Thursday, 30 January 2014

Make & Bake Time || Oat & Chocolate Slice

From time to time at Finley's pre-school the parents committee ( or Friends of... as we are actually called) hold a parents coffee morning within the pre-school site. This is run free of charge for parents & carers & their children /charges. We supply tea/ coffee, squash & just as importantly cake! I try each time to get my baking skills in to play here as I do enjoy making them even if they don't actually taste very good.

We won't have one now til next term but I thought I would give a practice run to some of cakes & bakes I am thinking of using for next time.  

The original recipe requires walnuts but tbh I am not keen & also the pre-school environment is now a totally nut-free place. 

Serves 24. Prep time of 15 minutes with coking time of 20 minutes.

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Amanda x

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