Monday, 20 January 2014

So.... This Happened | A LUSH Purchase

This was not meant to happen!! But happen it it did & I did technically need some new bath bombs as I had run out.

In my package was ...

Dirty Springwash shower gel. Just a 100g as I don't really need it but I so love this scent!

Big blue bath bomb

The Comforter Bubble Bar ( the purpley pink one at the top. Literally smells LUSH!

A French Kiss ( x 2) bubble bar

Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment Luxury bath Melt ( the pink one on bottom right.)

You've Been Mangoes Luxury Bath Melt

The Sacred Truth Fresh Face Mask 

For someone who needed bath bombs I seem to have NOT ordered many. Oh well.

All can be found HERE.

Thanks for reading yet another haul. I seriously do not shop this much. You can tell the weather is rubbish so when alone all there is to do is internet shop. That's my excuse & I shall stick to it!!

Amanda xx

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