Wednesday, 10 July 2013

All About Me

An Introduction

Me & My Family

So, my name is Amanda & I welcome you to my blog.

I am a 30 something (*cough* 39 *cough* almost 40) stay at home mum to 2 lovely (some of the time) boys.
10 year old Bradley (or Brad) is a genius (he does not get this from me) with eyelashes to die for (why DO the male species always seem to have better eyelashes than us females who actually careless?)as well as a love for all things Pokemon (yawn,) Minecraft (yawn) & Inazuma (i am asleep.)
Then we have Finley ( or Fin, Fin Fin, Sod etc.) a cheeky blond haired chappy of almost 3. I can only say about Finley that i highly doubt he will be as easier on his teachers as his older brother has always been.) It is as well that with an 8 year age gap that they will NOT be at school together. Finley interests include tipping his toy box out & throwing said toys around, hitting his older brother & watching Barney the Dinosaur (normally the same episodes which all have Hannah in them - die hard B fans will know who i mean.)
Finley begins pre-school in September ( good luck to the staff is all i have to say) & Bradley will enter year 6 - his final year at primary school.
I am married to Rob. We celebrate our 8th anniversary in October & have enjoyed (?) 17 years together all told. Love him to bits even if at times i would like to chuck his dinner over his head ( am i the only woman who feel like this about their partner? Tell me i am not??!)

Our household is completed by Barney our 15 year old Westie. Bless him he is full of arthritis these days, not sure how much he can see or hear either ( can hear the dog biscuit tin from bottom of the garden though. Hmm) He was enjoying his retirement but then Finley happened & now he tends to live out doors in his kennel until Finley goes to bed. To be fair Finley loves Barney very much. He won't go to bed until he has said good night to all including the dog but like a lot of children his age he doesn't really understand when Barney just wants quiet time.
Lastly 2 guinea pigs ( Tom & Jerry. Very cute but very fat because they live up to the 2nd half of their species very well) & some really naff , boring fish who i wish would just move out so i don't have to keep dusting round them!


I have many interests. My favourite right now is sleep. I sleep when i get the chance - so never atm then :-(! 

But when matchsticks are not needed & motherly/wife duties are not required then I love nothing more than to read. Books, magazines & blogs. The best way to unwind I know. Apart from shopping that is!

I also adore things all beauty. I am no expert & will never claim to be.I just like to wear make up when i can be bothered to put it on. I love skincare, more important than the make up really. You will find me watching Beauty you tubers every opportunity i get. Rob isn't too keen on this as it usually costs him money! 

Music ( a variety) & crafts ( not that i do anything theses days but i had a craft room up til i became pregnant with Finley but happily gave it up so the room could become his. I used to love making cards & doing scrapbooks. One day i will get back to it but due to space & a 2 year old it is not a great mix atm. You can see a few pages over on my other blog 

The Point Of This Blog

It will probably be a little bit of those & a bit of that.
Lots of day to day stuff including probably way too much about my boys. Some days may be about beauty products. Others i may talk about a book i have read or some TV i have seen ( expect lots of talk about Dr Who/David Tennant.)
There may be the occasional picture of things that i have baked but more than likely not ( i love baking but due to an ongoing diet i am having to avoid cakes etc because I WILL eat them!

So, you may or may not find this blog of interest. That is cool because ultimately this was created to give me a space to chat away about anything that is on my mind. I doubt i will post everyday as my life is not that exciting.  But hopefully i will be able to add things of interests a couple of times a week at least. If you do enjoy reading then that is cool too.

I suspect my spelling may be bad in places too. I try to spell check when i remember but some do get through the loop. Sorry for that in advance:-)! 

Now. Enough rambling for the time being.

Speak to you later

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