Monday, 7 April 2014

My New Handbag || Accessorize Bea Bowling Bag

When it comes to an everyday handbag , I always have a list of the things I need from it.

I like the small handles for carry in the crook of arm , as well as the long strap for across body wearing when with Finley. I like it to have a front pocket for those things like pens & things to grab easier when out & about. I prefer it to have a zip for the main compartment. A mobile phone pocket is always handy too. Rob gave me a look when I told him all this & said "surely all bags come with handles...!". Whilst this is true I said , they don't all have both OR pockets in the front & they don't ALL have zips for the main section!

Anyway last week on their FB page Boden posted a pic of this beauty... it really was love at 1st sight. It has everything I need in a bag & the colours they had are just amazing. Details here. I loved the pink toned(it's actually called Apricot,)  & the mint blue one too. The stumbling block was the price tag. At £139( that is FROM as some are actually £159,) it was never going to be mine. So a search was on then for something similar with a much more budget friendly price tag.

Soft Leather Bowling Bag - Boden from £139

Rob & I were then lucky enough to have a couple of hours to ourselves on Saturday afternoon. We headed to Chichester & it was really nice being able to take out time wandering in & out of the shops. Late lunch at Carluccios was just perfect.

No where could I find anything remotely similar. The minty colour was in abundance but nothing remotely the same size. Finally though I struck gold ( well Pink, ) in Accessorize where I found this Bea Bowling Bag . It comes in a Yellow or Black version too but Pink is more me than Yellow & black isn't very spring like. At only £29 too it was certainly a substitute worth taking. It ticked every box too.

It's got the short handles.

Its got the long strap for across body wearing

phone slot & main zipped compartment.

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I love it. Whilst I know it won't be as lovely & soft as the Boden bag would be it is still a really good bag. I am very happy with my purchase & Rob is still baffled as to why I always want a new bag rather than use an old one...!

Thanks for reading. 
Amanda XXX

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