Saturday, 25 January 2014

January 2014 | Glossybox

I had only really subbed to Glossybox again for their Christmas box but decided to continue again for this month just out of curiosity. As soon as the money was taken for this box I went & cancelled my subscription again.

I have got to be honest & say I am glad I have done so. I am totally unimpressed with this box. None of it inspires me whatsoever. The box seems to be horrid shiny & cheap. Just NO!!

let's go through the items. As usual I will pop up the price of the item included as well as the full size price. I will then tot it up at the end ( believe me it is pants!)

First is the Balance Me Super Toning Body Wash. I have had this before & hated it so it will be either being passed on to a friend or into a charity bag.

The full size of this is £10.25 for 250 ml ( although the Balance Me website says it is actually 260 ml.) My little 50 ml bottle comes in at around £2.05.

Next is Vaseline Essential Moisture Lotion  . I will use this at some point. I do like Vaseline stuff so as I have not tried this before I am quite keen to do so.

Full size is 400 ml for £4.99. I have a 50 ml size here coming it at just 70p!!!

Anatomicals Puffy The Eye Bag Slayer Wake Up Under Eye Patches. Whilst I have never thought to give these a try these are definitely something I will certainly do so. I am not sure why they could not have made this a full size prodcut though. Baffles me slightly.

Full size details - pack of 3 for £6. I have 2 so make that £4.

Seriously I couldn't even be bothered to take photos individually of the last items.

The Vintage Cosmetics Company Floral Slanted Tweezers. I just sold a pair of these as I just won't use them!! 

£8 for these! 

Last but not least 

x 2 Yu-Be Moisturising Skin Cream - I have had this before. Probably in Birch box. I won't use them but Rob will as he gets bad dry cracked hands with his work. It is good he does as otherwise I would have no use for them.

A full size 33g tube is £13.50. So my 3g tube is around £1.20. I have 2 so make that £2.40.

I think you can tell by my lack of detail about the items that I am suitably unimpressed this month.

The total overall then is by my calculations £17.15. That is just crap.Whilst it stills comes in over the price of the box ( £10 + postage.) I think this box is just diabolical. 

One of the things I like about Glossybox is that they tend to include many more full sized products but this was just terrible. I for one am glad I am not having anymore & if this was my 1st ever box I would be really disappointed by the contents. 

Of course this is totally my own opinion & I do not expect others to agree with me at all. Let me know your thoughts if you have any. 

Many thanks for reading
Amanda x

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