Sunday, 22 December 2013

Day Out In London | Richard ll | Barbican Centre

Rob & I had tickets yesterday for the matinee of  "Richard ll" at the Barbican in London. We did not have as much time as usual to do anything beforehand or after as due to a change in babysitters we had to be a lot tighter with our time. 

**FUNNY MOMENT** Has to be actually seeing David himself in the foyer. However, he was "in disguise" & running quite fast before we realised. I did not call out as there was not time & I did not want to draw attention anyway. As for that disguise - I would know that lanky skinny legged geek anywhere! hehe. Maybe you did have to be there but that still makes me smile this morning!!

We decided to have some lunch actually at the Barbican because the weather was truly awful & it was difficult to find ,much else open without venturing quite a distance from there.
The food was really nice - we both had the Lasagne ( yum!) We decided after to just wait outside the entrance to the auditorium - not sitting as I knew we were in for a sit down of a lifetime!! hehe.

I'll be honest, I struggle with Shakespeare. I had to read " Merchant of Venice" for my GCSE many moons ago. I just did not get it & in the end my English teacher let me do "Romeo & Juliet" instead which I found more interesting ( well I am chick flick kinda gal!!)
I am sure though if the English department had taken us to a production of MOV that I would have understood so much more.

I'll be honest again I only went to see "Richard ll" because David Tennant is the star of the show. Not just because he is my favourite actor but having seen him a few years ago in "Hamlet" I felt he & the rest of the cast did a fantastic job of helping me follow the story line so much more. 

I was not disappointed yesterday. I thought it was superb! DT was outstanding & those around him the cast just brought the whole story to life. 3 hours went by in the blink of an eye as I just could not take my eyes off the stage for a moment of the performance. 

I am not going to go on about the play itself as I know nothing of reviewing this stuff. To me it was amazing & that is all I can really say.

I loved our seats, Just in row 4 & right on the end so we had a clear view of everything on stage including DT in a long white robe & not much else towards the end ;-)!!!

We did try to see if we could meet him afterwards but sadly he had decided not to come out so he could rest up for the evening performance. Totally understandable & tbh as time was lacking a little it was not so bad. 

A quick stop at Starbucks & we were home just past 7pm.

fab day out despite the crap weather!!

David Tennant is appearing in Richard ll at THE BARBICAN until 25th Jan 14.

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