Monday, 27 January 2014

A Day Out In London With Hubby | Theatre | Shopping | Mini "The Pass" Review

Saturday saw me heading on an expedition to London with Rob. I always love these days out because we don't often get whole days to ourselves right now.

We did not catch a train until 10:40 am but living as close to the station as we do ( 5 mins) & only 45 mins roughly to London we  not only made it to Victoria train station but also our destination of Sloane Square too within around an hour! 

The play we were going to see did not start until 3 so we had plenty of time to have a wander down Kings Road. Only 2 stops were on my lost of places to visit. Below you can see the places I made visits too on our day out. 

The lady at Space NK who sold me my Nars items was lovely. She really took the time to show me the products & pick out what she thought was best for my skin. 
Also they were nice in Mac too. I have only ever purchased stuff from them online before & having heard the stories of stuck up stuff in store I was little bit nervous to say the least. I need not have worried. they were really nice & helpful. 

We also nipped into Cath Kidston too ( this was the 2nd must visit on my list) to grab some vouchers for my mums birthday! I very nearly bought a bag instead for her but was not 100% sure which it was she wanted ( I just knew it had birds on it) & actually think she will enjoy buying her own anyway!!

After that we were starving so went for lunch in Pizza Express. This always seems to be a favourite of ours when visiting somewhere. Probably because I know what I can eat for sure there & it is always really lovely food. Plus they were super quick as I hate waiting round too long.

It was after that we nipped across the road into Mac. 

***Let me know if you want to see a haul post ***

Then it was time to get to The Royal Court

Performed in the Jerwood Theatre Upstairs - anyone who has been there will know what an amazing place it is. This is only my 2nd play here & I was as enthralled with it as I was the 1st time around 5 years ago.

Written by John Donnelly 

It is a story set over 12 years in 3 different hotel rooms. It begins with Jason & Ade as young rising footballers living the dream - goals, girls & glory.

Starring Russell Tovey of Being Human / Gavin & Stacey fame as well as Gary Carr, Nico Mirallegro & Lisa McGrillis. 


This won't be an amazing review I must say before I go on. I am no good at that. This is just my own personal thoughts with not much detail!! lol!
I was captivated from the word go. Amazing how small the set is & with only 4 cast members they had a lot of work to do. They did it fantastically. I am a huge fan of Russell Tovey & he did not disappoint in this play that went on for around 2 & half hours including an interval. The age guidance for this is 14+ which with the swearing & semi nudity ( bottoms only I might add!! shame...) is just as well!!! It is very funny & those hours went by very quickly.

Afterwards I was waiting outside to see Russell. I have met him twice before & I adore him. For once not because I fancy him but because I think he is just the nicest guy in real life.

I did not have to wait long as I spotted him coming down the stairs with Lisa in to the bar. We were with him for only 5 mins or so to get a photo & a quick chat. As usual he was a darling & happy to spend time talking to us. I look a bit odd in this photo but then I think I had just said " I feel so short!" lol!! 
I told him it won't matter what he does he will always be "George" to me ( only BH fans will get this one!!) which is interesting really as I 1st saw him in Doctor Who as Midshipman Frame!

So, we left him in peace & made our way outside. A quick wander back to Muji  as I wanted to get some Acrylic storage items & thought it would save me an online order! Just as well I did as some of the things I had looked at online were not quite what I had been looking for!

Time then to head home to the boys because my parents were looking after them but would not want to have been too late home.

I was exhausted , we both were but we had also had an amazing day!!

The Pass runs until 1st March. Tickets £20 ( Mondays All Seats £10.) I want to go again!!!

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