Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Summer Footwear 2015

At the start of last summer I bought gorgeous delights in sandal form from Schuh on a trip to Brighton. The silver are long out of stock but they do still have them in gold, black & brown/white. Anyway the silver were my go to sandal for the whole of the summer ( about a week then as I live in England!) My friend loved them so much that she went out & bought some too.

So, at the weekend the same friend said she would be looking out for what I buy this year too as I am such a trendsetter (HA!)

This prompted me to give it some thought & then do a post on all that I see that could be my contenders for 2015. Here we go.

1st stop Next.

I'm not sure if I went abit of a wedge or not but I do love these & in both the colourways.

Glam Twist Low Wedge Mule in Pewter £35

Glam Twist Low Wedge Mule in Gold. Also £35.

Zara had these - I know they are not everyones cup of tea in style but I really like them.

Crossover Leather Sandals in Blue - £29.99

These next 2 pairs from New Look are adorable.

Black animal print cross straps sandals - £24.99

Stone Animal Print Cross Straps Sandals - £24.99

Now I know, I know that Birkenstocks are a bit like Marmite & hated by some as much loved by many. Personally I do not mind them & these pretty floral print ones would suit me better than the plainer varieties.

Blue Gizeh Rambling Rose Sandals - £55.

Blue Rio Rambling Rose Sandals - £55

This pair like my favourites from last year from Schuh.

Gold Dreamer Sandals - £32. In tan too...

Right now these from Office are the 1st on my list of contenders. I adore the detail on the front straps.

Oscar Cut Low Wedge Sandals in Gold - £42.

They also have them in black suede but I prefer the gold.

Oscar Cut Low Wedge Sandals in Black Suede - £42.

Stopping with Office & this next pair in a fab holographic shade are another on my potential sandal list. They do have that toe post so maybe not for you if you hate them. I spent 2014 slowly getting into the toe post though after years of hating them so would love to try these on if I get a chance.

Oakley Strappy Mule Sandal Holographic - £35.

Also in ...




Last one at Office. Another favourite this!!
Hula Multi Leopard - £25.
Also in Black, Coral Fluro Snake & Gold Snake.#

Last stop River Island.

Both of this are on my list too.

Nude Leather Diamante Embellished Sandals - £40

Black & Gold Strappy Gladiator - £40.

So , my next job then is to go searching & trying. I am sure I will find more in my travels.

What summer shoes have been catching your eye?

Thank you for dropping by.

Amanda x

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