Saturday, 28 February 2015

Stationery Haul

Whilst I realise that everyone has seen notebooks & pens before, I figured there must be many like me who like to have a nosy at other peoples stationery purchases. Here is what I have been buying recently - there is a few more things I am waiting for my I am desperate to use some of this so doing this post instead of waiting for the rest to get here.

I loved notepaper, notebooks, planners etc. I like to make lists , sometimes just for the hell of it. I have my own personal planner as well as a family organiser because it doesn't hurt to have things wrote down in several places.

I go through many notebooks. I use them for ideas for blog posts & keep a check on what I have already done.

So, if this interests you then please keep on reading - if not, then hopefully my next post will be your thing.

Let's start with some EBay purchases.

Kirstie Allsopp A4 lined notebook. I was lucky & got mine a little cheaper from a one off from someone else so do try to shop about if you can & see if you can grab a bargain too.
A5 Notebook & pen set. 

OK, so if you have notebooks you will generally also need pens. Now I know I don't NEED this set I bought below but they are awfully cute anyway...
Set of 3 pens.

I have no idea what these stickers will be used for. In my planner - probably.
Add caption

I had a trip to Tesco in the week & wondered down the stationery aisle there.Not a great deal caught my eye except these post it note packs. Handy for phone messages, lists, etc! Sorry to say though I can't link to either via Tesco but have found the Post It Brand elsewhere.
Post It Super Sticky Lined.

Pushpins. MIne need updating & I thought these from Tesco were super cute & the colour goes with the room!
Again not on the Tesco site - try these from Amazon instead.

Wilkos now. They always have some fab things. Adore this notebook.
Wilko Forget Me Not A5 Notebook.

And ....
Inside the Forget Me Not book - please tell me I am not the only one excited by details like this??

A whole book filled with more sticky notes!!
Wilko Sticky Notes

Prepare to get as excited as I did when I opened this in the shop...
STICKY NOTE HEAVEN. Only £2. What a flipping bargain.

One last item from EBay because I forgot to include it earlier.

Always need pens like this. Colour coding lists & diary entries ...yes I may have a problem ;-)!
10 Fineliners. Assorted colours.

So, do let me know if this sort of things interest you. Link to any haul posts you have about stationery too.

Thanks for reading
Amanda x

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