Wednesday, 16 April 2014

100 Day Make-Up Ban || Update 2 inc Small Confession || 16/04/2013

100 Day Spending Ban

Update 1

2 months into my 100 day spending ban on make-up & skincare. I will be very honest .... I am struggling!! It is ridiculous really as it is only make-up after all & I probably should have turned off all emails for the duration & not bought any mags where there temptations are so high. Having said that , whilst I have been very tempted I have not actually bought anything through those so I guess a pat on the back to me anyway? After all , it has been an awful month or more where I had a poorly Fin for ages & then I have had a cough , cold & ear infection. All times when I maybe have not been out so much & more time spent on the internet where you cannot hide from it because even if you stayed away from emails etc the advertisers still grab you buy the ads on any websites you visit. Had I not been on this ban , my credit card would have taken a terrible caning!

This month though has not gone without one teeny tiny purchase ( which is where my confession comes in) but to be fair to myself it was a replacement eye cream which I bought with a Boots giftcard the boys got me for Mother's Day. If I had not had that then I would have made do without until the end of May.

Overall though you could probably call it success still? I have not bought anything else & whilst I could easily do so, For instance I was in Chichester yesterday with Rob having some dinner & we we're  passing the likes of Space NK, The beauty counters at House of Fraser & both Lush & Body Shop. I did it though so well done me I say.

I won't do a 3rd update in May as it ends at the end of May anyway. See you with the final outcome on the 27th May!! Counting down...!

Amanda xx

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