Sunday, 1 December 2013

Random Favourites | November 2013

November did not produce any Beauty favourites for November. I have not been wearing much make-up & thus have just been using things that I would have shown in my last favourites plus I have been mixing it up with different foundations/ BB creams etc so nothing stands out this month.

December starts then with my random favourites instead. Still a small list but share them I will.

Yankee Candle
We are starting off with the Yankee Candles I am burning. As it is towards the end of November I have decided that it is OK to burn the seasonal scents. At the moment we have Gingerbread here ( as far as I know this is only available in the UK from the website.) It is very strong so if you are not into your scents being too powerful then this is not for you.
Merry Marshmallow is much more subtle. The boys in my household do not complain about this one as much :-).
lastly Cherries In Snow. I had the small jar of this & burnt it within 2 weeks as I adored it that much. It does not seem to be available anymore though so I went back to the place I bought it & managed to find 2 more of the small jars. I shall put those away for next year though as with a North Pole one as well I have just started burning I don't really need more for this year.

The Tassimo machine is a newly required & much used appliance in our house. It is fair to say I love it. I can't stop drinking the Chai Latte & the Caramel Latte. I have received an order yesterday from Tassimo with the Lemongrass chai latte so am very interested to give that a try. 

This last one needs no words if you are a geek like me! lol. Only just scrapping into the November faves by a few days but I can't not include it. Amazing. I will always love this show & the 50th anniversary did not disappoint at all.

Thank you for reading. Tell me your favourites for this month too.

Amanda xx

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