Friday, 15 August 2014

Beauty Product Empties #13

I have tons of empties this month. I was going to post up after I got back from holiday next week , as I am sure I would have had more to add. However, with 16 items here I just want to get them popped in the trash!!

Avon Advance Techniques Shampoo with Moroccan Argan Oil. It was nice enough. I may well buy again when the need arises as at just £2.80 it did the job I needed. Smelt very nice.

Toni & Guy Nourishing Deep Conditioning Mask for Brunette Hair. This is my 2nd pot. I love this so much. I have other masks to use up right now but will definitely have this on my repurchase list. It leaves my hair feeling in such fantastic condition. Sometimes I can go 5 day without washing my hair & maybe having to spray a tiny bit of dry shampoo on day 3 or so. Topmarks!

Sanctuary Body Wash. I got this in a set for Xmas & I can honestly say I would not have chosen it myself. The scent almost seems to masculine for me. It washed well enough but the fragrance put me off.

Soap & Glory Scrub Of Your Life. Loved this. This is just a sample pot but I think I have a full sized one as well somewhere. has the scent that Soap & Glory are famous for & leaves my skin tingling nicely from the scrub. I generally use my Soap & Glory body butter after too so I keep the scent lasting longer.

The Body Shop Raspberry Body Scrub - this looks just like jam ( don't eat it though!!) The 1st time I used it I was horrified by the colour of my shower as the red really stands out. hehe. Its a good enough scrub though. I don't think it was that great though so I am not sure I would buy it again. It was nice to try it & it did smell lovely.

The Body Shop Peppermint Foot Scrub. This is amazing stuff. Smells good & does the job its meant too. I was using it in conjunction with the foot cream as well as the foot soak but I don't have this in a back up until I can get to The Body Shop next.... Horror! They need to do it in a bigger pot , although £7 for just 100ml is quite expensive enough really.

Urban Veda Radiance Exfoliating Facial Polish . This did a good enough job. I got it in a Birchbox otherwise I would not have thought to try it. Not sure If I will purchase the bigger size yet though. 
Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm. I seemed to take a few uses to get used to a cleansing balm. By midway through the pot though I have been hooked by this one. There is no scent to it - which is not a bad thing I think for the face sometimes. I usually use this in the evening as it does such a fantastic job of removing most of my make up. I can even use it OK on my eyes unlike some of them. Will have to see how the finances are after our holiday! 

The Body Shop Satsuma Body Butter. I could sit & smell this pot all day long. I am so sad this one has gone. I need more in my life & it is so refreshing. I like to use them after using the same scent shower gel ( which went in last months empties) so bot of those need to go on a re-purchase list too.

Nivea Irresistibly Smooth Body Lotion. Another Xmas gift item which I got 2 Christmases ago I think! One of those I used for a bit & then went back to. I love it. A nice perfect day to day lotion. Sinks in fine. Smells really gentle. Like everything I have lots of lotions to use so I will just have to hope Santa might bring me another this year.

No 7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Water. I am going to be honest. I don't like it. Its not the product to be fair, I just don't think it is right for my skin. I got this in a deal last year so had 2 of them to use up. I am quite glad it has gone. 

Weleda Wild Rose Smoothing Eye Cream. Nice enough but for the price if it I have used better.

Nuxe Reve De Miel Lip Balm. I bought this after I saw Essiebutton raving about it on her blog. It was OK. At times it actually seemed to dry my lips out more but it was pleasant enough to use up. No re-purchase though. It was nice to try something else though.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. I go through a lot of this. Where the Nars concealer is my Holy Grail this is a perfect accessory for day to day life. This is a staple of my make-up bag. My shade is Light (2) if you wondered.

Soap & Glory Thick & fast Mascara. There is still product left in it but it is over its 6 month self life & has a smell about it that isn't quite right. As a mascara it was great for every day looks. I found it didn't build up quite so well though. 

L'Oreal Color Riche nail Polish in Versailles Gold. Such a pretty colour. I love this but with a round a quarter left it has to go bin wards :-(. Its just drying out too much. It takes me forever to paint my nails & then looks awful because it just goes on so dry. I can't recommend this range too much so plan on getting another bottle of the same colour plus a few more colours too.

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