Thursday, 2 January 2014

Project Pan | January 2014

I have decided it is time to do another Project Pan. I began yesterday as I wanted to start it on the 1st. I have so many things again that I have started to use but either stopped using or only use now & then that I felt it needed to be done. I actually like everything I have included too so it is not like I can even claim that. So time to be good & use items up!

Let me know about your own project pans if you are doing it too.

My 10 items below.

CHAMPNEYS SPA TREATMENTS | WATERMINT LOTION SPRITZ  - I loved this when I 1st started to use it around Summer time but as always I think I must have got something else I wanted to use & out this aside for another day!! The mint smell of this is so nice. Subtle & perfect for spraying all over my body after a shower. I am not sure I will be able to use it all up within a month but it is worth a try.

CLINIQUE | TURNAROUND BODY LOTION - Again I love this. I originally got a small tube in a gift bag. I used it very quickly. It does not have a big scent to it & sinks in almost as it hits the skin so I used to like using this one in the mornings. I ran out & struggled to find it again until I came across the same size on eBay. I have used this one a few times but was trying to use up a couple of other lotions too so popped this one away again. 

BOURJOIS | HEALTHY MIX FOUNDATION. - In shade 52/ Vanilla. Again I love this but with other ones I wanted to try it kind of got pushed to the back of the drawer. There does not look a great deal left so I don't actually think it will take too long to use up. I will be sad when it is gone because I have so many other half used foundations that I have no need to buy any for a while.

CLINIQUE | LIPSTICK - In All Heart. Now this came as free gift so I am struggling to find it for sale anywhere. Apart from Ebay that is.It is what I would call a spicey reddish pink colour. Which is rather broad but hopefully you get the idea! lol. Really like it I just generally don't wear it often as it does not last long & we all know my views on that if you have read some previous favourites posts etc.Use it I will although i think a month may be optimistic, Especially as I am including 2 lip colours!!

REVLON | COLOURBURST LIP BUTTER - Another spicey red colour. Again used but not often because I need it to last longer. It is such a nice lip colour & does not leave my lips feeling dry so waste it I will not! 

BOURJOIS BLUSHER - This one is number 16 Rose/ Coup De Foudre. I used this lots in the beginning. Although not that you would notice as it hardly looked touched. I don't think for a minute I will actually get this used in just a month but include it I will.

OPI NAIL LACQUER - Now I am sorry I have no idea what this shade is. It came in a beauty box & is the dinkiest bottle ever. I love this size as I rarely use up a whole big bottle. I don't think there are many uses left in this at all because I have used it lots already. Really pretty pink. Goes on the nail so nicely. I can't tell you how well the chip side of things are though, I am a mum after all so nothing lasts long for me sadly!!

MUA | NAIL POLISH - In Pistachio Ice Cream. A lovely shade of bluey green ( I'm technical with my choice of colours today! ) I have used this a lot but I have actually not painted my nails a lot in recent weeks. I feel this may dry out soon anyway so I want to try & use as much as I can before it does. Mind you at just £1 it would not break the bank to re-purchase.

CLINIQUE | BOTTOM LASH MASCARA - I was using this a lot when I 1st bought it. What an amazing invention really. It was only when it got to warm in the summer & thus I wore minimal make-up that I sort of put it in its drawer & it has pretty much remained unloved since. Well no more!!! Out you come my pretty!!

RIMMEL | NATURAL BRONZER - In Sun Glow ( 025.) Loved it but again this got stopped during the warmer months. I have never got it back out again. I have hit pan though as can be seen in the photo so it won't take long I do't think. I like this one very much as it leaves a nice glow without it being obvious I am wearing it. 

So that is everything. I will probably post an update mid month to see where I am at. You never know it may include some empties. Otherwise I will put the end result up on the 31st Jan.

Thank you for reading
Amanda xxx

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