Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Barry M Silk Effect nail Polish - Heather

I don't as a rule rave about a nail polish. This is mainly because due to no fault of many nail polish brands I can never stop them from chipping the day after application. I tend to begin doing my chores too soon after & no time at all my nails look awful.

However, recently I bought the Heather shade from the Barry M Silk Effect range. I have to say I am suitably impressed. The colour is gorgeous, the nail wheel below shows after just 1 coat ( which is always a good thing for a busy mum like me!) AND it only started chipping on Sunday after applying on the Wednesday before. This is a major record! Even today ( Monday) a few of the nails look like they are freshly painted. usually I change my polish every 2/3 days but I am still quite happy with this & may re-apply this evening! 

I need to get some of the other colours - who am I kidding? I need them all! PRETTY!

Which nail polishes do you think are great for chip resisting?
 As I say above I don't blame the makers of these things as it is usually my own silly fault it has got damaged. This one though has definitely passed the test! 

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