Tuesday, 28 January 2014

You Tube Favourites

Here are my top You Tubers as promised. I have split them in to 2 categories as I wanted to do Beauty tubers & a separate one for vlogs ( real life/ day in the life type videos.) There are 5 in each category. 

Like the blog reading I do these people again are those I think I could get on with well in real life - seriously in some cases I would like to move in ( well only in a non stalker kind of way mind..)

Lets start with the Beauty Vloggers.
 As I said with the beauty & fashion blogs,they are not all about how much things cost. More to do with reviews & the best places to get the deals. There is the videos about dupes for higher end products. My favourite type of beauty vlog interestingly tends to be the product empties. I used to prefer the monthly favourites but quickly realised the empties were much more useful as I think it can be surprising how your opinion can change ( good or bad) over the course of using a product. Tutorials are great too. As someone who has only recently got back into make-up in a big way & as such am still very unconfident in what I do , they are great at showing you how to apply things. Yes there are You Tubers out there who do tend to feature more high end products but again I like these too because this way you get a chance to have a review on the product before you spend the money on something that is possibly not for you.

Essiebutton - I talked about her blog last week. This week comes her beauty channel. Essie ( Estee) was the 1st channel I ever watched on You Tube & interestingly it was an empties & I remember wondering why I had not known about this type of thing before. Estee stood out because well she is very funny in her own way & I always love her videos for the relaxed atmosphere about them. Almost like you are having a catch up over a coffee of something. I have been known to actually spend money after watching her videos though so I suspect my husband wishes I did not watch them. lol.

Samantha When Flowers Fall - I 1st came across Sam on her blog.Then one day I noticed a link to one of her beauty videos. Hooked again & again another down to earth person. Having watched her daily vlogs DAILY JONES too that she has with her other half  Liam I can tell she is just who she is. A very likable person. 

Nicknak1171 - I want to go shopping with Nicky!
The lady actually does not live too far away from me so not as far fetched as that sounds. I love the way Nicky seems to be able to spot a bargain. You won't find much higher end stuff on her channel so anyone who loves make-up but does not have the budget for the more expensive stuff then this lady you need to see. You will find all sorts of beauty related videos including hauls, favourites, tutorials & Empties. A lot of reviews too. Every Friday she does a chitchat video. Make sure you bring a drink of some kind along to watch as it will be just like catching up with an old friend.

Miss Budget Beauty / Diary Of A Spendaholic - Khila as recently set up a 2nd beauty channel. The original Miss Budget Beauty tends to cater for those on a lower budget. Greatly down to earth again & her knowledge on products is great. The 2nd channel was set up so that she could talk more about the higher end side of things & to keep MBB clear for the original viewers of the channel. Both definitely worth a look. Her vlog channel is Meet The McCools. Sometimes she will vlog daily. Others only now & then. This covers her day to day life. Chats on the walk to work as well as watching her little son Milo over & over again. 

Melissa Raymond - It was difficult to choose this last one as so many could take this spot over & over again. I chose Melissa though because seriously if you wake up miserable you just need to watch her channel & you will soon be perky again. From the US so some of the products are not so easily accessible here. However , I generally watch for the way Melissa puts things across. Such an amazing character & full of life. I always come away smiling.

So , now lets move on to the Vloggers. Some are daily vloggers & other only blog on occasions. 

thewittfamily - Claire came up in my favourite blogs & I love her 2 You Tube channels just as much. I absolutely adore her vlog channel. She has 2 very lovely children & I always enjoy the day in the life vlogs she puts up a couple of times a week. She always shares the family meals for the week, which I find so useful for inspiration. So relaxing to watch as Claire is who she is (ie lovely,) & that very much comes across in everything she does 

essie-butteonvlogs - Estee again & this time she is joined by Aslan & Reggie. Vlogs following their day to day life as well as any day trips or holidays they take too. Tending the vlog probably 2/3 times a week I always love seeing one appear in my subs box as I know I am in for a treat. The dynamics of Estee & Aslan is amazing.They complement each other so very well that it is always a pleasure to watch. Now too I tune in to see antics of Reggie their rescued greyhound ( Reggie-cam is a must to catch if you can.) 

theshuermanshow - The Shuermans were one of the 1st vlogs I started to watch as before I was abit like "why would I want to watch someone going about their day to day life. Something about this family from America that reeled me in. Following the life of Sam , her husband Jay as well as their 2 children Phoenix & Lily , not forgetting their doggy Moo too I cannot generally go a day without making sure I have seen their latest vlog. They post daily & thus you see them at home, out & about shopping ( whether for food, beauty or other,) holidays & much more. Sam also has a BEAUTY CHANNEL as well as a MOMMY channel. Make sure you check them out.

saccone-jolys - Now this is the family I want to live with. A house of madness that is similar to my own. This probably what I love about it. Jonathan ( or Joffee,) Anna ( ANNA SACCONE,) 1 year old Emilia & the 6 ( yes 6!) Maltese terriers. Another daily vlog & another that I hate missing so I am sure to catch up as soon as I can. They will be joined early this year with a baby brother ( as yet unnamed) for Emilia.

elaine jones - What is not to love about Elaine. Probably one of my all time favourites. Right now she vlogs every day as she did in 2013. Mostly day to day stuff at home , in the car etc. More towards chatting & there are some hauls as well as stuff to do with Slimming world. Such a lovely girl! 

So there concludes my top You Tube Channels. I could honestly go on longer as here are many more too.

Thanks for reading
Amanda xxx

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