Thursday, 27 March 2014

Easter Crafts

With the Easter holidays almost upon up aside from organising days out with the kids I am also hoping we can spend a bit of time at home too. Hopefully the weather means we can get out in the garden a bit but for those rainy days or times we just want to be indoors , I am looking for some crafts I can do with Finley ( 11 year old Brad will be happy on his Xbox instead!!)

I thought as I was searching I would share some of my favourites with you too. Let me know what you find & I'll try to remember to show you anything we do end up making.

The 1st few are from Spoonful where you will find loads more crafts to do beside Easter themes.

First off these gorgeous Sock Bunnies look so cute. They are so cute & I would imagine we all of have most of the materials needed already.

This cute Chickadee Card caught my eye next. Again you probably don't need to buy much in the way of materials as if you have kids we all tend to have a little craft stash going on surely?

We all need a basket when we go on Easter Bunny hunt & would this not be just perfect for the job?


Over to All Recipes now where I think it is time to turn to our tummies? Chocolate is always going to catch my eye & these Easter Nests look like they would be fun to make.

These Chocolate Nests are the traditional ones I loved growing up. So easy to do but great fun time to spend with your kids.

You could buy this Easter Porcelain Paint Pack from Baker Ross although I am sure your local shops will have similar for a lot less. I shall definitely be looking for this kind of thing for Finley as I think this will be just up his street because it involves mess!


How about just a colouring book themed for Easter? Sometimes you just want to sit quietly & this is the perfect way to spend an hour or so chilling. 
You could of course , also do a Google image search where you will find loads of images to colour which you can print straight off your PC too.


Thank you for reading this post. I do hope this was of some use to you.
Of course , I have just chosen Easter themes for my craft ideas but there are tons more out there covering a whole load of themes.There is something to suit every pocket too.

Amanda x

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