Thursday, 9 January 2014

Grocery Shopping | Tesco | Ocado | 8th Jan 14

I apologise for lack of grocery haul posts lately. It is not that we have not bought shopping it is just that Rob was home all over Xmas & I would have felt a bit silly hauling our food shopping in front of him! lol!

I am also apologising now for the awful photos. I really must stop using the camera on my phone as it is rubbish. I have 2 much better cameras I can use ( although even then I am rubbish with them. camera course anyone??)

This week we begin with a small Tesco shop for the stuff I find cheaper there right now. 

Milk is still 3 for £3. This seems to be an ongoing offer so always worth the trip alone to Tesco. 3 cheese bread. Good Enough apple pack. Gressingham duck legs ( my favourite as I think they are delicious. I don't as a rule like the leg from any thing but these are packed with so much meat that we can cook these 2 leg joints & give some to Fin as well with out feeling like we have short changed ourselves.) Tesco Butchers Choice Cumberland sausages. 2 x 12 packs. Tesco cooked ham. Bernard Matthews Turkey pieces. Lasagne mix sachets x 2.Pack of fine beans. Pack of Fine beans with Tenderstem broccoli.


Then we move on to Ocado. There does not seem a lot here but it still came to just under £65!! Most of my items did not seem to be on offer this week so that is probably why it looks less for it money this time.

Potato Waffles £1 per pack ( usually £1.48.) Waitrose English Smoked Lardons. Waitrose Broccoli. Waitrose Cauliflower. Waitrose Spinach ( I thought I had bought the Watt farm packs but must have clicked on these by mistake as they are not a substitute. If I had realised I would have added a 3rd because they are 3 for £2.50.) Savoy Cabbage.
6 pack of Heinz beans. Walkers crisps 2 for £3. Walkers Chipsticks ( haven't had these in ages! Yum!.) Bourbon biscuits. Crawford's Pink wafers.Eggs ( 9 pack free range.) 2 x Lasagne sachets. Basmati rice.
Pledge polish. Original Source Limited Edition in Pink Grapefruit ( I do not need shower gels but love PG & wanted to try this before it got removed from the shelves - it probably won't anyway but now I need not worry.) VO5 hairspray. Veet hair removal spray. Parazone wipes. Sweetex sweeteners.

There was also a tin of dog food but there are only so many tins of Cesar you want to look at!! they are all 9 for £5 or 5 for £3 though if you were interested to know :-)!

Thanks for reading
Amanda xx

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