Saturday, 8 March 2014

Beauty Product Empties 7 || Beauty Samples

Part 2 then in this months empties. I have used up so many of my samples again that I actually don't have too may left to use. I do love receiving samples. Yes, some products you don't get a lot of a sample to give them a good try but some give you are really good trial of a particular product. So I will continue to enjoy my sample packs!!

Anatomical Puffy The Eye Bag Slayer Wake-Up Under Eye Patches || TBH , whatever! I did not like these at all. Horrid slimy patches that went under my eyes. Meant to help with the bags under your eyes. Whilst it would take a miracle to sort mine out I did not think these did anything whatsoever. Maybe though it requires more than trying it twice. But as I hated the things on my face anyway I won't be trying these again.This pack of 2 came in my Glossybox that I was not at all impressed with so that is all I had but even the full sized pack only contains 3. Let me know if you have tried these & what you thought.

Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask (3ml sample) || I cannot really say much about this. The sachet gave me only 2 applications so I don't feel I have an opinion. I do have another small tube of this though that Clinique also sent me so maybe a few more goes will prove worthwhile.

Pukka Radiance Serum (10ml sample) || I got this in a beauty box too. Can't remember which though. I do like serums so I was interested to give it a try. I did not like the scent. It smelt like plastic to me. For that alone I wouldn't bother with the full size as with it going on my face I would hate that.It was a nice light almost honey coloured like serum & did sink in so quick. My face felt so nice after a applying but I just can't get round that smell! Oh well!!

Caudalie Premier Cru ( 2ml sample) || This came with an order from Space NK. I used this as a moisturiser day & night for a couple of days. It was nice. Not too thin or thick. Smelt fine which is OK as I do find some Caudalie items a bit much on the herbal side ( which they are but I mean I prefer things not too smell to herbally. ) I don't know that I would buy it in full size ( have you seen the price?? but never say never either.

Nars Light Optimizing Primer (2ml sample)  || I had this in my skincare post last month. I have since bought the full sized ( yes BEFORE my ban ) & am continuing to love it. I think the combination of this & the right make-up & fixing spray has been amazing. I can go for a huge chunk of the day with my make-up looking like it has only just been applied. Brilliant.

Clarins Multi Active Night & Multi Active Day (5ml samples) || I was given these on a trip to Boots when they went through my skincare with me. They did give me a serum sample too but for some reason I have yet to try that. These were nice. I am a fan of Clarins though so can see me buying full size at some point. Both quite thick creams & totally trustworthy. In that I mean that you know that as thick as it is that is not going to be hard to get it to sink into your skin. 

Clarins Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover ( 10ml sample) || You saw the full sized of this in yesterdays empties & will probably already know I have another ready to go too ( but 1st I must use up some others I have had for a while now too.) Its great. You only need a small amount of your cotton pad & it easily removes your make=up. No scrubbing & no oiliness after either.

OPI Nail Lacquer 3.75ml)|| This shade is Aphrodite's Pink Nightie . I got in a glossybox ages ago & fell in love. However , because I am silly & did not think to Google the code ( there is no name on the bottle) I have only just discovered what it is actually called. I do want the full bottle but that will have to wait until after my ban has ended.

There we have another months empties. I am always so pleased to throw it all away, even if by tomorrow I will have probably added more!!

Still thinking on the idea of doing a video for my next lot of empties. Too scared!!!

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