Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Maddie's Weekly Round Up

A day late due to feeling proper rubbish with a headache & cold on Sunday eve & Monday!! 

Starting as usual with what I ate ...

I always forget the photos & in fact considering I love to take them I spend rather a lot of time forgetting!! Sorry! 

Cheese Scones & the Quiche Lorraine made by my own fair hands! The curry was made by Rob on Monday. He made it with the chicken left over from the roast the day before - this made it taste even better I thought!

A little bit of what I did - 

From top :- I was feeling a bit low on Tuesday so went & bought myself a new book & wasted some time in Cafe Nero with a Chai Latte. Thursday I had all my hair chopped off! I love it although still feels rather odd not having so much hair at the back! Friday we had dinner at our local Wetherspoons. I remembered to take pics of our drinks but not that food! I had gammon steak in case you were interested followed by waffles with raspberry compote & vanilla ice cream - oops diet??!
Walks last week involved much frost! It looked very pretty though & was good for the soul on the doggy walks. We went as a family to see Paddington - thought it was OK. Paddington very cute but not quite the great film I was expecting.
Lastly a friend & I are going to walk the Race For Life in July. I enrolled on Monday & my things arrived by the end of the week.

What I watched...

Broadchurch & Location as per usual. Musketeers wasn't on - blasted football!!
It was the 1st ins series for both Wolf Hill - I love me some Tudors!!! Then Pets - Wild At Heart - cute animals AND narrated by David Tennant!

I am currently reading ....

Absolutely amazing so far - it takes me much longer these days to read anything even a magazine.

Lastly, my outfits for the week....

Trying to introduce more colour as a bit fed up of dark, dingy January! I will be pleased when I can get the more spring like stuff out again though!

Thanks for reading
Amanda xx  

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