Friday, 17 January 2014

What's In My Bag | Tag

I see this tag around on the internet a lot & thought i would give it ago. I really like watching these kind of things on You Tube & blog posts so hopefully you do to.

My bag right now is the 

The strap can be moved up higher but as I like my bag to be as safe as possible & this does not have a zip then I have it on the lower ones to be able to fold it over. The adjustable strap is nice & easy to use & being able to put across body is perfect wherever I go especially with Finley in tow. It has one zipped pocket on the back. Plus 2 open pockets inside which I put things like my phone & car keys in.

So in picture one we have my diaries ( because it was still just December when I took the photos so I still had my old one.)The 2013 was from Card factory I think & my new one is from Wilkinson ( I think.) I love it as it has tons of space for note taking as well. When you like lists like I do then you need it!  Also my address book which is an Emma Bridgewater one. I got it off a friend a couple of years ago though so not sure if you can still get it. The purple notebook came from Tesco. I use this for note taking at various committee meetings for school /pre-school.

The 2nd photo in picture one contains my new Cath Kidston purse. My drivers license, a headband, my hair brush & the brown envelope contains all the letter I receive from my hospital. I probably don't need to carry this all the time but if it is in my bag I know where it is & so when I have a query at an appointment I can hopefully find the relevant letter.

The next picture then is a make-up bag. It is a Clinique one that I got as a free gift earlier this year. It does not contain a lot of actual make-up mind!!
The boring stuff in contains is cotton buds, a safety pin , pain killers, Rennies & cleansing wipes.
The compact mirror with a "Barney" on I do not know where it came from. It was gift a few years ago. Nivea lip balm. The 2 lipsticks are Revlon Colorstay in Socialite (025) & Maybelline Color Sensation in Velvet Beige (630.) I don't use these very often as they don't last long enough for my liking but are perfect when I want a quick top up on a long day out. I probably should switch them over to something else though & include them in a project pan instead! 

This last photo is definitely self explanatory. I am a woman ( of course) & I also have children including a just toilet trained 3 year old. I will need a bag big enough for these items for a long time to come I would think.

Thank you for reading. Leave links here if you have similar posts or videos for me to see.

Amanda xx

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  1. These days if I go further afield it looks like I have a shop in my bag especially if I have little ones with me, but at the moment in handbag there is nothing, absolutely and completely nothing