Monday, 1 September 2014

Puppy Accessories Haul

Sadly on the 10th July 2014 we lost our beloved Westie. He was 17 years old & really not in a good way. The time had come to make a very sad but right decision. This left me though not only without Barney but also without that companionship that only comes when you have a dog . We had our holiday on the 14th August & I was determined when we came home that our search for another dog would begin.


So, I had in mind it would be nice to take in a rescue dog. However, with Fin being just 4 years old this did limit us to what we would be able to re-home. We filled in forms for a couple of places & on Monday morning we got a phone call from Raystede to say that had some puppies that needed re-homing & would we like to take a look? Er.. yes please I said! We were told they are a Chihuahua, Pomeranian & Jack Russell mix. Whilst a toy breed was not really what we were looking for we still wanted to take a look & then would could take it from there.

I was besotted from the 1st. There were 2 puppies & whilst I would actually liked to have re-homed both, I had to make a choice due financial reasons! There was a boy & a girl. We chose the girl as we felt she settled much quicker with us & there were other reasons too ( including for me being told she was the runt of the litter!!)
It also meant I could buy a pink lead - to Robs disgust meaning I will be the only one walking her :-D!

At time of writing this we do not know when we can collect her but you can be sure I will update you with a photo when we do! I am though sharing with you a little Pets At Home haul!

Smallest came with me & it was he who chose the toys, the bowl & mat as well as the bags of treats.
I had recently joined their card scheme so also had a 10% off everything voucher too.

I forgot to take a photo of the bed. HERE. It was £10 which I think was £5 off. So with 10% too worked out quite nicely.

Matching bowl & mat! You can tell he is my son as I would make them match too!

Pink lead!! Oh yes! At least ,after all these boys I can bring something girlie in the house with reason!

She will come with a collar that they put on her  but it was cheaper to buy this than it was a lead on its own. I expect I will change it to this anyway - hopefully it will fit OK. I went for Toy Dog size as that is what they class her as.

The only thing which I am expecting to change. I could have got the X- Small but went for just small. I can exchange if I need too. 

Choosing toys is a bit event. Whether she will want to play with any of them remains to be seen. These though were chosen by Smallest. 

We are all set then apart from her food which we will get when we know what she has at the centre. Patience is not a trait of mine!!

Thank you for stopping by
Amanda xxx

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