Sunday, 5 January 2014

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Well here we are in January of 2014 & already my idea of a spending ban does not seem to be in line with my husband... here for you I bring some of my haul before we are even a week into Jan - yes there is more but I am still awaiting their arrival. Then that really does have to be it you know!! With number 1 sons school trip to pay got as well as 2 school uniforms when we have confirmation of the schools they will head to as well I really have to stop the spending. Especially as we would like a holiday in the sun too this year!! 

Anyway I am wandering with my thoughts here. On with the haul! 

First up is these 2 scarves from New Look.
The Owl one has featured in a recent wishlist. I love owls & love scarves so perfect combo. I did have it on my Xmas list but hubby could not find it. Anyway it was good that I waited as I then got it cheaper in the Jan sales! I think it was £2 but I can't find the receipt. Result. The fox one was also in the sale. Again I can't quite remember but think £3 sounds about right. The owl one more suitable for decoration rather than warmth it has to be said so I could still use in the warmer months. The fox one is a lot thicker so I will be wearing this soon.


Next is a cheeky purchase from Debenhams ( online in the Urban Decay section.) Unless you have been on holiday on the moon then you cannot have missed the fact that Urban Decay have a released a 3rd ( yes a 3rd) Naked palette. I am in love! I only got it yesterday ( well Friday) & adore it already. Full of "rose gold" inspired colours I could quite frankly sit & look at it for hours. My photo of the open palette does not do it justice so do look out elsewhere online for a much more clearer photo. I can do some swathes for you if required. Please just ask in the comment section & I can do another post with them. I will be honest & say I am not so keen on the tin. It might just be me being picky but it does not feel quite as good quality as the others. The contents are amazing though which is what really counts.

Yankee Candles next. These are all at full price though as I got them at our local garden centre as I wanted to smell them all before I buy! 
Both Champaca Blossom & Lovely Kiku are from their NEW FRAGRANCES. I also got the Beach Walk in the large jar - only because this was literally all they had left in this scent though! To be honest I could have spent an absolute fortune on them!!

Lastly but but by no means least is this purchase also from the garden centre as I cannot resist owls & its pink! 

That is my haul for this time. I'll be back soon with more!!!

Amanda xxx

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