Saturday, 16 November 2013

Groceries | Tesco

Another week has passed & the cupboards are in an sad & empty state. Time then to head to the supermarket. I am definitely finding Tesco hard going right now. It seemed like ALL the staff just kept getting in the way. I realise they are busy doing other peoples shopping & I try to be understanding. It is more the people that are doing things like sweeping the floor. Do you really need to do that exact spot right by the dog food whilst I am trying to put stuff in my trolley? I must just be in an extra grump today as I am sure all supermarkets have their moments! I am full of a sniffle so that could very well be the culprit.

Anyway I thought as I did last week I would share with you my purchases for this week. Our shopping bill is a little higher right now as we have a voucher "thing" from Tesco where if you spending £110 + every week for the next 4 weeks then they will send us a £60 off our next £110 shop. With Xmas approaching it has been very easy to do. Plus we won't need to buy stuff like loo rolls & cleaning products for the next 10 years ( well 10 weeks maybe anyway :-)!! ) This week was my last week. It has been a nightmare trying to make sure I spend what I need to qualify but not go too far over either. I have been using the scan & shop rather try to work things out in my head because maths & I do not go together! 

Tell me if you find these posts interesting. I am not sure why these sorts of posts are popular but as I enjoy reading them or watching you tube videos of groceries I figured there were lots of people like me. 

Bloo Loo cleaner ( 2 for £3/ Individual price £1.60.) Bonjela. Calpol. Gift tags.

Mccoys crisps ( in Salt n Vinegar & a mixed pack.) chocolate chips, fudge chunks & white chocolate chunks. Spag carbonara sachets ( 2 for £1.50 / Individual price 80p.) Vinegar. Tikka sauces (x2) Warburtons ( I like the 50/50 but they dod not have those so I got 1 pack of white & another wholemeal.) Choc chip cookies ( x2) naughty Chelsea bun. muffin cases.

Cooking oil. Spaghetti. Tin foil. Dog food ( still 7 for £4. Individual price ranges from 69p -75p.)

4 pack of large apple juice . small cartons of apple juice ( 3 packs for £2.50 /Individual price 99p.) Milk ( 3 for £3 / £1.39 each.) Activia pouring yoghurt ( Natural.) frubes ( 2 for £1.50 / £1 each .) Turkey chunks. Tesco Ham. Billy Bear sausage slices. Cheese. dunkers.

Chips. Birds Eye chicken dippers Pirate chicken pieces. Birds Eye crispy chicken ( reduced to £1 a pack.) Birds Eye beef grills. Lardons ( 2 for £5 / £2.75 each.)

apple pack. golden delicious apples. Bananas. Grapes. raspberries. No deals this week on anything I needed but we have a lovely full fruit bowl ( for 5 minutes.)

peppers, Greens ( 2 for £2.) & spinach ( once again for the guinea pigs.)

Fine beans. Mushrooms. Tender-stem broccoli ( 2 for £2.) 

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