Thursday, 16 January 2014

Groceries | 15/01/14 | Ocado

Ocado Groceries for 15th January 2014

Mushrooms. Spinach ( x2. £1 per pack. Usually £1.50 per pack.)) Ocado Cooked Ham. Cauli/Broc florets.White Gem Lettuce. Ocado Royal Gala Apples 99p ( usual price is £1.99.)
Pain Au Raisin ( frozen.) Peppers ( x2 lots of 4.)Frubes ( half price so paid £2 instead of 3.) Cherry Toms ( 2x large packs because Brad eats these like they go out of fashion!) White cabbage. Fine green beans. Beef strips. 

Apple Juice ( 4 x 1 litre.) Apple Juice ( 3 x 3 small packs.) Ecover Fabric Conditioner ( Amongst The Flowers.)Kipling Cakes ( Lemon slices & chocolate slices - on offer at £1 per pack. Usual price is £1.59. ) 2 X Bourbon biscuits. 1 pack Malted Milks. 2 packs choc chip digestives. Go Ahead yogurt bars , half price. £1.39 (Usually £1.2.69) Weight Watchers naan bread, £1 ( Usually £1.35.) 
2 x packs of coca cola ( 150ml cans / 12 per box. Buy 2 for £7. Usually £4.19 each.)
Walkers ( any 2 for £3.) I got 4 packs. 
Frazzles. Mini Poppadoms. 

This week I saved almost £13. £10 on the groceries plus a small voucher code I had too. A bonus was that my delivery was an hour earlier too which made my day slightly easier to get through as it seemed rather hectic yesterday!

No subs either I might add. I have not had any at all since I started using them!!

Amanda xx

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  1. I shop via sainaburys, we don't have a waitrose, can't fault sainsburys though