Monday, 1 December 2014

Christmas Decorations 2014

 That time has come again for me to decorate the house for Xmas - yes its only just December but I DO NOT CARE!!! I love the decorations me & think maybe some people might be more flipping cheerful if they kept them up year round!! A good dose of Xmas spirit - not of the Gin kind ,although that is good too - would do some the world of good.

Anyway I am nattering , getting on my soap box etc blah & really I am just here to show some pics of our decorated house. Now whilst I love the decorations , I would win no prizes for actual; presentation. However, I am more than happy with what we have & apart from a few tweaks left to do - the wreath is not up at the door yet & I am bound to decide that I have missed some places with the baubles.

I have over the years had several themes I have followed. I went through a white lights only phase with jewel coloured accessories.I have long since gone back to a traditional look of reds, greens & golds though as with my green lounge it actually works very well indeed!!

So first we have the.... boxes everywhere - no this really was not all of them. Excuse the wonky picture in the background - January sales I am hoping it find something to change it with as after nearly 5 years I am bored of it anyway.
And now for a few after shots...

We usually have a 6 ft fake tree but I love a real tree & every now & then Hubby lets me have a real one. With pup this year we needed to put it up a little higher & so went for this 4 ft tree from a local garden centre. I'm pretty happy with it , although I am sure in the coming days it will be fiddled with ( oo-er missus) here & there.

We don't have many counter tops to decorate but I try & make what we do have look nice. Most of these ornaments will have been seen before , just maybe in different places. The white tree & the angel are actual candle holders that I bought a couple of Christmases ago from Partylite...!
The Santa ornament was a gift several years ago from Hubby's parents. Every time it comes out of storage it reminds me of my late M-I-L. The mini trees are from Waitrose. They were £4 each.

You may notice I have a thing for the Nutcracker! Some have been bought by us & others have been stolen given to me by my Mum when she was having a sort out last year. I think I do have room for many more though!

Lastly , here are a few individual ones. The Star & the Santa in the window look so much nicer in real life - both came from Notcutts garden Centre in Ditchling.. The Merry Xmas plaque came from Wilkos. The stockings are another Wilkos buy from many moons ago. The baubles are a new buy also Wilkos & I got a set of 32 ( I think) for just £5. Usually £10 but I am assuming it was for the Black Friday weekend only.

Are you already decorating for Xmas or do you always leave it til much later? What colours do you follow?
Share your photos with me too!

See you again soon

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