Thursday, 19 March 2015

Keeping Healthy Update 2 - March 2015

Another month has passed since I got back on the healthy trail & I have been much more positive with it this month.

Starting with the diet side of things. Whilst i could probably improve things slightly - weekends are now my biggest downfall - I am still either under my calorie allowance or at least not over by very much at all. I am happy with the way things are in that respect, although maybe I could have a bit more fruit instead of those healthy cereal bars as it is surprising how much rubbish they can still contain. 

Exercise is going very well. I now play badminton once a week with a friend & I started at an Aerobics class 2 weeks ago - only been once though as the 2nd week I was ill - with another friend. Along with the stuff I do at home either on the Wii or the PC via You Tube as well as dog walks lasting anything from 30 mins to an hour probably 2/3 times a week too. With the weather getting better I can see myself doing the longer walks much more too.

In the past 4 weeks I have lost 3LBs. Not a huge amount but in the right direction so I am happy.

All told then I am very pleased with how this month has gone. I am hoping I can continue to do as well. I know there will be weeks when it won't go so well but knowing that I am doing something & seeing results , however small,is the best feeling in the world.

See you next month for another update x

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