. The cherry blossom scent did not seem to transfer at all from bottle to skin but it was only a quick try with it. It did sink in nicely though. Full size is £14 for 250ml. This bottle is 100 ml so still a good size to try. My maths comes in at around £4. Correct me if I am wrong.

Sleep In Rollers || Backcombing Brush - This probably is my least favourite item in the box or at least the one that excited me the least. I shall give it ago though & decide on my true thoughts. This is £4.50. One size.

Then there was the chocolate which I lovingly gave to Rob & that was 70p I think for that tiny bar ( Lindt chocolate is so worth it though.)
Final calculation for the box with my dubious maths was £26.47 which is not a bad profit on the original £13 (inc shipping) that the box cost. 

I have to say this box did please me. Most products I will use & there are a lot of full sized items which pleased me most of all. TBH this box had me won at the polish anyway & lipstick! 

let me know what came in your box & your thoughts on the products.

Amanda xxx

Sunday, 16 February 2014

100 Days Spending Ban

Morning all,

I have been inspired after reading a post by the lovely Sophia over at Beauty In Mind : Beauty Blog UK to do my own 100 day spending ban. Whilst the thought to be honest does bring me out in a cold sweat , I am eager to give this a go. I have so much stuff in my stash that I really don't need to purchase much at all if I am honest with myself.

My counting ( for what it is worth) brings the 100 days up to 27th May. If anyone thinks I am wrong then do let me know!! Maths never my strong point. LOL!

So from today I won't be buying anymore make-up, skincare, hair care etc for 100 days. 

Its going to be tough going, that sweat is getting worse as I do love my beauty spending & struggle even to walk past Poundland & such places without looking!

I will update you in a months time on how things are going.

Are you doing your own spending ban project? Share with me if you are & let me know how you get on.

Amanda xx

Friday, 14 February 2014

What I Got For Valentine's Day 2014 || NARS || B&B

I actually got my Valentines gifts on our recent expedition to London in Space NK. My argument to getting my own way was that anything Rob bought me that day could be classed as my Valentines gift plus would cover Mothers day too which in the UK comes up on March 30th.

I had originally gone in to check out the Laura Mercier Pressed Bronzing Powder. The lovely sales girl though directed me to her stand at the Nars counter & recommended Nars bronzer in Laguna instead.She thought the Nars one might make my complexion as orange & it is really lovely. At times when I apply it I have to look twice to check that it is actually applied but it is perfect for me as I am not very confident with my bronzer application so whilst I wear it most days I am always worried it may look way too much. This allows me to do it just right. A quick demo ensued along with her giving me demos on the Nars Creamy Concealer ( mine is in Light 3 || Honey,) as well as the Brow Perfector pencil in Caucase. This last item was a perfect match for my eyebrows. I rarely do my brows as I struggle to find ones that suit me so I was beyond ecstatic to finally find one just for me!
Along with my items she also gave me a sample of the Nars light Optimizing Primer for which you can go & see my mini review here.

Lastly I grabbed a tube of Bumble & Bumble Creme De Coco Tropical Riche Masque ( a review will come when I have a chance to use it.) 

Thank you for reading
As always links to your own Valentines present / hauls / etc whether it is a blog post or YT video.

Amanda xx

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Products I Am Using On My Face || Plus Mini Review Nars Primer

I know that last week I brought you the make-up I am currently using most days. Well today I wanted to share with you a review of the Nars Light Optimizing Primer & the products that I am using along side it right now as for me personally I think they work so well together. 

So I began by applying Nars Light Optimizing Primer after my usual morning skincare of cleanse, tone, serum & moisturiser. I was given this sample last month when I was looking in Space NK for a new bronzer. I was not sure what to really expect as most of the time I find primers very much something & nothing. Well I was not to worry with this. It is amazing! It is a nice light cream that sinks quickly into the skin. I am not 100% keen on the smell but thankfully this does not linger. My make-up stayed where it was for HOURS! Usually I would have to re-apply ( if I am out for the day) sometime around lunchtime(if I am lucky) but the make-up I put on when trying this out was in place still at 3pm after being put on at 8 that morning. I was ecstatic! The reason I know it is staying put so well is because I have had so many compliments through out my days when wearing this. 

I am putting this down to a great primer & the make-up products that also seemed to help it do its job too. I have already re-purchased this as I don't generally have primers in backup .... at least that is how I shall make it seem OK. It would definitely be worth you trying to get a sample of this to try yourself if you are unsure you want to pay out for a full sized one. I know I probably would not have done before trying the sample out. 

After priming I then used my Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay In Place Make-Up. Another item I bought after trying a sample of it. My shade is Intensity 2.0. It has a SPF of 10 which as I have to make sure I am protected from the sun by order of my doctor is just fantastic for the warmer months too when we ( finally ) get some sun in our little country!!

Next then it is on to the Nars Bronzer in Laguna, Nars Blusher in Orgasm & Soap & Glory "Glow All Out" Luminizing Face Powder. The bronzer is amazing. Gives enough to my face without being over powering. The lady in the shop showed me before I bought & it is spot on for my skin tone. The blusher is more of a peachy toned colour than is shown. Again it is really light. Or at least as light as you want it to be. The Luminizing powder I use just on the top of my cheek bones above my blusher. 

Lastly I set it with Attitude Make-Up Fixing Spray. I got my bottle in Trago Mills last year but I am nearly out of it so hoping I can find it closer to home again as it does seem hard to find nowadays. Rob is nipping into Horsham this weekend whilst I take Finley to see Postman Pat so will get him to check Savers as I think they used to stock it too.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this. If you would like to see more reviews on things I have shown in hauls then let me know. Also I have had had 2 recent hauls & if you would like to see a post on those then do let me know that too.

Amanda xx

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

5 Things That Make Me Smile

1 - My Kids of course will be top of this list! They may drive me insane most of the time with their mess, arguing etc blah but I love my children so very much I cannot ever imagine my life without them.
Whether it is a funny thing they say or a hug & an I love you, they never fail to cheer up a bad day.

2 - Family Days. Nothing like them. We don't get to go out or spend time at home as a family of 4 very often now Brad is growing up. So, when we have a chance of a day out I get really excited. We might only go to the park for a few hours & I'll sit & read whilst the boys kick a ball about but that to me is the best way to spend my time. Now Brad is getting older he doesn't want to do so much now the days like these get so much more rare so I am making the most of them whilst I can

3 - My friends. Over the years I have learnt time & again who my real friends are. Now at 40 I seem to have finally realised that you don't need a huge circle of people in your life so long as the people you have would be there for you as much as you are them. It is quite refreshing to feel like that even if at times over the years it has felt sad to realise that some people are not quite who you thought they were. Now I love seeing my friends. Whether it is those who I only see a few times a year or those I see several times a year. I know for sure they are the people I want to spend my time with, Nothing like a good night out with your friends. 

4 - Cute animal memes on FB. I am a sucker for a cute dog or cat or any animal for that matter so the photos that I see around the net never fail to bring a smile to my face.

5 - Being happy. Just those days where for once I feel nothing but genuinely happy. There will probably be no reason other than no reason but they are the most refreshing of all. I make the most of those days.

A silly post for today but I hope you enjoyed reading this.

Let me know the things that make you smile :-)

Amanda xxx 

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Product Empties 6 | Part 2 | Make Up & Samples

Part 2 is here of my empties. I am starting with make-up products as there are slightly less of them before I move on to the samples!

Rimmel | Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder (Warm Beige 006) - I really like this. As you can probably see from the pic whilst I have hit pan there is still a lot of product around the edge. This does not want to transfer at all though. I have tried with a small brush & my fingers. Nothing. I was unsure whether I had the right shade when I 1st bought it but right now it seems to be perfect. I have re-purchased although right now I have gone back to my Bourjois one instead for a while.

Mac | Fix+ - I like this. I don't think it is as fantastic as some make out but I still like what it does for me. I have got another ready to go as well.

Max Factor | Face Finity All Day Flawless 3 in 1 Foundation. This is the shade Warm Almond ( 45.)  I actually had a love hate thing with this in the early days. I wonder if it was not the right shade at the time as I bought it 1st in the summer. But now I love what it does & in a rush it is perfect being a primer, concealer & foundation in 1. It has an SPF of 20 too which as I am not supposed to get the sun is just brilliant. I have got another lined up but I have bought it in  natural ( I think without going to look.) PS have just looked. Yes my new one is Natural & it is just 1 shade darker than this one.

Maybelline |  Superstay 24hr DualEnded Lip Color - In Soft Taupe (615.) I love this range from Maybelline. As I like lip colours that are going to last me for quite a chunk of the day. Gone are the days when I had the time to keep touching up my lipstick! I didn't like this shade as much as my others. I felt most of the time it did nothing for my lips at all. As you can see it has been well used though as the balm end is long gone. I am binning this purely as the product has started to dry my lips out because I have had it a while now.I wouldn't get this shade again. 


 Sarah Chapman | Skinesis Intense Hydrating booster - I got this is a beauty box ages ago & as I love a serum I was excited to try this ( especially knowing I was using a sample of a product costing nearly £60!! I generally use a serum under my moisturiser in the day only. I have no idea why I do this but that's the way I go with it. I used this a while ago so I am sad to say I have no idea how good it was & have no plans to spend money to have another try either!!

Benefit | Bad Gal Lash - I got this as a free gift in a magazine ages ago. I really liked this. I was a bit concerned in the beginning by the huge brush but I don't think it looks so bad on the full sized tube anyway. I love this but have too many other mascaras to go out & buy it in full size. Maybe a birthday lost item!

Origins | GinZing  eye cream - A 50z sample I got with my purchase a few weeks ago. It did cover me for about 4/5 uses but I don't think that was any real time to see if it was doing much. I probably will at some point buy the full size though as with eye creams I am always up to trying new ones anyway.

Roger & Gallet - Fleur De Figuier Replenishing Body Lotion - Another beauty box item. It has made my empties bag smell gorgeous for days!! This sachet actually came with an accompanying shower gel but that was used long ago. I really liked both items & would not say no to buy them full sized . We just know I don't need anymore body lotions/ shower gels!! 

Estee Lauder | Perfectly Clean Multi Action Creme Cleanser / Moisture Mask - I liked this very much. A small sample ( 7ml) but I could notice straight away how good it is. I only use facial washes etc in the morning usually ( apart from proper face masks that I only do of an evening.) & I really felt this set my face ready to face the harshness of the daytime. I already purchased this in full size ready to use when needed.

Estee Lauder | Advanced Night Repair - I used this tiny 3ml sample of a night time under my moisturiser. It was OK. Not sure I could get a proper reaction out of something that I could only use for 2/3 nights. On the other hand it is another product like the Origins eye cream that I could see myself buying to give it a proper test.

Clarins | Pore Minimizing Serum - This sample irritated me. I found the stopper thing next to useless & so by taking the lid off of it I would end up with more product than I needed. Thankfully the full size product comes in a pump instead so if ever bought I could at least use it without being annoyed by it!I don't think there was a particular scent with this. 

Origins | Plantscription Anti-Aging Serum - This I quite liked even if the colour reminded me of baby poo( as long as it does not smell like it Rob said...hahaha!) Quite a pleasant scent & yes I think I would give it a proper go in full size!

That's it then guys. Finally at the end. It was the little samples that make it seem like such a huge amount this time I am sure. It feels quite good to have used up so many items. Not that it has made any difference to what I have still but you know...! 

thanks for reading
Amanda x