Monday, 16 February 2015

What Maddie Did Last Week

Here I am for look back over the past week. Lots of food more than anything this week though!! 

Porridge, Granola & fruit was on the menu lots last week for breakfast. I love this kind of thing & could actually eat it for every meal daily! 
More porridge - this time Quaker oats with apple & cherries sachet. Friday morning , I was a bit more naughty with a pancake, with lashings of maple syrup - I did pop a banana on though, does this count as healthy?
I adore salmon & I love cream cheese. A great combo for my lunch. Another curry on Wednesday, with a tasty made from scratch Sausage casserole on Thursday. 
Friday, hubby was rather late home so takeaway it was. A plate of mushroom curry, chow mien & egg friend rice. Bliss. Homemade Quiche & a ham roll for lunch on Wednesday. Sundays meal was Chicken Satay Wraps

Bits & bobs from the past week now...
1:- Dog walking - of course - we take a ball some days too now as she loves to play.
2:- Sunday morning we took Finley to the soft play near Arundel.
3:- My lovely Valentine's flowers & card!
Had a few purchases arrive this week.
1:- Little haul from Feel Unique. 2:- The Glam Guide from the beautiful Fleur De Force. 3:- A Kirstie Allsopp Notebook - I adore all things stationary - I have a few more items coming so expect a haul very soon!
1:- Haulage from Boots - you can see that haul here. 2:- Selfies with pup! 
3:- Reading material - more Nicci French, this time "Beneath The Skin." fab book although i should not have read so close to bed time - I am such a wuss! hehe.

And... What I have been wearing ...

A mixed bunch of colours this week. Hoping the weather cheers up  so we can start losing some layers!

Thank you for reading. Hope you all have a good week.
Amanda x

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