Friday, 31 January 2014

What's In My Shower/Bath

Time for what I use in the shower or bath. Generally I am a bath kind of gal even though my time is limited I would still rather run a bath than jump in the shower.


Generally there is not much time so about once a week I will treat myself to a bubble bath - this last no longer than a normal bath but for 5 minutes I am transported away from the cooking cleaning etc blah. My current fave to use is No 7 Bath Soak. I got this in the huge set I got with Xmas money & it is divine. Smells amazing & the bubbles are the softest I have ever know.

Hair washing

I used to wash my hair almost on a daily basis. But with the use of dry shampoo I am managing to cut it to around 3 x a week ( more in the summer though when it is hot.) I mostly use a 2 in 1 as yet again the life of a mum is so sparse in time that using separates just does not happen often. Plus I can get quite lazy & would rather have the extra few minutes I get from not using a separate conditioner to lie back & enjoy the bath a bit! My current 2 in 1 is VO5 Revive Me. Only a £1 (from Poundland) & does a great job. I do like the VO5 range anyway.

Then once a week I use a conditioning mask. I shampoo 1st ( right now I am using & liking Avon Advance Techniques With Moroccan Argan Oil.) I then follow it with the Toni & Guy deep conditioning mask for Brunettes. You apply it & then leaver in for 3 - 5 mins. I love this stuff. I have got another ready to go as I like it that much.

Body Wash

I have a light addiction to shower gels etc. As can be seen HERE. Having 3 on the go then is not such a big thing. These 3 are all in use although the Original Source in Pink Grapefruit is a newcomer to the mix. I'm trying to hold on to the festive season with Cranberry Joy from The Body Shop & I am still using a previous favourite in the Mango & Papaya shower gel from I Love Cosmetics.

Once a week I also use a body scrub. Right now I am using one from Sanctuary. I don't like it that much but it is only a small sized so will be used quite quickly.

Body Lotion

I've included this Pistachio Sundae Body Butter from Nip & Fab because I only as a rule apply this after a bath or shower. I find some fragrances can over power a bit much & as I love my perfumes for day time then these are no good for day wear. Plus as I tend to shower later in the day I can pop a lotion on & no that I am probably going straight to bed almost & so it does not matter if it has not dried by then. It is difficult to find in the large tub although Look Fantastic have the small tub. I got mine from Savers though so maybe worth a look if you have one close by.

I was not 100% sure on this when I 1st opened it. Very strong on opening. However once rubbed in , it becomes really subtle & now I love it.

I hope you enjoyed reading this. If you would like more info on a product then please do let me know.

Amanda x

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