Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Beauty Empties Number 8

Today's post is my beauty empties. I say it each month that I cannot believe how much I have used again. Considering these are not meant to be monthly posts I have yet to go a month without doing these because otherwise I would be overrun with rubbish! 

VO5 Revive Me 2 in 1 shampoo - I grabbed this one day in Poundland. I am quite lazy so using a 2 in 1 is brilliant for me. I only use once a week as the rest of the week I generally get by with dry shampoo plus one intensive mask once a week. I do use separates at times but the combination are ideal for me. This was OK. Smelt lovely & did a good enough job. I probably would repurchase as at that price it was doing the job it needs too.

We all know I love the Batiste Dry Shampoo in Tropical scent. 2 of these are being thrown out because I use it so much. yes I have more.

LUSH Big Blue bath bomb - I wasn't keen on this. My bath looked like a cup of earl grey tea!! Whilst I like to drink EG I am not so keen sitting in bath with bots floating around me. Not for me this one.

The Body Shop - Cranberry Joy shower gel - This was lovely. I already have another one I have put away for next winter. Such a nice smell & I felt, although a more festive scent , it did not feel out of place using it after the new year. 

This body wash by Beauticology (Baylis & Harding) came in a pack with a body lotion. The body wash was in cherry candy cane, whilst the body lotion ( which I still have to use) is peppermint. The smell of this body wash reminds me of cherry bakewells. However that is the only positive. it took loads to get even a smell later & the lovely scent doesn't transfer to the skin at all. I am glad it was only a 50ml bottle so I used it very quickly.

Gilchrist & Soames Shower Gel - This 45ml sample bottle came in a recent beauty box. Initially I was looking forward to trying it but actually I think my husband would have been better suited to the scent. It only had enough for 4 washes in so don't think I can give it very fair review but at £15 I think for full size I am not prepared to try it out again.

Sanctuary Body Scrub - I received this for Xmas in a set. I do like scrubs & whilst this was OK I can't say it blew me away with excitement. I would not rule out trying it again though as it did a fair enough job & did smell pleasant too.

Nip & Fab Pistachio Sundae Body Butter - I featured this in a recent favourites. I initially wasn't sure I would like this as on opening I found the scent too overpowering. Luckily this does not transfer & is actually really lovely once applied. Yes I would & have bought another one.

Dove Deodorant -these are another Empties staples. I love both scents featured here ( pomegranate/lemon verbena & Cucumber/green tea.) The Cucumber one came in the compressed tin which is my 1st time using those. Waste of time. I did not think it lasted as long at all. Back to the normal cans for me.

Caudalie Hand & Nail Cream - This was lovely. I don't usually veer towards the herbal kind of scent but this was lovely. So subtle, sank in very well & did a great job with my hands. I would buy this again but have so many hand creams I have no need to buy anymore for about 5 years.

Vita Bella hand cream - another beauty box sample & another hint. Similar in smell to the caudalie one. It is quite a clean smell. Again it sank in well & did so much good to my hands. Same again though with buying as I am over run with them.

Soap & Glory Heel Genius - This is 2nd tube of this I have used. It a horrid smell ( it smells like an awful smelling vegetable, I just can't think what it is!) but does a fantastic job on my heels!! I will definitely buy it again when I have used up all my other foot creams ( which I use at a fair rate as my feet are awful - sorry to bring the tone down!)

Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions Oil Control Cleansing Mask - This was no good as I don't have oily skin as a rule so I have no idea why I bought it. 

Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask - I used this sample every night in place of my usual moisturiser. For a small sample it lasted a good 2 weeks. It was quite nice. I would consider getting the full size tube at some point.

Rodial Glamoxy Snake Serum - This was a sample sent by Space NK but it only lasted for 1 application so I don't have an opinion on it at all. It would have been nice to have a better size sample to give it a decent try out. 

Strictly Professional Cosmetic Brush Cleaner - this is my 2nd bottle. I buy it from eBay. It does the job I need it too. I need to get more.

Thanks for reading
Amanda xxx

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