Sunday, 19 January 2014

Haul - The Final Part | Clarins | Nars | eBay

Here apparently is my "final" haul. Well I suppose it is for the time being although I do have a small clothing haul to put up as well when I can be bothered to sort out photos etc. For anyone rolling their eyes because this clearly is NOT my final haul I must defend myself & say most of the clothes I have bought are in anticipation of a proper holiday in the sun later this year so they will get put away ready for when needed.

So on wards with this haulage post. Today is brought to you from Clarins, Nars (my very 1st Nars purchase) & eBay. 

Starting with Clarins.

As always I got to choose some samples along with my main purchase. 

My full sized purchase is the Eye Contour Balm. I am always up for giving other eye creams a try so thought it was time. It smells divine as only Clarins things can of course!

My sample items were

Pore Minimizing Serum - this is a 3ml sample. Again looking forward to giving it a whirl as I do like a nice serum. It has a really subtle smell to it.

Eau des Jardins | Uplifting Shower Gel - A 10 ml sample. I have not tried anything in this range before so thought I would see what I thought of it. 

Next in my haul we have this small purchase from NARS. This was my 1st time using NARS & I have to say I am not 100% sure I was happy with things. Don't get me wrong the product "Orgasm" blush is gorgeous & it has arrived in a good time considering it came from France. However, my main quibble was that I had no email from them to say it had been dispatched - although the email I got on day of purchase told me that an email would come with an update. I was not peeved about the time as knowing it was coming from overseas you can't expect next day delivery. It was more lack of communication. An email to them late last week just enquiring as nearly a week after I ordered it with no communication was a little worrying. Apart from a bog standard email to say email received that was it. I would have emailed again today except it has just arrived with it. So not exactly a major problem more annoying.

Anyway I cannot wait to give this a try. The photo shows it as pinky pink but it definitely more an orangey pink. The swatch I did comes off as a very pale peach colour ( not shown as you would not see it at all.) Stunning.


Last but by no means least a little purchase from eBay THIS SELLER to be precise. A friend On FB had purchased one & as I like my lists etc & love doing weekly meal planning then I needed one too. there area few different designs. I wanted Owls naturally but they were sold out so I went with the teapot instead. I can now plan our meals in style!!

Thank you as always for taking time out to read my posts. I really do appreciate it.

Amanda x

BTW! This is not my last haul. I totally lied & I totally suck at not buying things! More coming from Body Shop & Origins soon!!

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