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Project Pan - August 2013.

I always read or watch these Project Pan things with interest & finally decided I would give it a go myself. I don't own tons & tons of stuff but I am awful for opening & using items but not using up before I start something else.

It is just a small scale pan this time to see how I go. I am NOT including any skincare/eye creams/ lip treatments as I am very good at one using 1 at a time of these items. I am also not including  foundation because with the heat I am not using as much anyway. I am not including things like blushers or eye shadows either this time. 

The plan is to run this for the month of August. I know it is the 28th July today but I won't be around much on the 1st August as we have pre-assessment with Finley at the hospital that morning. Plus the days before are busy too so easy to begin just before August starts. 

Below you can see everything stored in box. There isn't loads here but as I said I want to start off small.It is actually all stuff I do use but not all the time because I am naughty & have several others of each on the go too. Some have lots left & others are almost finished. There is not actually anything here that I don't like this time. I just want to start using things up so I can use other things I have & really to try not to spend so much on multiple "back ups." 

So 1st up is shower gels. These are probably my biggest item that I buy tons of. I must have 6 or 7 others in my drawer to start using plus there are 2 more in the bathroom already open. 
I chose
Lush - Dirty Springwash- I love this! I have not got much left of it though & I am not allowing myself to buy it again until I have used considerably more of the gels I already have. It contains spearmint & menthol. Sometimes those scents have a habit of being over powering but I find with this it is a subtle scent but it lasts for ages. 
Impulse - Hot pink  - I got mine in Poundland about a year ago now but it has sat for that long un-used. It is quite a nice mixture of tropical fruit & floral scents. It is lovely but I am just keen to start using it & being able to get rid of the empty!

I also seem to love body butters right now. I have a few of these as back ups too. So again I picked out 2 to start actually using.

Wilkinsons Mango body butter - I had 2 of these as I got them in a deal & only took a few weeks to use the 1st one up. But then rather than just open up 1 to use , i now have about 3 open. These Wilkos ones only have a 6 month shelf life & I am not sure how accurate that would be so as there is still a lot of it left I need to crack on with it!

Superdrug Cranberry & Pomegranate body butter - I only used this twice I think but I actually think it is because it smells AMAZING & I don't want to finish it up!! It reminds me if Angel Delight. But use it I must.

Next we come to BB cream, primers & concealer. As I say I am not using much foundation atm so I either don't bother with anything or just use a BB cream & concealer.

Rimmel London Fix & Perfect Primer  - yes it's good, I don't know that is the best I have for the job though. It at least doesn't leave my face feeling greasy after applying. It sinks in quite quick. However it is nearly used up & so I thought I would include it so that I can throw it away soon.

Rimmel London - Exaggerate Undercover Shadow Primer - I do like this & I would repurchase when I have used my others up. 

Garnier BB cream|Mircale Skin Protector - mine is in light. I love it. It is for combination to oily skin & seems to sit so well on my face. Sometimes I just don't bother with foundation at any time of year because I find this works so well on its own. I'm not sure how much is left although I have had it a while now & I try to use it a couple of times a week.

Collection 2000 Concealer Lasting Perfection Medium - Yeh this rocks. Everyone always raves about it so I doubt there is anything more I can add. I already have a back up of this but I have opened NYX one I need to finish before I am allowed to touch the new one!

Then lastly I have 2 mascaras. Actually these are the only 2 I have open besides my Clinique bottom lash mascara ( which doesn't count.) However I lots of others ready to take over. 

Rimmel London Scandaleyes Mascara in Extreme Black -Didn't like this when I first got it. large brush usually equals disaster for me. However after a few uses maybe the brush improved & I actually love it now. I've had it open now for about 3 months so although this says a shelf life of 12 months I think it needs to go soon. 

Benefit Bad Gal Lash mascara - not 100% on this one. I have a little tube of it though that I got in a  set with some other things.It has another big brush , which as this is only a small size seems too much anyway.It does the job OK but I would juts like to use it up. 

So I will alternate between these 2 for the next month.

So, that is my project pan for the next month. How it will go I have no idea.I will just use all that I can & hope that come August I have a few empties to show you.So I will do that on the 31st August or thereabouts.
If it goes OK then I will continue with new items in September.

Tell me if you are doing something similar. Let me know how it is going or how it went. Also let me know if you have used any of these items I have mentioned & your thoughts on them too.

Talk to you later
Amanda xx

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