Friday, 31 January 2014

What's In My Shower/Bath

Time for what I use in the shower or bath. Generally I am a bath kind of gal even though my time is limited I would still rather run a bath than jump in the shower.


Generally there is not much time so about once a week I will treat myself to a bubble bath - this last no longer than a normal bath but for 5 minutes I am transported away from the cooking cleaning etc blah. My current fave to use is No 7 Bath Soak. I got this in the huge set I got with Xmas money & it is divine. Smells amazing & the bubbles are the softest I have ever know.

Hair washing

I used to wash my hair almost on a daily basis. But with the use of dry shampoo I am managing to cut it to around 3 x a week ( more in the summer though when it is hot.) I mostly use a 2 in 1 as yet again the life of a mum is so sparse in time that using separates just does not happen often. Plus I can get quite lazy & would rather have the extra few minutes I get from not using a separate conditioner to lie back & enjoy the bath a bit! My current 2 in 1 is VO5 Revive Me. Only a £1 (from Poundland) & does a great job. I do like the VO5 range anyway.

Then once a week I use a conditioning mask. I shampoo 1st ( right now I am using & liking Avon Advance Techniques With Moroccan Argan Oil.) I then follow it with the Toni & Guy deep conditioning mask for Brunettes. You apply it & then leaver in for 3 - 5 mins. I love this stuff. I have got another ready to go as I like it that much.

Body Wash

I have a light addiction to shower gels etc. As can be seen HERE. Having 3 on the go then is not such a big thing. These 3 are all in use although the Original Source in Pink Grapefruit is a newcomer to the mix. I'm trying to hold on to the festive season with Cranberry Joy from The Body Shop & I am still using a previous favourite in the Mango & Papaya shower gel from I Love Cosmetics.

Once a week I also use a body scrub. Right now I am using one from Sanctuary. I don't like it that much but it is only a small sized so will be used quite quickly.

Body Lotion

I've included this Pistachio Sundae Body Butter from Nip & Fab because I only as a rule apply this after a bath or shower. I find some fragrances can over power a bit much & as I love my perfumes for day time then these are no good for day wear. Plus as I tend to shower later in the day I can pop a lotion on & no that I am probably going straight to bed almost & so it does not matter if it has not dried by then. It is difficult to find in the large tub although Look Fantastic have the small tub. I got mine from Savers though so maybe worth a look if you have one close by.

I was not 100% sure on this when I 1st opened it. Very strong on opening. However once rubbed in , it becomes really subtle & now I love it.

I hope you enjoyed reading this. If you would like more info on a product then please do let me know.

Amanda x

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Make & Bake Time || Oat & Chocolate Slice

From time to time at Finley's pre-school the parents committee ( or Friends of... as we are actually called) hold a parents coffee morning within the pre-school site. This is run free of charge for parents & carers & their children /charges. We supply tea/ coffee, squash & just as importantly cake! I try each time to get my baking skills in to play here as I do enjoy making them even if they don't actually taste very good.

We won't have one now til next term but I thought I would give a practice run to some of cakes & bakes I am thinking of using for next time.  

The original recipe requires walnuts but tbh I am not keen & also the pre-school environment is now a totally nut-free place. 

Serves 24. Prep time of 15 minutes with coking time of 20 minutes.

Thanks for reading
Amanda x

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

You Tube Favourites

Here are my top You Tubers as promised. I have split them in to 2 categories as I wanted to do Beauty tubers & a separate one for vlogs ( real life/ day in the life type videos.) There are 5 in each category. 

Like the blog reading I do these people again are those I think I could get on with well in real life - seriously in some cases I would like to move in ( well only in a non stalker kind of way mind..)

Lets start with the Beauty Vloggers.
 As I said with the beauty & fashion blogs,they are not all about how much things cost. More to do with reviews & the best places to get the deals. There is the videos about dupes for higher end products. My favourite type of beauty vlog interestingly tends to be the product empties. I used to prefer the monthly favourites but quickly realised the empties were much more useful as I think it can be surprising how your opinion can change ( good or bad) over the course of using a product. Tutorials are great too. As someone who has only recently got back into make-up in a big way & as such am still very unconfident in what I do , they are great at showing you how to apply things. Yes there are You Tubers out there who do tend to feature more high end products but again I like these too because this way you get a chance to have a review on the product before you spend the money on something that is possibly not for you.

Essiebutton - I talked about her blog last week. This week comes her beauty channel. Essie ( Estee) was the 1st channel I ever watched on You Tube & interestingly it was an empties & I remember wondering why I had not known about this type of thing before. Estee stood out because well she is very funny in her own way & I always love her videos for the relaxed atmosphere about them. Almost like you are having a catch up over a coffee of something. I have been known to actually spend money after watching her videos though so I suspect my husband wishes I did not watch them. lol.

Samantha When Flowers Fall - I 1st came across Sam on her blog.Then one day I noticed a link to one of her beauty videos. Hooked again & again another down to earth person. Having watched her daily vlogs DAILY JONES too that she has with her other half  Liam I can tell she is just who she is. A very likable person. 

Nicknak1171 - I want to go shopping with Nicky!
The lady actually does not live too far away from me so not as far fetched as that sounds. I love the way Nicky seems to be able to spot a bargain. You won't find much higher end stuff on her channel so anyone who loves make-up but does not have the budget for the more expensive stuff then this lady you need to see. You will find all sorts of beauty related videos including hauls, favourites, tutorials & Empties. A lot of reviews too. Every Friday she does a chitchat video. Make sure you bring a drink of some kind along to watch as it will be just like catching up with an old friend.

Miss Budget Beauty / Diary Of A Spendaholic - Khila as recently set up a 2nd beauty channel. The original Miss Budget Beauty tends to cater for those on a lower budget. Greatly down to earth again & her knowledge on products is great. The 2nd channel was set up so that she could talk more about the higher end side of things & to keep MBB clear for the original viewers of the channel. Both definitely worth a look. Her vlog channel is Meet The McCools. Sometimes she will vlog daily. Others only now & then. This covers her day to day life. Chats on the walk to work as well as watching her little son Milo over & over again. 

Melissa Raymond - It was difficult to choose this last one as so many could take this spot over & over again. I chose Melissa though because seriously if you wake up miserable you just need to watch her channel & you will soon be perky again. From the US so some of the products are not so easily accessible here. However , I generally watch for the way Melissa puts things across. Such an amazing character & full of life. I always come away smiling.

So , now lets move on to the Vloggers. Some are daily vloggers & other only blog on occasions. 

thewittfamily - Claire came up in my favourite blogs & I love her 2 You Tube channels just as much. I absolutely adore her vlog channel. She has 2 very lovely children & I always enjoy the day in the life vlogs she puts up a couple of times a week. She always shares the family meals for the week, which I find so useful for inspiration. So relaxing to watch as Claire is who she is (ie lovely,) & that very much comes across in everything she does 

essie-butteonvlogs - Estee again & this time she is joined by Aslan & Reggie. Vlogs following their day to day life as well as any day trips or holidays they take too. Tending the vlog probably 2/3 times a week I always love seeing one appear in my subs box as I know I am in for a treat. The dynamics of Estee & Aslan is amazing.They complement each other so very well that it is always a pleasure to watch. Now too I tune in to see antics of Reggie their rescued greyhound ( Reggie-cam is a must to catch if you can.) 

theshuermanshow - The Shuermans were one of the 1st vlogs I started to watch as before I was abit like "why would I want to watch someone going about their day to day life. Something about this family from America that reeled me in. Following the life of Sam , her husband Jay as well as their 2 children Phoenix & Lily , not forgetting their doggy Moo too I cannot generally go a day without making sure I have seen their latest vlog. They post daily & thus you see them at home, out & about shopping ( whether for food, beauty or other,) holidays & much more. Sam also has a BEAUTY CHANNEL as well as a MOMMY channel. Make sure you check them out.

saccone-jolys - Now this is the family I want to live with. A house of madness that is similar to my own. This probably what I love about it. Jonathan ( or Joffee,) Anna ( ANNA SACCONE,) 1 year old Emilia & the 6 ( yes 6!) Maltese terriers. Another daily vlog & another that I hate missing so I am sure to catch up as soon as I can. They will be joined early this year with a baby brother ( as yet unnamed) for Emilia.

elaine jones - What is not to love about Elaine. Probably one of my all time favourites. Right now she vlogs every day as she did in 2013. Mostly day to day stuff at home , in the car etc. More towards chatting & there are some hauls as well as stuff to do with Slimming world. Such a lovely girl! 

So there concludes my top You Tube Channels. I could honestly go on longer as here are many more too.

Thanks for reading
Amanda xxx

Monday, 27 January 2014

A Day Out In London With Hubby | Theatre | Shopping | Mini "The Pass" Review

Saturday saw me heading on an expedition to London with Rob. I always love these days out because we don't often get whole days to ourselves right now.

We did not catch a train until 10:40 am but living as close to the station as we do ( 5 mins) & only 45 mins roughly to London we  not only made it to Victoria train station but also our destination of Sloane Square too within around an hour! 

The play we were going to see did not start until 3 so we had plenty of time to have a wander down Kings Road. Only 2 stops were on my lost of places to visit. Below you can see the places I made visits too on our day out. 

The lady at Space NK who sold me my Nars items was lovely. She really took the time to show me the products & pick out what she thought was best for my skin. 
Also they were nice in Mac too. I have only ever purchased stuff from them online before & having heard the stories of stuck up stuff in store I was little bit nervous to say the least. I need not have worried. they were really nice & helpful. 

We also nipped into Cath Kidston too ( this was the 2nd must visit on my list) to grab some vouchers for my mums birthday! I very nearly bought a bag instead for her but was not 100% sure which it was she wanted ( I just knew it had birds on it) & actually think she will enjoy buying her own anyway!!

After that we were starving so went for lunch in Pizza Express. This always seems to be a favourite of ours when visiting somewhere. Probably because I know what I can eat for sure there & it is always really lovely food. Plus they were super quick as I hate waiting round too long.

It was after that we nipped across the road into Mac. 

***Let me know if you want to see a haul post ***

Then it was time to get to The Royal Court

Performed in the Jerwood Theatre Upstairs - anyone who has been there will know what an amazing place it is. This is only my 2nd play here & I was as enthralled with it as I was the 1st time around 5 years ago.

Written by John Donnelly 

It is a story set over 12 years in 3 different hotel rooms. It begins with Jason & Ade as young rising footballers living the dream - goals, girls & glory.

Starring Russell Tovey of Being Human / Gavin & Stacey fame as well as Gary Carr, Nico Mirallegro & Lisa McGrillis. 


This won't be an amazing review I must say before I go on. I am no good at that. This is just my own personal thoughts with not much detail!! lol!
I was captivated from the word go. Amazing how small the set is & with only 4 cast members they had a lot of work to do. They did it fantastically. I am a huge fan of Russell Tovey & he did not disappoint in this play that went on for around 2 & half hours including an interval. The age guidance for this is 14+ which with the swearing & semi nudity ( bottoms only I might add!! shame...) is just as well!!! It is very funny & those hours went by very quickly.

Afterwards I was waiting outside to see Russell. I have met him twice before & I adore him. For once not because I fancy him but because I think he is just the nicest guy in real life.

I did not have to wait long as I spotted him coming down the stairs with Lisa in to the bar. We were with him for only 5 mins or so to get a photo & a quick chat. As usual he was a darling & happy to spend time talking to us. I look a bit odd in this photo but then I think I had just said " I feel so short!" lol!! 
I told him it won't matter what he does he will always be "George" to me ( only BH fans will get this one!!) which is interesting really as I 1st saw him in Doctor Who as Midshipman Frame!

So, we left him in peace & made our way outside. A quick wander back to Muji  as I wanted to get some Acrylic storage items & thought it would save me an online order! Just as well I did as some of the things I had looked at online were not quite what I had been looking for!

Time then to head home to the boys because my parents were looking after them but would not want to have been too late home.

I was exhausted , we both were but we had also had an amazing day!!

The Pass runs until 1st March. Tickets £20 ( Mondays All Seats £10.) I want to go again!!!

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Current Skincare Plus Feet & Hands

Over the next 10 days I am going to do 3 posts all told covering my current go to skincare, shower/bath care & make-up with you. It is another area I find interesting myself when reading others blog posts or watching on YT as it is another way of finding out new products etc.

Today I am starting with skincare. I am also including lips, hands & feet.

Morning Routine

My morning routine generally starts with me using a facial wash of some kind. Right now I am mixing it up with 3 different ones. That is I use one of these 3 daily, not all 3 at once. That would be just silly! Right I am using Garnier Pure Active Daily Energising Gel Wash , Soap & Glory Peaches & Clean 4 in 1 Wash Off Deep Cleansing Milk ( although you cannot seem to buy that & now have to get the 3 in 1 instead,) & Clinique Liquid Facial Soap ( Oily formula.) I don't have oily skin though , more a combination, it was just the gift that came with a purchase. 

Next I then apply a Nivea lip balm. Just the basic one right now.

If i have time ( well if I remember anyway) I use Soap & Glory Heel Genius on my feet too.

Evening Routine

The evening routine begins with the removing of the eye make-up. I am currently using Clarins Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover.I love it & shall probably cry when I finish it - which won't be long as I am not allowed to buy anymore.

Next I take a make-up wipe ( any as I use different ones so never the same) & remove most of my make-up. I then apply the Clarins One-Step facial Cleanser. With its Orange Extracts I am transported to paradise for a short time! The eye dream makes its 2nd appearance of the day. Then I use the No 7 Intense Night Cream & Clarins Extra - Firming Neck Anti-Wrinkle Cream.
Then I use the LUSH lip scrub in Bubblegum

Bedtime Routine

I use the foot lotion again from Soap & Glory. Then apply hand cream. Right now I am either using Caudalie hand cream or the Vita Bella hand cream. Whichever takes my mood. The Vita Bella is only a sample pack so I will be sad when it has gone as I do not need to buy anymore!!

Weekly Skincare

Lastly once to twice a weekly I will use a mask. Depends how tired I am as usually by the time Finley goes to bed I can just about manage to do a quick strip of the make-up before just cosying up in my pjs with a book. 

I am using a LUSH one right now in Sacred Truth. I am also trying to use up the Clinique anti-blemish solutions oil-control cleansing mask too.

So that brings us to the end. It does seem an awful lot. But we already know I am obsessed don't we?

Thanks for reading
Amanda x

Saturday, 25 January 2014

January 2014 | Glossybox

I had only really subbed to Glossybox again for their Christmas box but decided to continue again for this month just out of curiosity. As soon as the money was taken for this box I went & cancelled my subscription again.

I have got to be honest & say I am glad I have done so. I am totally unimpressed with this box. None of it inspires me whatsoever. The box seems to be horrid shiny & cheap. Just NO!!

let's go through the items. As usual I will pop up the price of the item included as well as the full size price. I will then tot it up at the end ( believe me it is pants!)

First is the Balance Me Super Toning Body Wash. I have had this before & hated it so it will be either being passed on to a friend or into a charity bag.

The full size of this is £10.25 for 250 ml ( although the Balance Me website says it is actually 260 ml.) My little 50 ml bottle comes in at around £2.05.

Next is Vaseline Essential Moisture Lotion  . I will use this at some point. I do like Vaseline stuff so as I have not tried this before I am quite keen to do so.

Full size is 400 ml for £4.99. I have a 50 ml size here coming it at just 70p!!!

Anatomicals Puffy The Eye Bag Slayer Wake Up Under Eye Patches. Whilst I have never thought to give these a try these are definitely something I will certainly do so. I am not sure why they could not have made this a full size prodcut though. Baffles me slightly.

Full size details - pack of 3 for £6. I have 2 so make that £4.

Seriously I couldn't even be bothered to take photos individually of the last items.

The Vintage Cosmetics Company Floral Slanted Tweezers. I just sold a pair of these as I just won't use them!! 

£8 for these! 

Last but not least 

x 2 Yu-Be Moisturising Skin Cream - I have had this before. Probably in Birch box. I won't use them but Rob will as he gets bad dry cracked hands with his work. It is good he does as otherwise I would have no use for them.

A full size 33g tube is £13.50. So my 3g tube is around £1.20. I have 2 so make that £2.40.

I think you can tell by my lack of detail about the items that I am suitably unimpressed this month.

The total overall then is by my calculations £17.15. That is just crap.Whilst it stills comes in over the price of the box ( £10 + postage.) I think this box is just diabolical. 

One of the things I like about Glossybox is that they tend to include many more full sized products but this was just terrible. I for one am glad I am not having anymore & if this was my 1st ever box I would be really disappointed by the contents. 

Of course this is totally my own opinion & I do not expect others to agree with me at all. Let me know your thoughts if you have any. 

Many thanks for reading
Amanda x

Friday, 24 January 2014

In Which My Will Power Goes Out The Window ( More Haulage!)

This is it for the beauty hauls now. Enough is enough & it is time to stop the spending. because lets face it I clearly do not need all these items!!!! I have a few clothing hauls coming up in a few weeks but this will mainly cater for our summer hols so I don't feel as guilty about those hauls! 

The Body Shop had some codes going on at the weekend. You could get up to a whipping £25 off a £50 order. There was 1 for £10 off when you spend £25 & £5 off when spending £15. This is now ended but there is still a 30% off sale going on so definitely worth a look.

In this order I got 
Satsuma Body Butter (200ml) - I really don't need anymore but I love the Satsuma scent so went with it as it will get used eventually.

Cranberry Joy Shower Gel (250ml) - I already have one of these but i ordered another to put away to use when the festive season comes around again.

Olive Gift Set - contains 2 x Olive shower gel (small) & a small body puff. Never tried the Olive range so keen to give it a go.

Peppermint Foot Treatment (100ml) - I am always using foot creams & can use the stuff like it goes out of fashion.

Cranberry Hand Cream (30ml) - I don't need anymore hand cream but again I am going to pop it away ready for later this year.

Grapefruit Body Puree ( 250ml) - I love the smell of Pink Grapefruit. The Body Shop seems so much more a vibrant scent than other brands of pink grapefruit items. I don't as a rule like anything too zesty but this hits just the right notes.

Satsuma Shower Gel (250ml) - Because I don't have enough shower gels & needed the shower gel to go with the body butter ( even though I probably won't use them together anyway! )

Pink Grapefruit Shower Gel (250ml) _ I got 2 of these as I am expecting to love it that much but not want to get the huge bottle.


Then we have a small order from Origins.

I got the
Ginzing Energy-boosting Moisturiser - I am looking forward to trying this shortly as I am nearly out of my Clinique one & think this can jump to the front of the queue!!

My 2 sample items were

Plantscription Anti-aging serum

Ginzing Eye Cream 

That's it! Somebody stop me please!!! I am a danger when using the internet, i really am.

Thanks for reading
Amanda xx

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Ocado Shop | Jan 22, 2014

This is my Ocado shop for Wednesday 22nd Jan, 2014.

Top pic - Frozen/ For the Freezer

Waitrose Pain Aux Raisins ( x 2 packs.) Ocado Chicken Breast Chunks. Ocado Meatballs ( 2 packs of 12 for £4. Usual price £3 each.) Ocado Lean Beef Strips.
Waitrose Smoked Lardons ( x 2 packs.)

Photo 2 - Chilled & Veg

Ocado Spring Greens. 4 x 1 Litre Apple Juice. Lye Cross Farm Organic Medium Cheddar. Spinach ( 2 packs. £1 each. Usually £1.50.) Cherry Tomatoes. Ocado Ham. Waitrose Onions.

Photo 3 - Cupboard Items

Ricicles ( 2 boxes. £2 each. Usually £2.79.) Ocado Potatoes. Crisps ( Walkers all 2 for £3.) Waitrose Choc Chip Digestives ( 2 packs. Bought some last week in error but the family love them so much I have had to get more!) Go Ahead yoghurt bars ( 2 boxes. £1 each. Usually £2.69 each.) Schwartz sachets ( 2 Spaghetti carbonara / 1 chilli con carne.) Dolmio White Sauce ( 2 jars. £1 each. usually £1.50 each.) Cirio Chopped Toms x 4 ( £2. Usually £4.) Waitrose Easy Peelers. Princes Corned Beef. Bear Yo-yo ( x 5. 5 for £2. Usually 60p each.)

Last Photo - Bathroom Items

Colgate Toothpaste. 3 boxes. Usually £1.95 each. Offer on was Buy 2 add 3rd free. Gillette Venus Spa Breeze Razor. 

This was the 1st week were I had one item not sent as they had no sub but this week I made a whopping £17 in savings anyway so I am very happy indeed!

Thanks for reading

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Top 5 Bloggers

Today I am sharing with you my Top 5 Bloggers. hard to whittle it down to just 5 & they are actually in no real order as I love reading them all just as much. It is really important to me to read blogs that are down to earth & not all about how much things cost. I want to feel we could chat over a cup of coffee & become friends too. 

Mainly a beauty & fashion theme as that is my current loves.

Lets start with 

The Witt Family - this is really the only no beauty or fashion I am including. Filled with recipes, day to day family life & others. I find it a real treat to read. Claire also has You Tube Channels. XCountryClairesLovesX aimed at the Beauty & fashion side & also Thewittfamily where you will find day in the life vlogs, as well as meals of the week, grocery hauls & other things. 

Essie-Button - I love Essie. An amazing beauty guru who was actually the 1st beauty you-tuber I watched back in January 2013 ( a product empties for anyone wondering.) I love her style of putting her topics across whether is is beauty items ( I spend a lot of money sometimes after watching her videos) or the daily vlogs she does with her other half Aslan & their gorgeous new addition Reggie the greyhound. Very down to earth kinda gal. I love that.

Style Guile - The 1st fashion blog I started to read a couple of years ago . Some people moan about these "type" of blogs as they feel it is just woman showing off what they spend on clothes. I do not see it that way. For me it is about getting ideas of ways to wear things. usually I will see something that Beth from Style Guile is showing in a post & think how can I create similar without the price tag. Not that Beth is ever showing things way past my budget but the amount of times I have seen an outfit & been able to recreate it either cheaper or with what I already is actually high. For instance I fell in love with a blue spotty dress from Hobbs but with a price tag of over £100 in the sale it was not an option for me. However a quick Google search brought up a dress quite similar from Tesco for just £13. Personally I think anyone who thinks negatively about these blogs is the one with the problem. 

School Gate Style - Similar to Beth & another that others do not always agree with. I adore Avril. Like Beth, she shows me ways of wearing my own clothes a hopefully better way. As both woman are mums too & have that really lovely down to earth vibe I find myself time & time again looking their way for inspiration.

Lastly but by no means least 

Sprinkle Of Glitter - I adore Louise so much. Her blogs cover a few subjects including beauty , fashion , as well as her little darling baby glitter who is the cutest child ever ( after mine of course!) I watch her You Tube videos & laugh out loud as she is so funny. her way of saying things is like no one else I know.

So that comes to the end. I have not included You Tube addresses for some as next week I will be doing a You Tubers version of this & will include them then. Of course a quick search will bring them up if you can't wait that long.

Thanks for reading.

Amanda x

Monday, 20 January 2014

So.... This Happened | A LUSH Purchase

This was not meant to happen!! But happen it it did & I did technically need some new bath bombs as I had run out.

In my package was ...

Dirty Springwash shower gel. Just a 100g as I don't really need it but I so love this scent!

Big blue bath bomb

The Comforter Bubble Bar ( the purpley pink one at the top. Literally smells LUSH!

A French Kiss ( x 2) bubble bar

Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment Luxury bath Melt ( the pink one on bottom right.)

You've Been Mangoes Luxury Bath Melt

The Sacred Truth Fresh Face Mask 

For someone who needed bath bombs I seem to have NOT ordered many. Oh well.

All can be found HERE.

Thanks for reading yet another haul. I seriously do not shop this much. You can tell the weather is rubbish so when alone all there is to do is internet shop. That's my excuse & I shall stick to it!!

Amanda xx

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Haul - The Final Part | Clarins | Nars | eBay

Here apparently is my "final" haul. Well I suppose it is for the time being although I do have a small clothing haul to put up as well when I can be bothered to sort out photos etc. For anyone rolling their eyes because this clearly is NOT my final haul I must defend myself & say most of the clothes I have bought are in anticipation of a proper holiday in the sun later this year so they will get put away ready for when needed.

So on wards with this haulage post. Today is brought to you from Clarins, Nars (my very 1st Nars purchase) & eBay. 

Starting with Clarins.

As always I got to choose some samples along with my main purchase. 

My full sized purchase is the Eye Contour Balm. I am always up for giving other eye creams a try so thought it was time. It smells divine as only Clarins things can of course!

My sample items were

Pore Minimizing Serum - this is a 3ml sample. Again looking forward to giving it a whirl as I do like a nice serum. It has a really subtle smell to it.

Eau des Jardins | Uplifting Shower Gel - A 10 ml sample. I have not tried anything in this range before so thought I would see what I thought of it. 

Next in my haul we have this small purchase from NARS. This was my 1st time using NARS & I have to say I am not 100% sure I was happy with things. Don't get me wrong the product "Orgasm" blush is gorgeous & it has arrived in a good time considering it came from France. However, my main quibble was that I had no email from them to say it had been dispatched - although the email I got on day of purchase told me that an email would come with an update. I was not peeved about the time as knowing it was coming from overseas you can't expect next day delivery. It was more lack of communication. An email to them late last week just enquiring as nearly a week after I ordered it with no communication was a little worrying. Apart from a bog standard email to say email received that was it. I would have emailed again today except it has just arrived with it. So not exactly a major problem more annoying.

Anyway I cannot wait to give this a try. The photo shows it as pinky pink but it definitely more an orangey pink. The swatch I did comes off as a very pale peach colour ( not shown as you would not see it at all.) Stunning.


Last but by no means least a little purchase from eBay THIS SELLER to be precise. A friend On FB had purchased one & as I like my lists etc & love doing weekly meal planning then I needed one too. there area few different designs. I wanted Owls naturally but they were sold out so I went with the teapot instead. I can now plan our meals in style!!

Thank you as always for taking time out to read my posts. I really do appreciate it.

Amanda x

BTW! This is not my last haul. I totally lied & I totally suck at not buying things! More coming from Body Shop & Origins soon!!

Friday, 17 January 2014

What's In My Bag | Tag

I see this tag around on the internet a lot & thought i would give it ago. I really like watching these kind of things on You Tube & blog posts so hopefully you do to.

My bag right now is the 

The strap can be moved up higher but as I like my bag to be as safe as possible & this does not have a zip then I have it on the lower ones to be able to fold it over. The adjustable strap is nice & easy to use & being able to put across body is perfect wherever I go especially with Finley in tow. It has one zipped pocket on the back. Plus 2 open pockets inside which I put things like my phone & car keys in.

So in picture one we have my diaries ( because it was still just December when I took the photos so I still had my old one.)The 2013 was from Card factory I think & my new one is from Wilkinson ( I think.) I love it as it has tons of space for note taking as well. When you like lists like I do then you need it!  Also my address book which is an Emma Bridgewater one. I got it off a friend a couple of years ago though so not sure if you can still get it. The purple notebook came from Tesco. I use this for note taking at various committee meetings for school /pre-school.

The 2nd photo in picture one contains my new Cath Kidston purse. My drivers license, a headband, my hair brush & the brown envelope contains all the letter I receive from my hospital. I probably don't need to carry this all the time but if it is in my bag I know where it is & so when I have a query at an appointment I can hopefully find the relevant letter.

The next picture then is a make-up bag. It is a Clinique one that I got as a free gift earlier this year. It does not contain a lot of actual make-up mind!!
The boring stuff in contains is cotton buds, a safety pin , pain killers, Rennies & cleansing wipes.
The compact mirror with a "Barney" on I do not know where it came from. It was gift a few years ago. Nivea lip balm. The 2 lipsticks are Revlon Colorstay in Socialite (025) & Maybelline Color Sensation in Velvet Beige (630.) I don't use these very often as they don't last long enough for my liking but are perfect when I want a quick top up on a long day out. I probably should switch them over to something else though & include them in a project pan instead! 

This last photo is definitely self explanatory. I am a woman ( of course) & I also have children including a just toilet trained 3 year old. I will need a bag big enough for these items for a long time to come I would think.

Thank you for reading. Leave links here if you have similar posts or videos for me to see.

Amanda xx

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Groceries | 15/01/14 | Ocado

Ocado Groceries for 15th January 2014

Mushrooms. Spinach ( x2. £1 per pack. Usually £1.50 per pack.)) Ocado Cooked Ham. Cauli/Broc florets.White Gem Lettuce. Ocado Royal Gala Apples 99p ( usual price is £1.99.)
Pain Au Raisin ( frozen.) Peppers ( x2 lots of 4.)Frubes ( half price so paid £2 instead of 3.) Cherry Toms ( 2x large packs because Brad eats these like they go out of fashion!) White cabbage. Fine green beans. Beef strips. 

Apple Juice ( 4 x 1 litre.) Apple Juice ( 3 x 3 small packs.) Ecover Fabric Conditioner ( Amongst The Flowers.)Kipling Cakes ( Lemon slices & chocolate slices - on offer at £1 per pack. Usual price is £1.59. ) 2 X Bourbon biscuits. 1 pack Malted Milks. 2 packs choc chip digestives. Go Ahead yogurt bars , half price. £1.39 (Usually £1.2.69) Weight Watchers naan bread, £1 ( Usually £1.35.) 
2 x packs of coca cola ( 150ml cans / 12 per box. Buy 2 for £7. Usually £4.19 each.)
Walkers ( any 2 for £3.) I got 4 packs. 
Frazzles. Mini Poppadoms. 

This week I saved almost £13. £10 on the groceries plus a small voucher code I had too. A bonus was that my delivery was an hour earlier too which made my day slightly easier to get through as it seemed rather hectic yesterday!

No subs either I might add. I have not had any at all since I started using them!!

Amanda xx

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

January Project Pan | Mid Way Update

As promised here is the mid point update for my January Project Pan - details of items included with links can be found HERE.

In the photo above we have the empties. 

Clinique turnaround body lotion - all used up. I love this so sad it cannot be bought anymore. Always find it sinks in well. Leave my skin feeling really nice & a very subtle scent to it. I found it ideal for daytime use as it did not over power my perfume like some can do. 

Rimmel Bronzer - I hit major pan on this & my brush does not want to know about getting the product from the edges so in the bin it is going. Love it. I would buy it again but have several other bronzers that I really should use up 1st or at least dig into.

Lastly the Clinique lipstick in All Heart. Not technically an empty because I did not use it up. I was doing quite well with it but then as you can see from the photo I managed to break it. Now it is useless. Even If i could , I would not buy this again. Very pretty colour & nice on the lips if you only apply it once! However I found I had to keep re-applying several times a day because it would go from my lips so quickly. Thus it did make my lips feel dry if applying more than once or twice. We all know I am fussy when it comes to my lip products though.


So that means we are left with 7 items to use up before the end of the month. 

In the case of the Bourjois foundation & OPI nail polish I can definitely see me using them up. There is not a lot of uses left in the foundation & I think only one more application of the polish.
The MUA polish may well get binned before the end. I have used it & I don't think there is a lot of product left but I am finding it quite watery despite shaking the bottle like I usually would before applying. 

The blusher looks barely used even though I have every day. The Revlon lip butter is similar to the Clinique & just does not last long enough so I have almost given up using it unless I know I am only leaving the house for half hour. For lips I have just gone back to my trusty Maybelline colorstay. 

Then the Champneys spritz lotion also looks like I have barely used it since I took the photo. I have used it most days but not a dent. 

The bottom lash mascara I cannot say. For a small pot it seems to have a "bottom-less" pit too so time will tell about this!

So overall looking at the half way mark this PP is not going to be as successful as the last one I did. I am probably just a bit too ambitious with the items I chose for this one. Still there is half a month to go yet so we can see how I actually do then.

Thanks for reading
Amanda x