Friday, 10 January 2014

Pirate Themed Bedroom

Is there many boys who do not like Pirates? I surely don't think so. With Finley growing up quickly his old accessories with very cute cars & trains on seemed to suddenly a bit too babyish. This Pirate bedding from ASDA was my sudden inspiration to change things in his room. We have only changed a few accessories as the painted white walls are still fine - a great backdrop for all colour schemes- as are the curtains that came from Toys R Us ( not shown here & as far as I know they no longer do the "My favourite Things" range anyway. So it is not the most amazing transformation but our Pirate lovely lad loves it!!

Annoyingly ASDA do not seem to do this duvet set anymore even though it was only bought in December! THIS one from NEXT is really nice too & matches the canvases as well as other matching accessories. Or there is a ton of them including Jake & The Neverland Pirates HERE at Children's Rooms. Co.Uk
The canvases are a twin pack from NEXT
The wallpaper border from LINENSTORE UK.

He only has a very small room sadly but I think the way it is laid out & decorated is just perfect for him. Arrrrrr!!

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