Wednesday, 2 July 2014

My Stoma - The Big Reveal!

Time & time again I always wonder what to tell me about my stoma. Sure lots of people do seem to have more knowledge of them these days but there is also still so many people who do not have a clue what the op was that I had done. A lot of people have no clue where the stoma is - which must mean I am getting the clothing thing just right. Other people just shrug their shoulders when I answer some of their questions & almost don't seem to want to understand.

One of the reasons I am showing these photos is that I often think back to 2011 when I 1st had this op done & about how hardly anyone came to see me. I think people did not understand at all what I had , had done & I was stuck in hospital so I couldn't tell people either. I was actually quite upset about this ( even though I tried not to be , people have a life of their own of course & i never believe the world revolves around me,)  because I think that when they were told I was in hospital , they perhaps were not told how serious this actually was.  
Also how can people understand when to them I look the picture of health. 

Basically this bag I wear to poop in - yes I crap out of my stomach - saved my damn life people. It is scary to think of that & I don't very often ( although my ever supportive hubby reminds me in my darker moments how bad it really could have been.)

I think this is just my way of showing you what an invisible illness can look like.

Oh by the way - many people name their stoma - i do not apart from when it is misbehaving & those names are too rude for here :-)!

I am not showing the actual stoma here guys. No need for that. You can follow this link if you want to see what a stoma actually looks like so please only click if you are not weak of stomach!

Here is me dressed for the day with my stoma hidden away!

Here it is folks. making clothes buying hell since March 2011

It can be a bloody nightmare at times when it is sore , itchy & just does not behave but it saved my life so I can continue to watch my kids grow!

Thank you so much if you read my little ramble here.

Amanda xxx


  1. Damn it my reply disappeared.
    I think you are so brave doing this and do brave for coping how you do.
    It must be awful at times but the fact that it allows you to watch your boys grow up is pretty amazing!
    I know what it's like living with an "invisible" illness and eventually we just have to stop giving a shit (excuse the pun! Lol) about what other people think, as some just don't care enough to understand.
    Keep fighting and keep strong as you are an inspiration to your boys! Xx

  2. You're amazing Amanda, well done for being so brave. My Mum had hers done when I was 3 years old, she has Chrons too, so I know what it can be like and how bad you can feel sometimes. You should be so proud of yourself for all you've come through xxxx