Saturday, 3 May 2014

Banana Republic Haul || Did I Keep Or Return?

Good Morning My Lovelies!

So, there I was on Monday , totally minding my own business, when an advert popped up on a blog I was reading from Banana Republic. My eye was caught by one of the tops on the advert & so over I went to the Banana Republic website for a quick nosy! Well we know that window shopping is really not my strength & I found myself receiving a package from them on Thursday morning containing 3 new tops :-/. Can I just add though, it was all sale items. This makes me feel a tad less naughty! I may have to go out & push over a granny or something to appease this guilt ( I did not do this btw! What kind of person do you think I am??!)

I have not actually ever really bought anything from Banana Republic before so was not quite sure whether my sizing's would be a little off & I would have to return it all anyway. So, a quick try on session about 20 mins before I was due to head out & pick up Fin from pre-school ensued. Here are the resulting items/photos.

Windowpane Peplum Top. I paid £16.99. Its usual price is £49.50 but right this minute it is actually £14.99!
This was the top that caught my eye in the ad. I love the peplum style tops , although actually sadly they don't seem to have the same love for me. I adore this pattern. Not something I would maybe veer towards usually. Reminds me a little of Rupert Bears trousers ,although that is not look I am aiming for. It has a zip at the back that goes down as far as the peplum , which I really like too. For once I find the peplum style suiting me just fine. I love the fit of this. I went for a 16 as I do find the peplum does come up a little smaller on me. Its a perfect fit.
If you wanted to be adventurous ( which I am not ) then you could buy the matching ankle pants. Reduced to £29.99 from £59.50.

Bold Stripe Sleeveless Blouse. £24.99. Usually £49.50. Mine is in Riviera Blue. There is also a Wild Orchid version. They do only have size 6s left though.  I got this in a 14 & it fits just right on me. Not much else to say but yes I love it. 

Linen Button Shoulder Tee. £19.99. Usually £29.50. This is in Green Heather , although just looks grey to me. This is sold out online although do have a medium left in the Striped Linen version. They only had this one in medium too so was taking a bit of a gamble. I do think if a large had been for the taking then I would have gone that way but actually this fits just fine anyway.

So, basically then I am keeping it all! Hurrah! I am so pleased with all of it.
Thanks for reading. See you again soon

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