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February 2014 || Birchbox || Your Style

I had decided to re-sub to Birchbox before I decided I was going to pop myself on that 100 day ban otherwise I would have left it until the ban was up in May. However, as my ban begun after payment was taken for this Birchbox  stuck with it & removed myself once it was all done. Which is annoying as next months box will contain a item collaborated with Lulu Guinness ( remind me NOT too look at any reviews for that one then.)

Still, onto this months box & I will say whilst the contents of this box do not make me pop with excitement, I still am not hating this box.

I do wish BB did their costings of items like Glossybox do where they tell you what size the full price product is so that you can work out your maths a bit better ( we already know that maths is not a strong point of mine.) 

I will try my best to find links for the products that don't come from Birchbox for you but I can't promise anything.

This months box seems to focus on London Fashion Week ,rather than the predictable Valentine theme that most beauty boxes are probably going with. with the title "We Love Your Style" ... at least i think that is what it is called ( I apologise for my vagueness, I am incredibly tired today & just about able to keep the eyes open to write this!

Product number 1 then is Beauty Protector || Protect & Oil & is possibly the only item in the box I will not use. I don't use oils on my hair as a rule so don't think I would feel any differently about this. It is a small sample ( in a nice glass bottle though which is a nice touch) so will probably just give it to my niece. It is £16 for the full size although I have no idea how much you get in your full size one as I can only find it on Birchbox who don't seem to tell you that bit. Please comment below if you do how much there is in a full size bottle.

Next is the Eyeko || Skinny Liquid Eyeliner . In black & I am looking forward to trying this as I am trying to get into eyeliners a bit more & wonder if the pen tip will help me be more precise with my application. This is a 1.2g tube. Full size I believe is 5g & priced at £12.

UrbanVeda || Radiance Exfoliating Facial Polish. I like the smell of this & having never heard of the brand before I am looking forward to giving this a go. This is a 20ml tube compared to the full sized of 125ml (priced at £8.99) but I think that is a good size to give it a proper trial with.

I have heard of Gilchrist & Soames  before but have never tired their products & as I am a sucker for shower gels etc I am very excited to try this one. Smells nice & fresh. This is a 45ml bottle. Full size is 236ml ( random) & priced at £13.75.

The last main product is this gorgeous nail polish from Leighton Denny.In the shade Coconutty. Seriously, I know people moan about polishes being in all boxes & I probably have done myself but actually I quite like it. Even if the colour is not quite to my taste ( I love this one btw) I think it is always a good item to have in your box. This one is a mushroom type shade with gold sparkles in it. This may have to be the next one I put on my nails because it is so pretty. Again, another brand I know of but have not tried.This is full sized (12ml) & is £11.

Lastly we have the "Lifestyle Extra." This will get eaten by Rob again I am sure as I hate dark chocolate. Green & Blacks organic dark chocolate.  

So that brings us to the end. So as I say whilst I don't think it looks like the best box ever , there a few items that have caught my curiosity & I will in due course give them a try.

Let me know what you thought about your box. Were you impressed or will it make you cancel your subscription. Let me know if there is any product you would like me to review ( other than the hair oil as I really won't use it.)

Thanks for reading
Amanda xx

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