Friday, 24 January 2014

In Which My Will Power Goes Out The Window ( More Haulage!)

This is it for the beauty hauls now. Enough is enough & it is time to stop the spending. because lets face it I clearly do not need all these items!!!! I have a few clothing hauls coming up in a few weeks but this will mainly cater for our summer hols so I don't feel as guilty about those hauls! 

The Body Shop had some codes going on at the weekend. You could get up to a whipping £25 off a £50 order. There was 1 for £10 off when you spend £25 & £5 off when spending £15. This is now ended but there is still a 30% off sale going on so definitely worth a look.

In this order I got 
Satsuma Body Butter (200ml) - I really don't need anymore but I love the Satsuma scent so went with it as it will get used eventually.

Cranberry Joy Shower Gel (250ml) - I already have one of these but i ordered another to put away to use when the festive season comes around again.

Olive Gift Set - contains 2 x Olive shower gel (small) & a small body puff. Never tried the Olive range so keen to give it a go.

Peppermint Foot Treatment (100ml) - I am always using foot creams & can use the stuff like it goes out of fashion.

Cranberry Hand Cream (30ml) - I don't need anymore hand cream but again I am going to pop it away ready for later this year.

Grapefruit Body Puree ( 250ml) - I love the smell of Pink Grapefruit. The Body Shop seems so much more a vibrant scent than other brands of pink grapefruit items. I don't as a rule like anything too zesty but this hits just the right notes.

Satsuma Shower Gel (250ml) - Because I don't have enough shower gels & needed the shower gel to go with the body butter ( even though I probably won't use them together anyway! )

Pink Grapefruit Shower Gel (250ml) _ I got 2 of these as I am expecting to love it that much but not want to get the huge bottle.


Then we have a small order from Origins.

I got the
Ginzing Energy-boosting Moisturiser - I am looking forward to trying this shortly as I am nearly out of my Clinique one & think this can jump to the front of the queue!!

My 2 sample items were

Plantscription Anti-aging serum

Ginzing Eye Cream 

That's it! Somebody stop me please!!! I am a danger when using the internet, i really am.

Thanks for reading
Amanda xx

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