Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Pet Peeves

 So, call me a Grumpy Old Woman if you wish but I thought I would share with you this week my Pet Peeves. 

This is meant as a light-hearted post so please take it as such ( even if most of what I will mention drive me to distraction!!)

There seems a lot of driving ones which tells you the person I become when behind the wheel of my car ( yes it is ALWAYS the other drivers! lol.)

1 - Drivers who do not indicate. Why??? It is actually quite helpful when I am trying to pull out of a junction or at a roundabout if you give me some idea where you are going. Seems to be a lot of new cars so maybe they are not fitted with them? Who knows. Seriously guys, it takes a split second do put your indicator one. 

2 - This should probably be 1st actually but drivers who TALK ON THEIR PHONES WHILST DRIVING!!! 1st & foremost it is bloody dangerous but usually I will see someone who can't seem to drive for toffee & then I clock them on their phone. If it is that important then please pull up when safe on the side of the road & CALL THEM BACK! 

My blood pressure is rising ....

3 - Last driving one. Drivers who do not say thank you. I live down a road where there are lots of cars parked & thus you spend a lot of time either pulling in to let other cars through & visa versa. Guys whether it is your right of way or not please be polite & say thanks. How rude are you? Takes seconds to do so!!!

4 - Robin Thicke. Don't get the attraction! Idiot! I hate his "music" public please stop buying it!

5 - Shop staff who talk to a colleague whilst serving you. No just NO!! had this many times. One time in New Look being served at the till & the shop girl was just chatting to her friend about what they were up to that night. She barely told me how much I owed & a please & thank you was non existent. It was so busy in there that I could not be bothered to complain. But did move away with a little snarky comment which they couldn't fail to hear - I wasn't being over sensitive either as I was with my mum who also thought they were really rude! Did no one teach these "kids" manners? 

lastly we have 6 - Justin Bieber . What does the annoying little twerp actually DO?? I have nothing else to say because I do not understand the attraction anymore than some people don't get why I like the things I do.

There we are at the end of this post. As I say I am talking about these things very much tongue in cheek because whilst they do annoy the heck out of me , I am also hoping I am saying these in a way that comes across as in humour.

Thanks for reading. Pet Peeves of your own in the comments please!!! 

Amanda x

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