Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Cath Kidston |Birds China

I received an email yesterday from Cath Kidston showing the items from the Bird China range. I love it & I had to share it all with you too. Below I have shown you 3 of the items I would love to own, although truth be told I want it all! I love everything CK anyway but these really do delight me. I may have to have a word with Rob about some for my birthday ( it is a number ending in 0 this year so I think I am worth it.)

If you can't afford to buy them maybe you could win them?
Details HERE on the competition.  It is easy to enter & I always think as long as you enter these competitions there is a chance you could win. 

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Avon Haul

My Avon haul arrived a couple of days ago. Whilst I have yet to actually use anything I thought I would tell you what I got. I got most things from the sale section I think so the total of all this is just over £10. 

Avon Naturals Daily Refreshing Hair Mask
200 ml bottle. In Cherry Blossom. For all hair types. Retailing at the moment for £1.25. Smells really lovely. Looking forward to trying it.

Smells OK. I think foot items do smell stronger in general anyway. I have a Body Shop one to finish before I will start this one. This was £3.15.

Avon Speed Dry+ Nail Enamel
12ml bottle. Mine is in shade "Rose Amour." Very pretty duskyish pink colour with a shimmer. Claims to dry in 30 seconds. I will put that to the test & let you know because as someone who has children & zero patience this would be brilliant if it does this!
Currently retailing at £3. It is usually £6 so thought it worth trying whilst down in price. 

Avon Nail Experts Peeling & Brittleness Solver
I'm hoping this does what it says on the tin. Not sure if it is my medication doing it or just the humidity but I really am suffering with peeling nails. I have never done before & as I only started my new meds in December 2012 it is a possibility. So hoping this can make them look better. This is £3. Again it was a sale item. 

Then of course I got the latest catalogue to peruse. I am desperate to behave because with my project pan thing starting I need to stop with the buying!!! I'll look at it through half closed eyes.

So, let me know if any of you have tried some of these & your thoughts on them. 

Thanks for reading. 


Sunday, 28 July 2013

Project Pan - August 2013.

I always read or watch these Project Pan things with interest & finally decided I would give it a go myself. I don't own tons & tons of stuff but I am awful for opening & using items but not using up before I start something else.

It is just a small scale pan this time to see how I go. I am NOT including any skincare/eye creams/ lip treatments as I am very good at one using 1 at a time of these items. I am also not including  foundation because with the heat I am not using as much anyway. I am not including things like blushers or eye shadows either this time. 

The plan is to run this for the month of August. I know it is the 28th July today but I won't be around much on the 1st August as we have pre-assessment with Finley at the hospital that morning. Plus the days before are busy too so easy to begin just before August starts. 

Below you can see everything stored in box. There isn't loads here but as I said I want to start off small.It is actually all stuff I do use but not all the time because I am naughty & have several others of each on the go too. Some have lots left & others are almost finished. There is not actually anything here that I don't like this time. I just want to start using things up so I can use other things I have & really to try not to spend so much on multiple "back ups." 

So 1st up is shower gels. These are probably my biggest item that I buy tons of. I must have 6 or 7 others in my drawer to start using plus there are 2 more in the bathroom already open. 
I chose
Lush - Dirty Springwash- I love this! I have not got much left of it though & I am not allowing myself to buy it again until I have used considerably more of the gels I already have. It contains spearmint & menthol. Sometimes those scents have a habit of being over powering but I find with this it is a subtle scent but it lasts for ages. 
Impulse - Hot pink  - I got mine in Poundland about a year ago now but it has sat for that long un-used. It is quite a nice mixture of tropical fruit & floral scents. It is lovely but I am just keen to start using it & being able to get rid of the empty!

I also seem to love body butters right now. I have a few of these as back ups too. So again I picked out 2 to start actually using.

Wilkinsons Mango body butter - I had 2 of these as I got them in a deal & only took a few weeks to use the 1st one up. But then rather than just open up 1 to use , i now have about 3 open. These Wilkos ones only have a 6 month shelf life & I am not sure how accurate that would be so as there is still a lot of it left I need to crack on with it!

Superdrug Cranberry & Pomegranate body butter - I only used this twice I think but I actually think it is because it smells AMAZING & I don't want to finish it up!! It reminds me if Angel Delight. But use it I must.

Next we come to BB cream, primers & concealer. As I say I am not using much foundation atm so I either don't bother with anything or just use a BB cream & concealer.

Rimmel London Fix & Perfect Primer  - yes it's good, I don't know that is the best I have for the job though. It at least doesn't leave my face feeling greasy after applying. It sinks in quite quick. However it is nearly used up & so I thought I would include it so that I can throw it away soon.

Rimmel London - Exaggerate Undercover Shadow Primer - I do like this & I would repurchase when I have used my others up. 

Garnier BB cream|Mircale Skin Protector - mine is in light. I love it. It is for combination to oily skin & seems to sit so well on my face. Sometimes I just don't bother with foundation at any time of year because I find this works so well on its own. I'm not sure how much is left although I have had it a while now & I try to use it a couple of times a week.

Collection 2000 Concealer Lasting Perfection Medium - Yeh this rocks. Everyone always raves about it so I doubt there is anything more I can add. I already have a back up of this but I have opened NYX one I need to finish before I am allowed to touch the new one!

Then lastly I have 2 mascaras. Actually these are the only 2 I have open besides my Clinique bottom lash mascara ( which doesn't count.) However I lots of others ready to take over. 

Rimmel London Scandaleyes Mascara in Extreme Black -Didn't like this when I first got it. large brush usually equals disaster for me. However after a few uses maybe the brush improved & I actually love it now. I've had it open now for about 3 months so although this says a shelf life of 12 months I think it needs to go soon. 

Benefit Bad Gal Lash mascara - not 100% on this one. I have a little tube of it though that I got in a  set with some other things.It has another big brush , which as this is only a small size seems too much anyway.It does the job OK but I would juts like to use it up. 

So I will alternate between these 2 for the next month.

So, that is my project pan for the next month. How it will go I have no idea.I will just use all that I can & hope that come August I have a few empties to show you.So I will do that on the 31st August or thereabouts.
If it goes OK then I will continue with new items in September.

Tell me if you are doing something similar. Let me know how it is going or how it went. Also let me know if you have used any of these items I have mentioned & your thoughts on them too.

Talk to you later
Amanda xx

Friday, 26 July 2013

How Does Your Garden Grow...?

...quite well atm actually. 

We may not have the biggest of gardens, being more large letter stamp than normal postage stamp sized, but we do try to pack in what we can with the space we have.

The lawn & patio I am not bothering to show as these are mainly strewn with toys. So, this leaves the flower beds & pots as an adult domain.

1st off is our lovely sunflower. We have 3 in the garden but this is the best one of them by far right now. 

 2 planters of tomatoes. Still green right now but there are loads on each. Brad is a fussy eater but loves Tomatoes so are a great thing for us to grow.

 Strawberry plants. Although right now I can't see any on there because as soon as any appear the boys eat them!!

 Our little veggie plot. Carrots because Finley loves them & Peppers at the back. These are mainly for the guinea pigs as they love them & we thought we could save having to buy some for a while!!

One of the pepper plants with peppers on. We do have more in a container on Brads bedroom window ledge & there are plenty growing there as well.

So a slightly productive garden this year rather than just a wall of flowers but its really satisfying to see the veggie seeds we planted growing into something really useful.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Make Up Private sale Haul.

So I am a regular user of my loacl buying/selling group on Facebook. Yesterday a post appeared with lots of make up for sale. Included benefit & Clinique & for really good money. It was good price in that I knew that if half of it was no good then I was still getting a good deal. If it was all rubbish then I will have lost out but would learn from it.
Walked with the boys this morning to pick it up & here in the photo is what I got.

I know there will be those who read this & think "Ugh 2nd hand make up" but actually a lot of this is new & some barely used. 

We are missing the Clinique stuff because as I thought they were no good. I also threw away an eyeliner & 3 small tubes of glitter.
The St Tropez stuff is brand new. I won't use them so along with 2/3 other items I have popped them back on the group so I will make some pennies back anyway.
The little brush set is brand new. The 2 Almay blushers are new , although 1 had been swatched. The NYX trio looks new too & is definately my colour. Those nail sets I am going to give 1 to my mum in a goodie bag I am doing for her for Xmas & I may or may not use the other 2 myself. 
I will have to get some make up sanitize before I use some of the shadows & blushers In fact I will probably do them all even the ones I think have not been used to be on the safe side. There is nothing I have kept that is not good to use though once they have been sanitized. To be honest most of the thinsg that have been used have barely a dent in them.

So I am one very happy bunny today with my little find. I always miss the make up posts on these groups so I soon got in with this one!! 

Thanks for reading.
talk to you soon
Amanda xx

Wednesday, 24 July 2013


So this last week or so I have ventured into looking at Blog sales ( beauty related at this time.) 

Why I have never looked at these type of things before is beyond me but it is a new unexpected pleasure of mine :-)! 

Firstly I have this Mac Blush that i bought from the lovely Katie over at SugarFixxBeauty

 It is called Breezy & is a sheertone shimmer blush.
It is a really lovely deepish read colour almost red wine tones. Really gogeous, although I think this will suit more in the autumn because I have tried it & think it is not right for the summer we are, at last, having.

 (Above - gorgeousness in a blush pot)

Then my 2nd purchase from another blog (HERE) was this Elizabeth Arden palette. It is called "Everything Glows." I have no idea if it is still for sale ( currently trying to find out so will let you know if I find it in due course.)
 It is unused apart from swatches & really is lovely. I have the highlight colour plus the green on today & it seems to go on really nice & sit there very well too. 
It comes in this cute little case too. Very handy for trips away or even to pop in your evening bag.
*Found it on both Amazon & HERE  but both are out of stock right now*

Looking forward to more blog sale buys when I have the opportunity (read - MONEY!)

Have a good day guys. Amanda xx

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Christening OOTD| 21/07/2013

Today we have been to my Robs nephews Christening. It was rather hot ( but we can't complain can we?) but it was a lovely day & I didn't feel to bad in the outift I chose for this.
 I am wearing 

Jameela Jamil Floral Print Dress &
New Look | Coral Crochet Sandals in Coral 

I did also have my M&S satchel bag in salmon pink but I forgot to include that in my photo. It is also no longer available, or at least I cannot find it on their website. I did see a nice alternative HERE though for a slightly more daring colour!
I also failed to take a photo of the straps with the pretty bow detail on them. I blame the heat for my lack of brain usage.

 A shot of my shoes ( which I love) but please ignore the fact my toenails are un-painted!)
Time now to cool down & chill out.

Speak later

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Quiche Lorraine | James Martin Recipe

The recipe can be found here 
 The ingredients needed for the Quiche.

Disaster did strike when half the milk/egg/cream mix spilt over the side of the dish. Luckily apart from lots of clearing up I was still left with plenty to continue. 
I am actually rather pleased with the result. Probably could have gone a little darker but actually I think this is OK. The truth though will be in the tasting later....

Friday, 19 July 2013

Mini Mac Haul

Today is not a good day. However, it has been made a tiny bit lighter by my order from Mac which arrived just after lunch.

It really is a small haul as the title suggests but oh what a gorgeous haul it is.

My order this time consisted of 2 eye-shadows & a lipstick.

Eye-shadow number 1 is called Crystal Frost. It is stunning. The palest of lilac colours, almost a light pick colour when swatched. It is gorgeous & I can't wait to try it out. 

Eye-shadow number 2 is called Gleam Lustre. I can't actually describe this colour. There is pink, coral & orange all going on here. I guess my best description would be salmon pink but that maybe too harsh for what looks peachy on my swatch. See I told you I can't describe it. It is not my usual colours I would for on my eyes but it will be interesting to see how it goes.

Lastly we have the lipstick. Tried to get a nice photo of the colour but tbh this is the best we are going to get today. It is called Spice It Up. As the name suggests it really is spice like in its colour. A real deep, dark reddy brown in colour. I'm actually thinking it may be abit dark for the summer. I will give it ago though & If it is then I will pop it away to look forward to in the autumn.

Link to eyeshadow
Link to Lipstick

That is all from me today.

Talk to you later!

Amanda x

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Birchbox July 2013 | Jet Set

I received my July Birchbox yesterday & I am now going to share with you what I got. 
Before I begin though I want to say 3 things.

1:- This month I have decided to unsub from Birchbox. I had not begin that excited by a couple of previous boxes & knew I must decide whether to continue with them or not. Whilst a couple of items this month are quite nice I am still now bowled over.
That does not mean they I won't sub again in the future. It is just right now I don't think personally they are for me right now. 

2:- is almost a continuation of 2 in that I want to say whilst I am not liking my boxes , this does not mean that you won't either. I am sure many of you will be delighted & that is just cool. It is just my own personal choice right now to put my money elsewhere especially with 6 weeks of school holidays to get my 2 children through as well.
And lastly 3:- I have not yet tried anything ( after all I only received it yesterday) so I am not going to have any reviews on the use of these items as yet. If there is anything here that you would be keen to know about then do let me know & I will try & do that for you.

So we will begin. You can find out more go to BIRCHBOX .
It costs £10 + p&p each month. 

 So above we have the box only slightly open . This is always exciting wondering what this month will bring. The theme this month is Jet Set.We have the usual magazine that comes with it. I like to read it when the children are in bed because it is impossible at any other time!!
The items come in a nice drawstring bag but i forgot to take a photo of that. Sorry. But here we have the goodies I got. I'll be honest & say this did not blow me away at all. Apart from 1 item - the box because I thought it might contain a nail polish( but I was wrong!) 

One things I wish Birchbox would do that other similar companies do. Put how many ml or g etc you are getting for a full sized product!!! We get the price for a full size which is good but it would be nice to know the full sized weight too. Sometimes it is hard to look it up online & it would be nice to have it straight to hand.
So when I tell you what each item is I can tell you full size price & the weight of the size I receive but will have to give you a total cost once I have worked it out. It will exceed what the monthly sub is though!! 

Blanc Cachemire|Crene De Jour Protectrice|Full size £54.75
A lightweight moisturising cream. 
My sample size is 15 ml , so defiantly a nice size to try. I will this as I always need a moisturiser. I hope it isn't any good though because I won't be able to afford a full sized one. 

Dead Sea Spa Magik|Gentle Cleansing Facial Wash| Full size £8.80
Dead sea extracts remove deep-seated impurities, suitable for all skin types.
I have a 25ml tube here so again a nice size to give it a go. Again it will get used as I go through facial stuff like there is no tomorrow.l Jury is out on the smell but until I actually use it to wash with I can't be sure on that. 

The Balm Costmetics| InStain Long Wearing Powder Staining Blush| Full Size £21.50
The only item that got me truly excited. Mine is called Swiss Dot. I'd say quite a lovely coral pink colour. Will definitely use this as I have no products from them & see so many reviews on You Tube etc that I was desperate to give them a go. Its a small sample. 0.018oz to be exact but that's perfect for me because it takes me an age to use up blushers & means I can try it to see how much I like it before I splurge on the full sized.
You don't need a lot of this because it really is a case of a little goes a long way. 

RMK |Creamy Foundation| Full size £35.00
This is probably the only other item I was pleased about. I did not know of RMK before trialing their Cleansing balm (the rose scented one) & I loved it!
I love the square jar & I look forward to trying it. I got  a 15g sample which is a good size to give it a try with. Not sure on a shade but think the number is 103. Not sure I would repurchase at the full amount but you never know. It has an SPF of 15. 

The last of the main items is

VitaBella|Hand Cream| Full size £17.00
This has a really nice scent to it. I use a lot of hand cream so will be interested to try this one. Packed with rosehip oil, aloe vera & hyaluronic acid. It's an 8.5ml tube. Until I give it a proper usage I cannot say whether I would re-purchase. Plenty of hand creams out there that do a good job for less than half the price. Time will tell.

Then we come to the lifestyle extra & I'll say right now. I won't use it.

The Chia Co| Shots|Full size £4.79
Packed with health-boosting omega 3, protein & more. You get some recipe ideas on a couple of leaflets in your box.
Personally I can't see I will use this. 

So overall there are some not bad products here but really nothing that would suggest I would give it another go for any longer. But as I said this is purely my opinion that I would not expect anyone else to agree with. Let me know what you got in your box, what you thought of what you got & what you think of any of the products I have mentioned here. 

Oh & when I get a chance I will sit & do a overall work out of the box contents.

Speak later

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

OOTD - Tuesday 16th July 2013

Appalling photography for which I am sorry. I just forgot to ask the other half to take these before he left for the day.

I am wearing 
Dress - from Very. No longer available but THIS is a similar style just different colour. 
Shoes - Hush Puppies. Also from Very. HERE

Enjoy the sunshine everyone

Love Amanda 

Monday, 15 July 2013

July 2013 GlossyBox - Seaside Splash

At last I have found something to post about. Hurrah. It is a beauty post too. Hurrah x2.

Saturday brought me this months GlossyBox & what a gorgeous box it is.
For those that do not know about Glossybox. It is a monthly subscription service (£10 +P&P - roughly £13 altogether.) The box contains normally 5 beauty items. Some will be full sized, others will be smaller sample sizes. Normally what you receive will far exceed what you paid & right now I think GlossyBox are right on the game with the products they send.

The theme for July is Seaside Splash.

(July GlossyBox. How cute is this box?)

It comes with the usual leaflet. With an introduction from GlossyBox. As well as the details about each item enclosed.  
(I did not want to undo this parcel today as keen as I was to check out the contents.) 

Your perfect "Seaside Splash" summer companion! Forget perfectly primped hair, and instead opt for effortlessly tousled, "just-back-from-the-beach" waves with this weightless mist. Adds texture, volume & healthy shine to all skin types.
To apply :- spray on damp or dry hair from roots to ends and shape with fingers for a loose tousled style. 

 Full size of this is £23.00 for 125 ml. 
My maths ( which is not at all good) works my sample bottle of 25 ml to be around £4.75.

I don't use a lot of products on my hair so unsure if I will use it. I will do a review if I do get round to trying it our though.

Pukka Ayerveda Radiance Serum

Your go-to beauty secret for achieving that highly coveted "summer glow," this wonder serum , enriched with aloe vera and manuka honey, will leave your skin feeling fresh and bright. Gotu kola and lemon balm tone and brighten your complexion , while pukka's signature blend of Ayurvedic herbs to naturally revitalise and restore your skin. Free from parabens, petrochemicals  synthetic fragrances and colours.

To apply :- Apply a thin layer to your face and neck before moisturising.  

Full size is £32.00 for a 50ml tube. This is a 10ml tube so again with dodgy working out I think this tube is worth around £6.40. Which is rather a lot for the size of it!! 

I've only tested it on my hand so far. Not keen on the smell too much as I am not high on herbally scents in my skincare stuff. However , it has left the section on my hand very smooth & soft plus I do love a serum anyway. To be fair also the smell fades nice & quick too. 

Ciate London Paint Pot

We're excited to feature one of our all-time favourite nail brands, Ciate. With a range of on-trend colours, you'll be hitting the beach in style. Ciate's wide range of amazingly pigmented & long lasting shades guarantees a flawless, even finish every time.
The cheery on the top? WE can't get enough of the iconic satin bow gracing each beautifully designed bottle. 

This is a full sized bottle. A 13.5 ml bottle costs £9.

I was really excited by this. I love a good nail polish anyway & really wanted to try some of these after seeing other bloggers etc talk about them. How cute are the bottles? I am a sucker for packaging.
Mine comes in the shade Pocket Money (PP107.) A really nice dusky rose colour. Application is amazing. I have never painted my nails as quick before. I applied it Saturday eve. There are a few chips but that is down to me being a busy mum rather than the polish at fault. I now need to add a few more to my collection. A definite hit with me :-)!

Coola Organic Suncare Collection|Mineral Face SPF 20 Rose Essence Tint

WE love this tough but gentle multi-tasker. Coola Organic's Suncare Collection is hypoallergenic, free from parabens & packed with antioxidants. It provides complete UVA/UVB protection & fights free radicals, while soothing, toning & minimizing pores. Organic Acai Oil delivers powerful anti-ageing benefits , while organic Evening Primrose & Linseed Oils reduce inflammation & balance moisture. 

It says you will have sun protection for 30 minutes after applying. The American Cancer society recommends re-applying every 2 hours whilst in direct sunlight of after swimming/sweating.

Full size 50ml tube is £29.00 .My 7ml is around £4.20.

I have used it because I always apply sunscreen to my face. I don't like it. All i can smell when applying is a horrid plastic smell. YUK! I shall use the tube up as it means I am leaving my beloved Clinique one alone atm but I would not buy a full size of this.


Anatomicals|Spray misty for me facial spritz

Sorry i couldn't find a link for this. I will search again later & try to add.

Anyway  the blurb -
Our current obsession in the Glossy office: ultra-hydrating facial mists = the number one summer essential. This facial spritz with calming lavender & refreshing peppermint extracts helps re-hydrate & calm skin, Wonderful every day, during flights, at the beach, in the city or in the office. We love that this is suitable for all skin types.
To apply : Simply spritz face after cleansing or over make up to refresh & set make up. 

This is full sized. 100ml is £6.00

Not sure about this. I tested it before applying to my face & it was a bad scent at all. But I don't like it when sprayed to my face. TBH i couldn't see what it was meant to do. My face certainly didn't feel better for it, although thankfully the smell seems to go very quickly. I'll probably use it because I don't like to to throw things out & I am not sure who else would use it. 

So totting up the total of this box , it comes in at around £30. Not bad really , although previous months have been better. Quite happy with most items too if I can get over the smell of some too.

Thank you for reading my 1st proper post. Be kind please with any comments as this is my 1st review of any kind. I am interested to hear what other people think of the ones I do like & the ones I am not so sure of.

*NOTE* These are my views only on these products. I am not telling you what you should like as everyone is different.

I will speak to you all soon

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

All About Me

An Introduction

Me & My Family

So, my name is Amanda & I welcome you to my blog.

I am a 30 something (*cough* 39 *cough* almost 40) stay at home mum to 2 lovely (some of the time) boys.
10 year old Bradley (or Brad) is a genius (he does not get this from me) with eyelashes to die for (why DO the male species always seem to have better eyelashes than us females who actually careless?)as well as a love for all things Pokemon (yawn,) Minecraft (yawn) & Inazuma (i am asleep.)
Then we have Finley ( or Fin, Fin Fin, Sod etc.) a cheeky blond haired chappy of almost 3. I can only say about Finley that i highly doubt he will be as easier on his teachers as his older brother has always been.) It is as well that with an 8 year age gap that they will NOT be at school together. Finley interests include tipping his toy box out & throwing said toys around, hitting his older brother & watching Barney the Dinosaur (normally the same episodes which all have Hannah in them - die hard B fans will know who i mean.)
Finley begins pre-school in September ( good luck to the staff is all i have to say) & Bradley will enter year 6 - his final year at primary school.
I am married to Rob. We celebrate our 8th anniversary in October & have enjoyed (?) 17 years together all told. Love him to bits even if at times i would like to chuck his dinner over his head ( am i the only woman who feel like this about their partner? Tell me i am not??!)

Our household is completed by Barney our 15 year old Westie. Bless him he is full of arthritis these days, not sure how much he can see or hear either ( can hear the dog biscuit tin from bottom of the garden though. Hmm) He was enjoying his retirement but then Finley happened & now he tends to live out doors in his kennel until Finley goes to bed. To be fair Finley loves Barney very much. He won't go to bed until he has said good night to all including the dog but like a lot of children his age he doesn't really understand when Barney just wants quiet time.
Lastly 2 guinea pigs ( Tom & Jerry. Very cute but very fat because they live up to the 2nd half of their species very well) & some really naff , boring fish who i wish would just move out so i don't have to keep dusting round them!


I have many interests. My favourite right now is sleep. I sleep when i get the chance - so never atm then :-(! 

But when matchsticks are not needed & motherly/wife duties are not required then I love nothing more than to read. Books, magazines & blogs. The best way to unwind I know. Apart from shopping that is!

I also adore things all beauty. I am no expert & will never claim to be.I just like to wear make up when i can be bothered to put it on. I love skincare, more important than the make up really. You will find me watching Beauty you tubers every opportunity i get. Rob isn't too keen on this as it usually costs him money! 

Music ( a variety) & crafts ( not that i do anything theses days but i had a craft room up til i became pregnant with Finley but happily gave it up so the room could become his. I used to love making cards & doing scrapbooks. One day i will get back to it but due to space & a 2 year old it is not a great mix atm. You can see a few pages over on my other blog 

The Point Of This Blog

It will probably be a little bit of those & a bit of that.
Lots of day to day stuff including probably way too much about my boys. Some days may be about beauty products. Others i may talk about a book i have read or some TV i have seen ( expect lots of talk about Dr Who/David Tennant.)
There may be the occasional picture of things that i have baked but more than likely not ( i love baking but due to an ongoing diet i am having to avoid cakes etc because I WILL eat them!

So, you may or may not find this blog of interest. That is cool because ultimately this was created to give me a space to chat away about anything that is on my mind. I doubt i will post everyday as my life is not that exciting.  But hopefully i will be able to add things of interests a couple of times a week at least. If you do enjoy reading then that is cool too.

I suspect my spelling may be bad in places too. I try to spell check when i remember but some do get through the loop. Sorry for that in advance:-)! 

Now. Enough rambling for the time being.

Speak to you later