Monday, 6 January 2014

Product Empties 5

I find it hard to believe how many products I actually go through. I seem to be doing these posts monthly even though originally I thought i would have only enough to do a post every couple of months. It is great though that I do use up more than I think I am.

As always I have Batiste dry shampoo ( the tropical one) & Dove deodorant ( various scents) empties but as I include those every time & we all know I love them both I do not feel the need to include them this time. 

Plus excluding those means I have less items to waffle on about!! 

Clinique | Happy | Perfume Spray - I love this perfume ( & scent) very much. Lovely fresh scent which lasts for a long time in the day ( or night.) I would buy this again one day but for now I have others I am just as "happy" with. Sorry I won't give up the day job!

Balance Me | Super Toning Body Wash - I hate it! It came with a mag so I could have just chucked it after the 1st use because I don't feel like a freebie is too much to worry about. I hated the smell ( Juniper, Bergamot, Geranium & Lavender ) & it was a horrid gloopy kind of formula which did not seem to lather much at all. The scent did last for a while though which might have been great if it did not make me feel sick!!!

Clarins | Hand & Nail Treatment Cream - This lasted FOREVER...well 6 months anyway. Loved it! Nice subtle scent & sunk into the skin very quickly. I do have another as I got one on a gift set but as I have about a million other hand creams as well...I am exaggerating too much today but it must be around 20 tubes mark...:-\ I would not repurchase anyway for a while.

Clinique | All About Eyes | Eye Cream - Love this. We know this. Would love to buy again but won't be for a while now as too skint after Christmas.

Tesco | Cracked Heel Cream - I do get very bad dry cracked skin on my heels so any cream has its work cut out. However this cream did not seem to do anything!! It was not expensive but actually I don't think they need to cost a lot of money to to work. I definitely won't buy again as for me personally it was a waste.

Nivea | Day Cream - This came in a gift set from last year so I have no idea whether I would have tried it otherwise. For me personally it did not really do much so I don't have anything to say about it really at all.

Benefit | Porefessional - This is a tube I won in a Twitter competition earlier this year. I loved the sample tubes I had but was not quite so happy this time around with it. I didn't feel like it was doing much at all so felt like a waste of time applying it. No to buying it again at this stage.

So that is my empties again. tell me if you have used any of these products. Would love your thoughts if you have used the ones I did not like or felt did not work for me. 

Thank you for reading
Amanda xxx

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  1. Tell you what I use pots of - hand cream - I have the driest itchiness hands and currently these are being made worse by the washing up liquid and I can't wear rubber gloves because they make me itch!