Tuesday, 8 April 2014

How I Started Blogging

My journey into blogging is not at all exciting!! 

I have kept journals & diaries for a very long time. Beginning in very early teens when the stuff i recorded would be along the lines of "Why does George Michael not know I exist..." & other such trivia ( by the way we all know that even if I had been stood in front of GM he would not have noticed me for the pure fact I am "not his type!!" 

Anyway I digress... I've always loved writing , letters, stories etc so keeping a diary was always a huge part of me. Whether I wrote in it every day, short entries & long ones ,I always had one.
For me the onset probably began because at Secondary School I struggled immensely. I hated going because I did not fit in at all ( although this is a story for another day) & as such at school I did not listen in lessons. Preferring to mess about & not learning very much at all. My diary was a release from day to day struggle that otherwise I would never have escaped from.

As years went on & work began I did not have a diary other than to record the day to day events & as I was quite lonely back then there were not many entries at all.

The age of the internet introduced online journal land, which I really loved. I have a journal still at Live Journal but have not used it for a very long time. This does contain lots of different things from sill posts about doctor who to thinks much deeper where I pore my heart out.
I was asked by my Psychologist back in 2004 to keep a journal for her to read each week so whilst I was having an awful time during that period in my life, a journal was something I could do easily.

My 1st blog was set up to show off my craft makes. This blog no longer exists , although I do have another ( via my profile ) which I did set up when Finley was small. However it has not been possible for me to continue with my crafts so right now there is only small content.

This blog came into existence last year when I could feel the depression spiraling out of control again. I set it up & still do so now for me only. I write what I want too. So whilst some people might think "what the hell" to me that does not matter. It is an outlet for me to off load. Sometimes in a fun way & others more serious. It is nice to know that people are reading & I have had the odd comment too. Always positive. Who knows where this blog will end up in the future. For now it is just a simple & happy place for me to be.

Amanda x

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